What is the best time to post on Steemit?

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How do we find what times our followers are online to sync our posts with follower activity? Which time of the day has the highest amount of active users?

Will you read this post or watch the original video from YouTube to see me use a new tool shared by a follower that is helping me optimize my posting strategy?

Finding the best time to post on Steemit

There's an awesome tool created by Julian Gonzales @JGA at Steem activity - Explore what is the best time to publish.”

What I'm going to do is show you inside that tool now.

Go to this URL:


Then, what you need to do finally at the end of it is replace my username by yours.

Here's what it looks like from my account, this shows me the activity of my followers and the very best time to make a post.

It tells me that, “I'm expecting to get the very most votes on Tuesday.”

This is based on my follower activity, this means that not just activity on my posts, but it collects all of the data from all of the upvotes, from all of my followers, and then puts them in these very simple tables I can see, therefore the very best time it suggests for me to post for my followers is noon on Tuesday for the most upvotes. It looks like Tuesday is the best day in the week to post.

Based on that, every other day of the week is about the same, which is remarkable for Steemit to have this much consistent activity and it is incredible. That means out of 7,000 people following me, on one day alone those 7,000 followers on average are making three plus upvotes an hour, during these times on Tuesday.

What really is happening is that there's a few followers that are making 20, 30 or 50 upvotes, but there's consistent upvote activity around the clock. There's also auto votes from people who set up automatic voting on their account, Steemit is awesome for automatic upvoting because you actually earn a little bit of Steem Power, it's very lucrative if you find an author you love to just upvote them automatically.

Some of this activity reflects automatic upvoting as well, but with these spikes especially you're getting a lot of manual upvoting where people are online looking at posts and upvoting them.

This data is helpful because this shows me where to focus my attention.

For example, most of my followers are not online at four in the morning on Tuesday, then why would I want to schedule a post at four in the morning on Tuesday?

If the odds are that there's twice as many of my followers online and voting on Tuesday at noon, it's much better to schedule at noon.

It takes a while for me to load 7,000 followers of data here, maybe five minutes, but this is nice because this is specific and unique to you. This will find your exact number of followers, and then give you exact recommendations based on the current state of your followers.

Therefore, I know Tuesday is my best time to make a post for activity.

Every day at about the same times here, from about 10:00 AM Eastern time to about 01:00 PM or 02:00 PM, these are some of the peak times. That allows the most people from around the world to be online, in Europe and in the US. That is a good overlapping activity there.

Now, your followers may differ and it's nice to see how this differs based on day of the week. One thing that might be surprising Sunday is one of the best times to post. I would suggest based on this that Sunday is actually one of the very best times to post because there's probably fewer posts by people on Sunday.

On Facebook, Saturday and Sunday have tended to be the best days to post because there's less competition. While this does track my follower activity the one problem with this is that it doesn't track the competition for follower attention.

Let's say that while it might look best to post at noon on Tuesday, what if there's really heavy competition?

What if my followers are faced with a whole bunch of new posts from other people at the exact same time on Tuesday?

Meanwhile if I would post a few hours later, there might not be as many posts coming out.

While this tool gives an idea of when my followers are most active, it does not give me the idea of the relative competition.

Some of these times when followers are less active might even be better because there's lower competition. I've made some posts at ten at night and even though these are lower in terms of follower activity, some of the posts that night have done very good probably because there's not as many other posts coming out either.

Still this gives a very good idea of when my followers are online, which is awesome, especially on Sunday. It shows that you want to make posts seven days a week on Steemit and post consistently. That means even do a post right before peak follower time and right after peak follower time.

What I'm thinking based on these graphs is that I want to get my posts right before peak follower time because these upvotes are when people actually vote. Therefore, I want the post to come out a little bit before peak follower time, so it is in position, and then maybe to have one come out at peak follower time or shortly thereafter, or even maybe right before there's going to be a downslide.

What I did yesterday that I'm happy with is I posted right around these peak follower times and I did pretty much the same thing today.

