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Hi friends! Here is a tool to consult the number of votes that your followers have spent in recent weeks.

A common problem among Steemit users (and especially the minnows) is that we post at times where our followers may not be online. What happens in these cases? That our publication will only be visible for a few minutes in the tab "new" and is likely to go unnoticed. Remember that our followers are that fundamental energy, our engine, that helps us continue our work, so it is very important to make us visible as much as we can.

Do you want to know when you should post a post?

I have developed Steem Activity, a tool that allows you to check the voting activity of your followers in order to know the best moments in which you should publish.

How does it work?

After entering your user, the system will show you 3 things:

  1. Charts from Monday to Sunday which show the amount of votes that YOU distributed in the last 4 weeks. This will show you your activity in the last 4 weeks and it will serve to compare with the following.
  2. Charts from Monday to Sunday which show the amount of votes that YOUR FOLLOWERS distributed to everyone in the last 4 weeks. In this part, the program takes a bit to load since it has to consult your followers one by one, but the wait will be worth it!! With the charts you can see hour by hour how was the distribution of votes and which are the highest. Precisely in these times of high activity is where you should publish your posts, as it tells us that your followers are usually connected and you will achieve a little more visibility.
  3. The list of your followers. Here you can individually select your followers to know your recent voting activity. This will help you focus the time of your publication if you want more visible to a particular follower.

To take into account

  • The page publishes the results according to your time zone, so there is no confusion regarding the time.
  • The results are displayed while the followers are loading.
  • The more followers you have the longer the results.
  • For the results I make no difference between minnows, whales or voting power. This would be for a future upgrade.
  • The number of followers may be greater than the one you are used to seeing on your wall (this is something I would like to consult with creators @teamsteem). An example, my blog says I have 114 followers, however, when I consult the names one by one, I find that they are actually 129.
  • The code is open source!! Anyone can see it since it is made completely over Javascript and api steem.js.

I hope this can be of help to many. Please comment below and tell me your experience using Steem Activity, if you have found useful, if there are errors, if you have suggestions for future updates 😃👍


New on steemit and doing all the proper reasearch :) Still very relevant content 6 months in. Thank you for this, it goes to my bookmarks and hopefully I'll make it work for my blog.

Thank you very much

I think it's stopped functioning (for a few days now) - or more likely I don't know how to use it.. It did work for a while when I discovered it.

Sad since it's the perfect tool to understand timing.

Thanks for your advice. I also have problems. The problem come from the Steem-js library. I opened an issue to get answers about that.
I will update new changes. Thanks

Nice, thanks very much!

It is working now! try it!

I tried it yesterday and it worked fine. Today I haven't gotten it to work. Excellent tool, hopefully you can get it fixed. Appreciate your work!

Thanks. I added some changes. It is working now!

It worked a while back but somehow again it's not functioning?

Thanks. I added some changes. It is working now!

Excelente, la publicacion es de hace 6 meses por ende no la voto ya, pero se merece por lo menos un buen comentario, te felicito por excelente aporte a la comunidad, tienes un nuevo seguidor, excelente programa, justo lo estoy utilizando ya, no tengo quejas por parte del aplicativo, lo he estado usando un par de veces y no he encontrado falla alguna o algo que mejorar, de verdad excelente post, y excelente idea. Saludos

Muchas gracias. Está pendiente porque dentro de poco haré una actualización ☺

Hola @bernardalejandro, soy nuevo en steemit y ya he visto que muchas personas deciden no votar cuando el post tiene mas de cierto tiempo, ¿a que se debe esto?

Justamente he pensado en una herramienta como esta. Muy buenas ideas. Veré tu código fuente. Saludos.

Perfecto! entre más desarrolladores que aporten ideas mejor.

Estoy de acuerdo. Qué bueno ir encontrando los desarrolladores hispanohablantes por aquí. Espero que vayan surgiendo proyectos colaborativos y abiertos.

Thank you for this cool tool! I just started out on Steemit today, so not much on the charts, but I am sure this will come in handy in the near future. super easy to use!

