We Will Reach 300,000 Steem Accounts TODAY!

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steem accounts 299712.png

Would you join us in celebrating the viral growth we are experiencing with doubling the number of Steem users from about 150,000 three months ago to TODAY we will cross 300,000 users? Data provided by @furion on https://steemdata.com/stats.

View the richest Steemians and user list in detail with SteemDB by @jesta at https://steemdb.com/accounts.

Less than three months ago when I joined Steemit at the end of May 2017 here is what the user count looked like!

day i joined Steem may 20 2017 accounts.png

The original screenshot was from https://steemd.com/distribution which is currently under maintenance by @roadscape. I am honored to be among the superhero users today :)

We are bringing friends and family here at an incredible rate which suggests we will reach over a million users within the next year and maybe even six months! What an amazing journey together and a great time to pause to celebrate!

Jerry Banfield


Great but it is the 5m and then100m mark that will be exciting. And if steemit doesn't start offering clear investment information about interest rate and what people get for voting etc then another social site with financial upvoting will over- take steemit. I can't believe reddit doesn't have something like this under development. The difficulty of getting up to date information from the site itself is appalling. I like steemit so I want it to fix this. But in the meantime Ive started powering down as the lack of correct factual information on the site makes it hard for me to trust the founders and when I describe the misinformation to friends outside the crypto space they all say it just seems very fishy and to get out before I'm left looking like a fool. Jerry if you actually read this perhaps you can bring this and my longer post https://steemit.com/steemit/@katythompson/to-the-founders-ned-and-others-quick-wins-to-make-steemit-less-complicated-for-newcomers about the same topic to the founders' attention.

There is a rebranding in the works, I'm sure all of that information will be part of it.

Well I jolly well hope it does - there needs to be a tab that says in black and white what investors who steem up get, under what circumstances and what people with no steem power get under what circumstances. And if the rules change it needs to be clear what they changed from and to and on what date the change came into effect. If the changes alter the financial attractiveness of investing they should not take effect for 12 weeks which is the time it would take someone to entirely power down if they don't like the changes.

Sure, we should just have the SEC regulate it. Careful what you wish for..

Do you think this is why STEEMIT has been in beta all along ??

Where can we get more infos about that rebranding?

In the Steemit 2017 roadmap on page 12, you will see information on the re-branding of Steemit. The main reason is to differentiate the Steemit blockchain, Steemit company and the steemit website. Here is the link :) https://steem.io/2017roadmap.pdf

Thank you for the link, I will check it out. :)

You're welcome :)

The principal! He will give me TP! I would hate for my bungholio to get polio....Where I come from, we have no bunghole.

Steem is the blockchain, STEEM is the token, Steemit is the website and Steemit Inc is the company. Why rebrand?

To segregate the business functions. Although they have something to do with each other, all users will not be "savvy" enough to realise the difference in their purposes.

now you have some truly valid points.
it'd be good to have more information on the exact interest rate and more info easily for the people.

didn't know about the rebrand coming as well. any news of when it will happen @adept?

that was spot on katy, i noticed you don't have a profile picture. would you like help making one?

Thanks - its on my to do list. I think I know how but if I get stuck I'll come to you for help.

It's now great time to buy extra STEEM :)

So much good news last days hope it will continue like that even for steem hope a 3 price in few months.

1 million accounts by the turn of the year!

That's awesome. I'm proud to be in the top 1000 or so accounts :)

You're a big part if that, thanks Jerry!

This is great news but at the same time, as I´m getting more and more involved in Steemit, I wonder how well is the scalability taking into account by the developers. People in the community like @elfspice are point out some serious issues with the type of servers, witnesses , etc. I think we need more transparency in this area that concerns all of as. The more we grow the more we need it

Oh yeah, Way to go Steeemit !!!

Hi Jerry.

Mate, I was doing some research on cryptos / blockchains for a staff training session I will be running at the office.

Came across this video of yours!

Just wanted to write and say 'great stuff'! Really enjoyed the vid. You had me laughing and reconsidering my crypto investment strategy at the same time. Your concept of investing the majority of your time and energy in one cryptocurrency, as you would your wife, does make a lot of sense. And does go against conventional 'diversification' wisdom - which is kind of herd mentality anyway.

So 300,000 accounts - double in 3 months. Exciting stuff.

So thank you for all you do to promote this platform and know that you have given me a kick up the arse to do more.



It about to blowwww!!

that's awesome, thanks for the info Jerry

That is really incredibly good rate of growth... thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing, yes we definitely need to celebrate this great success....

Yes, it is really incredible. You're also doing good work sir @hms818. I am following you for some time, your posts on food are completely genuine. I like your food posts greatly :)


Our community just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Thank you Jerry!