I posted right around the peak follower time on Thursday, however it then will be available to followers throughout the day, and then what I'll probably do is post in a few more hours while many followers are still online, then that post will carry over. I will probably do one more at night to carry over for the rest of the day until the next peak follower time. I try to intentionally match my posts with when my followers are online and voting as much as possible.

Sometimes there's no way to find out either except just testing your own posts. I've made a post, which is on the lower end of posts that I also posted at night and came out at two in the morning my time.

That’s one of the lowest activities consistently, meaning that if I make a newer post my followers are likely to see that as well, I realize that the more you analyze things the more it gets messier and messier.

The point is if you use this tool, it's helpful that you can isolate exactly where your followers are online. I would say make a post right before peak activity because on the home feed then the newer the post you've got a chance to get up there and if it's got a few votes right away, then it'll have a higher opportunity to get into the trending page, as well you might need a full day for that, so if you get it right before peak time you will get a bunch of votes and some votes will keep coming in and then the next day it should be ready for peak time.

I hope that showing you this tool created by @JGA is helpful because this has been helpful for me. The tool also shows the account activity and all the followers are listed down here as well.

If you look at the account activity, this is over a four week period and it shows when I voted.

I've done most of my votes on Friday at night for some reason, and then on Saturday I can see my own voting trends, so for example, if you want to see exactly when I vote or another follower votes, you can put in that account and see when they do most of their voting.

I'm curious about that right now and I'm interested to see when Hendricks votes, he's one of the top voters.

Now, you can see Hendricks votes all over the board here, his voting times are consistently spread out because I believe he's got one auto voter set on, and then he also goes in and manually votes.

This is cool if you want to see when someone else votes, you can see when their votes come out over the last several weeks, this tool allows you to look and say, "Oh, this person votes here," and you can also guess that some people have auto voter setup if they vote around the clock because you might realize that someone's not likely to be online 24/7.

I've checked a couple of my top followers and upvoters here. There are certain times over the past four weeks that I've got almost no shot of getting an upvote, if the post comes out of at exactly the time, or if they see it at the exact time.

What's cool is that you can see some of the top accounts that are active in voting on Steemit, are online and vote every day. That is outstanding, that's great to have people with such big investments that are online and participating on a daily basis.

I hope this has been helpful for you, if you'd like to find out when to reach your followers on Steemit at the very best time, and if you want to see how and when anyone's voting, when the best time is, when are some of the top voters on the website actually voting, you can then just put their account in and see exactly what time they vote.

Thank you for reading this post.

I hope it's helpful for you.

Would you please leave a like on the video or an upvote on the post if you'd like me to do more like this?

I love you, you're awesome.

I hope you have a wonderful day today.

If you found this post helpful on Steemit, would you please upvote it and follow me because you will then be able to see more posts like this in your home feed?


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This is something that i have been experimenting with for quite a while and being in SA makes it a little more challenging to gauge accurately i guess. So thank you for this... will take the timing and equate accordingly. 👍

I made a post earlier tonight that had such good intentions but am feeling like the message has been missed by a few... and being an emotionally driven individual, it hit me hard. I know i need to toughen up... (not everybody is going to agree with you or share your perspective)... i am certain you must be able to relate. Just took it a little to heart tonight for some reason...

Would appreciate your perspective... (no filters either)


Well you should get upvotes at all times ;)

Thanks Jerry! As usual you have great tips and insight

Absolutely!!!! :)

Honestly, It all comes down to how much you have in your account more so then if you actually produce quality content. Unfortunately, I've only came across a handful pf people who actually produce quality content and they don't get the appreciation they deserve so to speak. I've seen to many people earn a lot for crappy content just because they have a lot of steempower and other people with high accounts tend to upvote each others crappy content. So I don't think it matters when you post, just get your steem power up then it won't matter.