Good to know that. Welcome to steemit :)
And thanks for using it!!

Nice work! Developed strategy

Totally necessary.
Totally addictive
Should be banned immediately!

Seems to have a bug maybe? I notice that on Mondays, it shows nobody has any traffic past 9AM. I tried this with my account, Neds, and yours...looks the same no matter who's account you use.

This is because "last week" is selected and you consult it today (monday) at 9am. Since monday is the current day then there are not info for the rest of the hours.
If you select 2 o or more weeks this doesn't happens.
Let me know if I am correct

Yep, that must have been it. When I pulled the last two weeks everything looks great. You've probably heard this enough, but thanks for that awesome website!!!!

@jga thanks for making my work on steemit easy. You are simply amazing. No more irrelevant post times.👌🏻👌🏻

@jga will surely try

I just found out about your tool today! I wish I knew about it before today.

Thank you for this awesome tool! I'd like to see what else could be done!

Followed you because of this post

Great tool jga! You should put in a link to the github page for it in the post. I suggest you make an average/median best time to post based on all the days in the week. It is easier to keep in mind. I'd also put the follower section first, as it is by far the most interesting.

I also suggest you make it clear which timezone is used (or put in a notice that local time, i.e. the time of the computer of the web browser is used), even though it is local time, or else many users will always have some doubt/wonder.

Hi @guttormf. Your recommendations are very welcome. Great ideas to improve the tool. I will do it. Thanks

Excellent information, very useful, thank you for sharing

Love this post awesome tool thank you very much for creating it!

wow @jerrybanfield here! thank you very much for your upvote.

Thanks for sharing! Links to the tool and your post were included in the wiki page Steem Ecosystem:S-Z. Thanks and good luck again!

wow I didn't know about There are many things. Thank you very much.

This looks really neat...upvoted and resteemed

thank you very much @uvas !!

Wow, thank you so much for this! <3

@bella-volen-art , I think you will enjoy this tool ^_^

Sounds great! I will definitely try it out and will get back to you with my experience! Thank you for working tirelessly to make steemians experience better by giving minnows a way to gain exposure!

thank you.

muy buena idea amigo, te dejo mi voto, solo tengo una sugerencia para esta gran aplicacion, que para todos nos puedan ayudar aun mejor, me he dado cuenta, que cuado entras todo esta en ingles, y seguro que habra personas que no entienden en ingles, espero en proximas actualizaciones si es posible, algun boton donde poder traducir todo el contenido una vez intruduciedo tu usuario. gracias

ok, lo tendré en cuenta

Thanks @jga to share this post so helpful.
I bring to you by the excelent video of @jerrybanfield
So, follow on your research and study for all communities.

This is interesting and useful. Thanks!

Excelente. Es una manera de comenzar con buen pie en este universo que es totalmente nuevo para mí. Una guía para poder llevar paso a paso a los nuevos (como yo) a tener mejores resultados como steemer. Gracias @jga . I follow you and I resteem

Thank you so much for this information. This is a great help 🕉

Thank you very much for this! It's awesome! I wish I could upvote it. But anyways I will follow you so I don't miss your great posts!:)

I saw this post yesterday but I was not able to read it.
Today I could not find this post and I have been looking for it for about 6 hours.

OCD is a bitch that does not know how to let go.

In the process of looking for this post, I learnt that there is a problem with a Steem API (not sure which) that counts Mutes as Follows. That may be the reason you get 129 instead of 114 followers, but the numbers do not add up from looking at your follower data.

I could not upvote in time so I resteemed.

Thank you @mkdouglas. I will see about mutes and follows if this is the error. Thank you for resteem

Hello! @jga Thank you for making our life easier here on steemit. 🙏

Excellent contribution friend, you have my most sincere word of congratulations, unfortunately I found it 27 days later, but still it has served me a lot because this information does not lose its validity, congratulations @jga

WOW!!! A desperately needed tool and thank you for sharing it with us all! Upvoted.

Very Cool!
You the Man!
thanks @jga

This may be an older post, but I will be book marking it for future use. Super cool information!