The growth on this platform alone is testament to the foundation that it is built upon! I mean that! I have been a part of EVERY social media platform for as long as I can remember and I have NEVER encountered one like Steemit.

This group of positively like minded people are going to shape the future. mark my words!

Very inspiring!

You are an inspiration @jerrybanfield! You truly are. A leader! - about that presidential campaign ;)

Completely unrelated and almost awkwardly shared... lol.... but not absolutely irrelevant I hope hehe.... my latest post...

Hope you enjoy ;)


Please keep being awesome! xxxxxx

@jaynie I need more words for grateful because I already wrote thank you and appreciate in the last reply and I am out now! Which I guess leaves action! I will read your post now and recognize the same level of awkwardness I enjoy!

waaahahahahaha!!! No words... just smiles :)

As long as Steemit attracts good-quality content creators and people willing to use it and maximize its platform, the growth is inevitable.

Keep steeming and enjoying your time here!

Amazing to be a part of 300,000 accounts and to see the amazing growth! thank you for sharing this information with us @jerrybanfield and I know I would not have been a part of this community unless I heard about Steemit through you! @joeparys

I'm so happy steemit is growing so fast! Can't wait for the 1 millionth account made, that will be a heck of a milestone.

Jerry I asked a question before on my post why is it so hard to get an answer?

Jerry Steemit is still in its infancy it will get much much larger

TO THE MOOON. 1 Million end of the year

We will hit 1 million by the end of the year!

We are growing fast. Only 10,000 of those are bot accounts haha.

I looked into steemit in AUG 3rd and even created an account but forgot all about it 😳.

When I seen @jerrybanfield join in May (loyal follower on YouTube) I jumped right back in as I knew he was capable of bringing in thousands of people, thanks jerry for bringing me back into steemit! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

We are Growing Everyday. STEEMIT is the place to be and more and more people are just finding out that they can get paid for contributing. Tell me again how that is not appealing when it comes to other Social Media that people participate in and derive NOTHING ??? @jerrybanfield Thank you once again for great content.

That is great news more and more Steemians are joining everyday, glad that the community is growing rapidly.

That's Steemingly good to know!!!!!!!

This is an amazing community and I know it will continue to grow and grow!

I look forward to explosive growth in steemit when people of reddit/facebook realized the paying alternative of steemit compare to the non-paying platforms they currently use. I enjoy being in on the ground floor of an economic revolution : )


As always I follow/upvote/resteem those that do the same for me. Just don't spam my feed or will unfollow/mute.

So happy to be a part of the Steemit community. I see it being as popular as Reddit with in a year and Facebook with 2 years!

Congrats to us! The community! I'm excited to see how many people will be at Steemfest 2, since I attended the first one. Your consistent and valuable content, excitement and commitment for sure has done great help in reaching this milestone, so thanks Jerry :)

Surely it did @mrs.steemit for example I got to know about steemit from his youtube channel and joined here on 24th June. So much grateful to jerry for that!

Congrats to us glad to be a part of such growing community!!! 😊😊

Wow, that fast! I am so glad I joined steemit! @go2sheila

It's awesome to see steemit grow so fast ! We won't even notice when it's going to hit 1 billion users hehe...

Its a great news really happy to see steem it growth.

Here is a little chart I did of users created by month based on the data from steem data. I did not include August data since it not complete. But it does seem users sign up in waves. Thanks @jerrybanfield for keeping us well informed.

That's awesome! I know I tell everyone I meet in real life about it. If we all keep spreading the news about this platform it will continue to explode.

It is a lot of accounts but I just wonder how long it is taking people to get accounts. I tried to get a second account through the normal process but was never allowed access.

wow nice to see the incridible growth of steemit.
I wish it can break all records and places a no.1 blogging website.
Love @kings-empire

wow, awesome, thanks for sharing man! Steemit for life!

Hi Jerry! Could you please tell me how this affect Steemit in a positive way? Best Regards!

I am very happy steem is going places. I have a lot of hope just been here.

Hi brother,
Can you help me with this post ?, I am trying to revisit the forgotten history of Aceh.


jerry dude that's super cool. on the way to 3 million.

This is great news and even though my friends think I'm crazy when I talk about crypto, I have gotten one family member hooked already! Steem on!

1 million users by January

Steps to the future ...
steem on .. ❤️

So true, Steemit is truly trending to the top ten spot , thanks for sharing and i feel honored to be apart of the steemit community

Way to go!!!!Steemit .

I'm new. Only about 2 weeks in, and happy to be part of the growth. Will also be telling my friends!