@blackamine you make great points about the importance of how much we each invest Steem and the relationship that has with how much we earn because I doubt if I had not invested $30,000 in Steem Power when I signed up that the upvotes would be even 20% of what they are. I like that we each can see what each other has invested and contribute based on that also. While it is possible to start here from zero and a few have earned a lot doing that, it is much easier to start by first investing as much as possible and then going forward. I try to do as much as I can in the upvotable posts and in the posts I make to connect those following me with authors that are doing great work. @curie and @ocd are also doing this because we all benefit when the best posts get upvoted.

Thanks for the info Jerry!!! Do you know here I can buy steem using a cc in the usa

Yes... I appreciate what Jerry's saying, and in theory he should be right. However, sadly I think your comment is fairly accurate too...

@blackamine you mentioned that you need to get your "steem power up" and then it won't matter. What do you mean by that? Sorry if that's a stupid question but I'm new to Steemit so I am still trying to figure out how all this works. If you could clarify I would appreciate it! :) Thanks!

I just meant that the more STEEM you power up, the higher your upvote will be worth, which helps your posts to get recognition. You'll probably see a lot of post on here that are worth a lot and then read through the content and you'll be asking yourself "how did this person make this much for this?" it's most likely cause they have a lot of Steem Power, and others who have a lot of Steem Power will upvote there posts too..... I mean its cool cause you can earn more crypto (or SBD) than you originally invested so that's cool. It helps if your a girl too, so you got that going for you. But you notice that some of the big accounts just "circle jerk each others shitty posts" BUT there's some people who help out newbies by resteeming their post so I guess there's a balance. Sorry for the long rant. I just followed you BTW. Good luck.

@blackamine Thanks for explaining it a little further ( I didn't mind the rant btw)! And thanks for the follow! I will definitely follow you back! :)

Yes, great explanation, (noob here). I've seen a lot of "empty" fluff posts burning up the trending categories, then when you click on it, you scratch your head... I feel like the content I post is at least as worthy, but I'm new and it takes time. I completely get what you're saying @blackmine. And, ranting is necessary sometimes!

@jaynie I have the same struggle sometimes on my posts feeling like they did not earn enough or did not have much of an impact. What helps me is that when I write I expect 80% of the reading and power of the post will come at least 7 days afterwards from Google search traffic and readers discovering me later that go back through older posts. Like Facebook, Steemit makes it easy to focus on what just happened a few hours ago but unlike Facebook if our posts appear to do nothing in the short term, they might just be getting started in the long term. Many of the most helpful posts I have read were 3 months to 10 months old and just now I am voting up the authors!

@blackamine I actually don't think Steem power does much, or I don't know how it helps because I have around $3K SP in my wallet, over 1000 followers, a rep score of 51 and I barely make a $1 a post most of the time! Your content consistently does better than mine! Haha. With that said, I don't post on Steemit to get rich, or else I would be consistently disappointed lol. I do it because it is a fun outlet and the people and responses are really positive :) I will probably try @jerrybanfield when to post tips just to see if it makes a difference.

I upvoted your comment because I appreciate your perspective. Sometimes it happens. Take it easily..

Hi l am also in S A l find it difficult to get good upvote l just followed you can you please follow me back

done :)

Thank you

well, it depends on your audiences...

Exactly this tool lets us each discover what is best for our own followers!

I have 5 followers so I will personally ask each one what is the best time to post.

I am so busy so I have to post when I have a free minute.

@jerrybanfield I am glad that I followed you and I have watched one, so far, of your You Tube videos. Thank you for all the effort that you put into this particular post. I have been on Steemit for a week now and I am fascinated by the sheer number of quality posts.

On Google+, there are not many other than me who would consistently write original material. I mainly comment and + posts now.

Yes; there is a psychology and habit structure for the genre of people who are serious on Steemit. It is quite different than those who camp out on Face Palm.

It can definitely be discouraging that a post which had four hours of effort poured into it does not even yield one reader (cannot very well have comments and upvotes if nobody reads it). However, I remind myself that those of us who have branded ourselves that the content that we create finds its way into search engines. If it is germane to our brand then upvotes are a mere bonus.