Very useful. Thank you @jga

it doesn't open ..why?
i really liked it

What do you mean about open? Link broken? Closed payout? Open source?

Great concept jga, I'll have to give it a test run 😎

Thanks @crypto-expo. Remember give an upvote if it is interesting for you

is the time.. hour in UTC or PST/EST?? What time zone when it's 1900 hours.?

The time stored on the blockchain is UTC, then I correct it depending of your local time. For instance, I'm in Panamá then it is -5 hours.

Very cool, thank you for this. I just seen it. I do have a question. What is the time based on? Eastern, Central, GMT? etc?

The time is based on the local time of your computer. The blockchain is UTC, then for instance I'm in panama... steem activity shows hours in GMT-5h

Doesn't seem to work for me :(

It is working now! try it!

Ok, thanks! Working :)

Wow excellent I saw it!! Thank you very much

Interesante artículo, bien estrructurado y entendible desde el principio al fin, y tu iniciativa más el aporte con la aplicación (Steem Activity), es genial, para tener una panorámica sobre el tráfico web relacionado con esta red. ¡Felicitaciones! ¡Saludos!

Hey, I think your algorithm for calculating followers is slightly incorrect. I'm showing 281 followers on your page, but I only have 253. I don't know where you're pulling followers from, but maybe you're also including those followers who decide to unfollow?

You are right. It is solved now.

I replaced your user name with mine but it only comes up with the titles of the page. Tried using your original link to your stats and that doesn't show charts either. Does the operating system you use make any difference? I am using an ancient IBM Thinkpad using Windows XP (been offered a new laptop but I like the keyboard on this plus I only paid £20 on ebay for it). Thanks.

Excelente amigo, que gran info @jga Upvote ;)

Gracias amiga

@jga , Is there a way I could pull the data from these charts into a google sheet?

Hi @damion-m, I'm sorry, but in this moment this feature is not supported.

I'm gonna re-post this

Wooow! Dude you rule. Very nice! This is so useful. Do you mind if I write a post in spanish of your website?

Sí, sería interesante!! solo cuando lo hagas pásame el link para pasar por allí y dejarte mi voto :)

Muchas gracias Julian. Espero que te guste mi post sobre tu aplicaciòn. Saludos...

I really like this. I wish I'd found it sooner, but better late than never, right? I hope to use it to see if there's a difference in rewards.

I am wondering about something, though. When I put in my username, the time zone setting is mine, but I'm wondering about the chart outputs. It's showing I voted really late on Sunday, which I know I've never done (I take Sundays off from Steemit, so there shouldn't be any votes showing up at any time).

So, I'm wondering if it's possible that the time's being displaced, or staying in GMT even though it's accurately called my time zone?

Hi @glenalberthsen, thank you very much. The charts use the time zone.

When I run your name it does not show me activity on Sundays and Tuesday (last week). Look this image.


Thanks for replying.

Okay, now yours is more of what I would expect to see.

Here's what it looks like from my end:

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 5.18.53 AM.png

Is there something in the browser I need to fix? I'm wondering, too, then, if the bottom chart, the one with my followers voting, is also off. Here's what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 5.22.25 AM.png

Sorry to take up your time with this but I want to make sure I'm seeing this accurately.

I just checked this in a different browser. What I showed you was in Safari. When I use Firefox, it shifts everything over seven hours to the correct times. I have no problem using this in Firefox, but there may be something that needs to be fixed for Safari users.

Thanks for pointing that! I just made some changes in the code. Please, Try it again with Safari.

That's it! The browsers match up perfectly. Thanks for taking a look. :)

You post is very helpful. I'll try your trick then post here the results. Thanks in advance for this nice helping tool. I really need these kind of tools & tips to be successful here.

Brother the tool is not working, please advise

What is the problem? I just tested it and worked for me.

Nice tool! I can't wait for use and try it, I always get confused with the online-time of my followers...

@eberwk thank you very much. I hope it would be helpful for you 😀

Great info, thanks!👍

I didn't know about this tool. Thank you.