Well Jerry that's a milestone for sure. Is the benchmark for success "users" or "quality content"? I see a lot of bad content getting rewarded. I know we're in the growth stage but someone is hopefully looking at the strategic direction of Steemit and not just numbers.

excellent ! thanks for sharing. :)

(: ولعة معاك ياعم

good luck with your job and I hope every one help each other to growing steemit and knowlege about steemit

Great!!! I like that!

thank you man your amazing

WOW... 300,000 good value..
Your best @jerrybanfield

Wow that is really good achievement by steemit go steemers!
Upvoted and Resteemed

This should be just the begining, this growth should get exponential soon or late...

Wow! That's a really amazing growth rate! I just heard about steemit on YouTube recently, and I decided to sign up yesterday. I've been enjoying it so far! Thanks for the quality posts! Keep up the good work!

Wow this whole Steemit is still mind boggling to me

Congratulations to us. WE ROCK! WE'RE STEEMING ON!

Cool to see this growth!

Great news.
I just joined a few weeks back and there are some great articles on this site and hearing these numbers sound very promising this this community will continue to grow. I still am a little confused on the payout structure ect but im sure in time and with a little more research i will figure it out. Thanks for the post @jerrybanfield.

Go jerry go

Congrats for becoming Vegan!

Can you please do a new simpler blog on 'how to understand the wallet'

I don't have a clue.

What is the thing on there to look out for on concentrate on?

300k thats quite some. But i guess that half of it is bots? Is there a statistic about that? Just my opinion. J

Thank you again @jerrybanfied sir. Steemit is growing exponentially, our family members, relatives, friends are joining steemit with more enthusiasm. I am sure steemit will be next best thing on blockchain after Bitcoin. With increasing people, there will be more steem generated that means more profit for witnesses. So a great congratulation to you. You're the most deserving witness on steemit and I support you wholeheartedly.
Thank you for you work sir.
About my previous question, what do I have to provide you for receving a work from you. Like a video on motivational content? Please give some means I can contact you freely. Are you discord or steemitchat ?

Wow @jerrybanfield your ads are working perfectly. Thank you for introducing me and many others to this great platform. Wishing you all the best.... Keep steeming. Upvoted and resteemed :)

Still peanuts in comparison to the 2 billion that Facebook has. We're definitely on the right track but we still have a long way to go.

This sounds good, but I have to admit that it's pretty hard to fully understand all of this. It must be easier for non technical and non cryptocurrency people to use this site, or else I think it will have a hard time growing. There will probably be several sites like this in the future as well, and the winner will be the site that is easiest to understand for "regular" people. Hopefully the site will evolve in the right direction fast. As a photographer I also wish for non-cropped thumbnails, or at least a function for custom cropping.

Wow is this real? Great...

will you help me for my very poor blog? 😟


Upvoted. I'm going to resteem this now :]

Super Fantastic! Maybe I can get 300,000 followers.

and spend your steem here

Excellent. The role of Steemit regarding the growth of crypto as a whole might be much larger than expected. While crypto has experienced a gigantic growth in the last few years, the technical nature of it hasn't quite clicked with the general public. Steemit combines crypto with social media, and thus really is a bridge-builder between the realm of digital currencies and a broader audience ... !

haha today i actually showed this website to my friends i think now steemit has 5 more users :)

I bet that 2018 is going to be a good year for us. However, I kind of feel as though 2019 -2020 will be better.

We'll see if I am correct.
GOOD LUCK to everyone.

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And here I thought I missed the bus by only joining 5 days ago. Really enjoying interacting on Steemit and the more I get into it, the more excited I become. To 1 million soon!!!

Siii que emocionante, ver el crecimiento de nuestra red social, y mas aun formar parte de ella ¡¡¡


Steem on folks!


Awesome! I predict you will have 10k followers in no time too! Maybe by a month from now or less?

Jerry, what about all the bots, How many are there?
How many of these 300,000 accounts are just some bullsxxt accounts -
duplicates of some hacker circle jerk off?

Jerry, what about all the accounts that are posting once a day and getting hundreds of upvotes from some external community or guild?

I'm trying to be successful here and getting ignored and beat by a group of damn bots!

Sorry to vent - but can the admins do something about this?
Maybe if you make a post about this - something will happen!

All hail king 👑 BITCOIN🙌🙌

I am so happy to see that more and more people are joining this platform! Good job guys

seems like steemit is like a wild fire

Definitely a milestone moment . Congrats to us .

Wow congrats .
Now we will grow at double speed .

Let's buy some Steem!

Thank you so much! Very encouraging. Upvoted and resteemed.

that's great, and absolutely the number is becoming increasinely.

Hey,Jerry just curious to know do you have any stake in steemit inc?

Steemit is with no limit and we are unstoppable

Party time :)

For your info Jerry - borrowed some of your work. Thanks again. SK.


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