I never even thought about this. I just hit the post button as soon as I'm done.

some handy tips there, thanks :)

All depends on where u are in the world. Me in the UK needs to try and post on beetween 1800-2359 USA time. This is my maximum audiance but saying that I have posted well oit side these times and got just as good respose. BUT, on your note Jerry you have such a good reputation you will get the votes even if your post was the worse on Steem! You always spend time and attention to detail this is why you can post anytime! 😁

Yeah steemit is highly populated by people from the USA, but we should be absorbing more people from our own time zones, so post in your own hours to attract more people

Yes I try to post anytime. Like I did say I have had a good response even not posting at them timings! So its what works well fior the user!

I read this post. What a valuable tool! Thanks for sharing.

@rubenalexander you're welcome thank you for mentioning here that you enjoyed learning about it!

Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing this awesome tool to find the best time to post on Steem... But i guess you don't require this tool, as your posts are filled with helpful, rich and unique content that it will become popular irrespective of what what time you post....

@hms818 I appreciate your kind feedback here and still do try to time the posts as best I can! You are right in that I think of 80% of the value of my posts being long term for people that find them through Google search!

Too bad for me, I am posting from the other side of the globe. It's 10 pm here when the best time to post begins.

Do you like posting at night? It is 9 PM ICT Saigon time where I am.

I would love to by I am dead tired that time, my shift starts at 5 am. We are just neighbors, Vietnam is just west of the Philippines. Cheers :)

It is different for each of us based on our own followers. Did you get the same result doing yourself?

Hmm, well I haven't tried posting at night here lately. Only during day time, which is now, and some of my posts get attention. Thanks to my followers for that. I'll give it a try tomorrow night here, day time there :)

Excellent I would say I hope it works but then I would be trying to play God in deciding what the outcome should be?

We'll see about that. Forgot to post yesterday evening here because we went to a museum and ate at a Mexican fast food after. I'll post this evening and let you know about the outcome, cheers :)

Great good luck!

Thank you for posting this @jerrybanfield I just posted my introduction post to steemit and am excited to continue to learn more and more about this community! Also, thank you for all of your continued support and helping me grow here on this new and exciting playform! @joeparys

US time?

Yes, time here in the United States of America (USA)


I think you came close to nailing it with the posting time of this post. From my anecdotal observations, towards the end of the business day EST is a good time. You get some of the bored workers winding the day out across the country, and still catch some of the evening shift in Europe.

Thank you this post had the pressure of being related to the topic a lot :) I appreciate you sharing that it appears to have achieved the mark!

yay thanks jerry :) this is helpful!

You are the BEST!!! I love that you share such helpful information - Its obvious that you are humble with who you are and where you are at in life to be able to share information in order to better the successes of all Steemit bloggers. Sincere thanks - YOU ARE APPRECIATED!! Sunshine247

Thank you very much for your exceptionally kind feedback here Sunshine247!

Well deserved Friend!! SUNSHINE247

Had a good scour through this post and made good use of that awesome tool from @JGA - VERY, VERRRRY useful! - Bookmarked!

Also.... Thanks again for your advice yesterday @jerrybanfield - re. my post. (https://steemit.com/life/@jaynie/do-you-trust-the-process-of-life) - I was just feeling a little more emotional about that fact that people had interpreted the message incorrectly, but... I got over myself lol :) which inspired today's post... https://steemit.com/life/@jaynie/unapologetically-me

would love your thoughts :)

@jaynie enjoyed your post and just commented!

Got it :) Thanks @jerrybanfield. Hope you have a spectacular weekend x

@jerrybanfield I liked your data based content. You have good skill and talent to use or manage data science based post like this. It would be interesting to see a post about how much time you use, how much work you delegate, what kind of productivity tools (software, apps etc.) you use or any useful other techniques. Great job!

I have always wondered about the best time and best day to post on steemit so that a lot of people get to see my posts and comment their views on the same. But after reading this, I get the idea. But there's something uncertain with this technique that it doesn;t always. I used this technique a little differently, but it doesn't have that significance until you are already famous on steemit like you sir @jerrybanfield. For minnow this don't work effectively. There are a lot of variable out there which dictates the no.of readers.
Anyways this is helpful, at least for those for whom it'll work .
Thank for you sir @jerrybanfield.
Actually one more thing, I have written a post about you and some other popular steemians. If you have some spare seconds, have a look here.

Thank you :)

It does also help a lot that I promote all my posts automatically to about 10,000 people every post on Facebook and Twitter! If you see how many people view it when considering that, the numbers are pretty low!

Great content. I have been wondering about this timing thing, and you really gave some meaningful insight! Appreciate the support! Plus, I noticed you commented one of my recent videos, and thought I'd share a link to another one you would enjoy!


Following, upvoted :)

Thank you very much @jacquelyne I enjoyed that post!

thx for sharing

Read, but not completely. But my opinion has not changed. How much would YOU NOT EXPRESS YOUR POSTS, if you have a rating of 25, then no one will vote for you, it's best as I already wrote to you in the comments on your past post, item # 9

I do not understand?

I agree Jerry Im not sure what they are saying. Maybe the are talking about Upvotable #9?

Yeeeeesssssss! Jerry THANK YOU! I've been wondering about this since the day I started on Steemit.

What have we done to deserve you :P

Thank you so much for this information. I now need to look at my stats and figure out a plan. Keep them coming.

Very good post Jerry , thanks for the contructive tips. I will check the tool out because I prefer to post once daily (or once a very 2 days) and thus have to post at the best time. Upped.

Hi jerry your post is awesome thanks for posting i think you are doing a great and very hard work on steemit all your posts are very helpful thanx bro

I was exactly wondering about TIMING! Thank you very much for the info.
I admit I don't watch de videos, watching video tutorials is something that makes me go out of my nerves because I am so desperate o_o I need to get to de point quickly, so I rather read the post n_n

That thing about auto upvoting I had no idea :o I will look for information about that to try and get some benefits from it ;D

And about posting on sundays I would prefer not to do it because is my computer-free day xD but there must be a way to make a post and publish it until sunday... I think I saw a post about that some days ago. Will consider it too.

Have a nice day!

There are ways to schedule posting. I do not remember exactly the names of the websites or apps or how to do it and I have not done it myself yet. Maybe through WordPress.

Thanks for writing. I liked your comment here. Upvoted. Take care. Have a good day.
Having a Sunday Sabbath is a good idea. Good work. Take care.

I will look for the way to 'publish later'... but later xD I have no time right now. Sunday is the best day to rest n_n
Have a nice day!

hi jerry the same thing i have been searching yes its challenging but thank you for the post

jerry the king of steemit im your soldier please give me upvote with 100% power it is my destiny to get your vote 1 day :)

Wow... Nice post, I love it,
Thanks for share with us,,,,👍👍👍👍👍👍

Thanks for sorting this haha I've always found it to be right around .. now 5pm Eastern US

This is a really helpful post, especially when we want to get exposure at the right time when all followers are active. Thank you so much! My best time to post is Wednesday!

tried this, and my post time looks like terrible..

I think that timing of the post might vary for minnows with less than 1000 followers. @jerrybanfield have you tried comparing the results for two similar posts of yours so that results could be more conclusive?

For somebody like you I am pretty sure that the timing of the post doesn't have major impact as you have followers across the timezones.

This post is a lot longer than I thought. A lot information and detailed. Right about now is the right time or early in the morning.
I haven't managed to find out what is the best time because I get the same low votes throughout the day.
But we should post anytime all the time right?

This is very helpful information and needs to resteemed by everyone!
Share this with all friends of steem.
Jerry your very good and informative with your valuable guidance for everyone to learn more.
Keep up the fantastic work and as always, I try to see as many of your posts as I can, and upvote every one. Keep up the great work.

Re-Steemed, this kind of post will be a frequent reference.

Thank you very much for your advice! I'm barely getting into Steemit and your advice and help has really motivated me to look more into the website and try new things. Thank you!

Thank you Jerry for sharing this insightful information. It not only shows your the value of properly timing your posts here. But it can also give people insight into doing more research to time the YouTube video for maximum 1st day engagement as well since most people here post videos on Youtube then embed them here. So thinking about this and your target audience can be a win-win situation on both Steemit and Youtube...thoughts from a Steemit newbie. :-)

i'm a big fan jerry its been a few years since i bothered to go youtube so i was happy to find you here because i didnt know whether i was going to hang on steemit till i saw your post.

Hey @tomahawk429, try submitting a post to the last upvotable series post :) You can earn 10 SBD for someone elses quality content or get your own post upvoted :) Usually about 8- 12 posts are picked.

I was searching for a tool like this! Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the good information! Steemit is awesome, I love it!

This is what im looking for..Ive been searching a post like this..A tip on us .Thank you for this its very helpful..it helps a lot...

Nice informative research. You are very thorough on all of your posts and articles. I like that I will have to use some of this as a tool.

Right? Have you tried when the best time to post for you is?

No I haven't yet. I am still trying to figure out how this all works, only been actively posting for about 2 weeks.

Thanks for showing us Jerry! :)

A long read but sertanly interesting! On the other hand i wil not use this info. As it would be to hard to combine with my job hours.

Very informative and useful post. I kept wondering for about two weeks prior to your article what would be the best time to post for maximum exposure to my followers and all readers in general, then you came out with the answer.
Thank you!

Love your videos man!

Thanks Jerry!

nice !!! i am very like them. thanks

Thank you Jerry. I love data. And using data to know when best to post is a great tool to have. I decided to not post articles until after I get enough followers to have a chance and having people read the article. Meanwhile, posts like this one give excellent insight for posting strategy.

Upvoted. Resteemed.

thank you for the great information...i am searching long time ago about the similar tool

Thanks Legend. Another quality bit of information. I appreciate it. I'm heading over to the link now to see what time people check out my stuff. Thanks a lot Jerry.

I have certainly realised that my readers come from a different time zone to me, so my post has gone from their feed before they go online, just as theirs have gone from mine. SO I shall be checking that site to see if I can improve things. Next problem will be actually posting at the optimum time. I'm sure I once read about an app that could post for you at a pre-arranged time, but finding it again could be a problem.... Steemit is a big place when you are looking for one link of unknown identity!

Jerry what exactly do I type in having a problem not very good at things like this, cheers mike

Take this link: https://joticajulian.github.io/steem-activity/index.html?account=

See the = sign at the end? type your Steemit name after that, copy the link and paste it into your browser. Done.

Here's what it should look like:


Cheers for that mate nice one, thanks mike

@jerrybanfield - thanks for this informative post - helps a newbie like me a lot. But I also have the feeling, that it is just a drop on a hot stone... I mean the big difference makes the content and I saw posts, well written, but they got just one or two cents and other posts have some photos á la sex sells and get 40-100 bucks. :-/ I mean this is a bit frustrating...

Upvoted and followed.

This is so helpful! I am new to Steemit and I was curious about the posting time to see if that made a difference with engagement. I will have to take some time and try the tips you mentioned to see what works for me.

We try to keep track of best times to post according to your charts. It does fluxuate on a weekly basis IMO. Still aiming for optimal timing. Did you notice I mentioned you in my silly post about steemit?? Just a fun thing. 🐓🐓

Thanks ... Its helfully for me as beginning in steemit....

check out some of @jerrybanfield's past posts! They are all really helpful!

Nice post very helpful information

Thank You ........Steemit Mode ON !!!!!!!!

Thank you Jerry. Is a great help to me. Cheers.

This post was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much! Resteeming.

I see the same thing on Twitter. On my account, i've noticed the best times to tweet are mornings 6-8am, again at 10am-noon, and finally 5-6 pm to catch those getting off work. My best days are Tuesdays and Thursdays with weekends being a terrible time for me to tweet due to sports.

I think it also depends on your audience. I do alot of tech stuff, and tend to have the biggest support in the US and the UK. God bless Britain!

@psychocybinrec Check it out. Hack your post times!

Thank you Jerry for the helpful information. Timing and quality of content are two extremely important factors to having success with a post. Unfortunately I work a full-time and part-time job and are limited when I can post. Thanks for sharing.

This is such a useful resource!!!

Very helpful, Jerry. Thanks for putting in the work to do this. I was looking for this info a while back and all I could then find was an 11 months old post. This saved me a lot of guesswork.

That was something i'm looking for because i'm UTC +2 timezone in germany and asked where are in the world the most people posting at specific times. That took some time to dig through your huge! post. Thank you!

This is a great post. Upvoted, resteemed and followed.

You have so many followers and you're kinda famous, you'll always get lot's of votes. I think there's lot's of people that will just read your posts later in the case you do not post it in the 'optimal' posting time. But nice tool. I'll have to check my stats in more detail.
Just my thoughts. J

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Very good info, I knew there's a best time/when but never took the time to figure it out.

Steemit 😍😍😍

You got your clothes back on 🤣

Raise the roof.

What is the best time to post on Steemit?
It doesn't matter as long as you're Jerry Banfield.

it's interesting also best time on Tuesday for me as well. Coincidence?

I have a general question, my post already has 3 votes other than mine. The page shows it has been viewed 1. Does this mean some votes at auto votes? or is there another explanation for this? is the views count accurate?

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.55.34 PM.jpg

Wow! Thanks Jerry!
This is exactly what I have been looking for.
.....upvoted and resteemed!

Fantastic I'm going to give it a go as soon as I say cheers jerry , thanks mike

Thank you, thank you so much for such a powerful and valuable information, really @jerrybanfiel you are a great leader of this community that brings value and knowledge with every publication you make, this is worthy of a big vote and republished with the whole Spanish speaking community So that they know the powerful tools that you mention and you can at the disposal of anyone who wants to use them, thank you friend for your invaluable help, God bless you and all your team work, because every day they strive to give the best d each of you .

lanat teri shakal thy.. dhokay bar bc..

Oh wooooow, I've been trying to do this manually for the past week. Should have known there would already be a tool for it. I see now that Mondays are my best posting days with Thursday, Friday and Sunday as the worst.

Thanks so much, this is damn useful intel!

It's like you keep making the same post over and over again lol

Thanks Jerry.. Really appreciate this post

Good information jerry....thanks

Lovely photography .You deserve for vote.Please check my blog.

10 AM EST is 9 PM in Saigon, Vietnam where I live: Saigon is eleven hours ahead of NYC time. And 10 AM is 7 AM PST in Oregon where I am from. 10 AM EST is probably the best time to post according to the data here from this post from and by Jerry Banfield and by the other people and things that helped him.
Vietnamese tend to use Facebook more at night after 9 PM ICT. Since 2006 or so in the USA, I always felt & like experienced more interaction & activity & stuff on Facebook and on the internet in general. I am not sure if that is still the case in regards to overall internet usage.
Somebody could and probably should compare Steemit peaks with Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and other online peaks and everything.

Articles like this are a great help, There is so much to learn and figure out here... Thanks for posting

Good points. This is a post I may come back to later. Right now, my focus is making new habits of sharing each day.

Upvoted and Resteemed @jerrybanfield. This was pretty insightful and the more people know about this the better they will perform on Steemit. Very interesting. I will be paying a closer look from now on

This is a really powerful tool. I have tried it and it gave much insight on my post habits and my followers activities.

I will need to start experimenting with it to find the right balance for me.

Thanks for sharing. This is awesome :)

Very interesting information but as in any other service, content is king

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