Request to Add Shares Tab for Resteems!

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How much easier would it be to read blogs with a separate place for resteems? What increase in resteem use would we see if we did not face the problem of having the post we resteemed shared in the middle of our blog? Would we all benefit by having the posts we resteem moved into a tab of their own the way comments and replies are?

After 70 days on Steemit, I have seen a lot of posts I would like to share by resteeming especially those in the upvotable posts. Meanwhile my current number of resteems is zero.

Why avoid hitting resteem?

Resteeming adds posts I do not write to my blog which causes confusion to new readers looking only for what I wrote and is very effective at diverting readers to the author of the shared post. Where there is confusion users often are less likely to stay engaged which is why the top websites in the world are so easy to use. It still is not obvious to me right away when looking at a blog on Steemit as to who wrote the post. I have to check almost every post still to see if it is a resteem or written by the author I am following because only the small resteem icon and the author's name are different. Facebook meanwhile makes it fairly obvious if a post has been shared right away while most blogging platforms like WordPress are optimized for one author with no sharing options balanced by options to include multiple authors.

About half of the authors I am following on Steemit resulted from a resteem. While this sounds like a benefit for the whole community to encourage discovering other authors, it is coming at the cost of many authors like me not sharing at all. This has even been positively reinforced in comments where readers say thank you for putting everything I want to share into an upvotable post instead of using the resteem feature because they do not want as a reader to sort through my resteems to find my posts.

How much is this limiting our sharing?

If resteems were added in a separate tab, I estimate the amount of sharing would triple at a minimum because I would start resteeming right away. We need our sharing capability to be at the maximum because this helps viral posts spread which helps us discover new authors naturally. As it is now, I prefer the authors I follow to not resteem because it is confusing on the author's blog when I want to see what they posted.

Resteems are indefinite?

Am I correct in guessing that resteems last on the blog page indefinitely with there being no option to unresteem? If there is an option to unshare the post and remove it from the blog, then this point is irrelevant. If not, an accidental click might lead to having a blog post we did not want shared stuck on our blog when anyone checks our profile. The only solution then is to bury it with new posts.

Adding a share tab is a simple fix!

What do we need to do to get a "SHARE" tab added like I show in the picture above to help us collaborate better with resteems? If you think this feature would be a good idea, would you upvote this post for visibility because maybe it will reach one of us that can take action on this?

Jerry Banfield

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On the project it is implemanted almost like that. Check out this page there are a lot of features like messages and a very good interface.


Awesome thank you for mentioning that this is available on! I had a hard time on the interface getting my post to go through which led me to give up using it. I will take a second look!


you wellcome i am just here because of your youtube channel so thank you @jerrybanfield !!!

yes that is still a problem on this site i also cant post anything but i like the interface and use it just for reading new post and stuff like that.

· is pretty cool once you get the hang of using it. Of course the issue you address is solved there, plus they allow me to save multiple drafts, save favorite pages and favorite creators. It's worth getting to know. :-)


ya i need a difference between followinga nd favorites! my home feed gets clyttered with peope who post too much but whop i dont wanna mute or unfollow, and i was just writing a pst aboiut a request to jhave steemit allow filters for the home feed

· is still buggy. That's the reason I don't use it. It has been improved for last months, but still not stable eneugh to me.


I think STEEM is more widely known will have something like this in the near future

@jerrybanfield, this might have already been mentioned, but its available on interface to the steemit blockchain. definitely a good feature to port here.

i did a self upvote because i think it may be relevant and might help to be more visible.


What's I haven't been there. I thought it was another website.


It's a site you can use to interface with the steemit block chain. It has a different gui. There are a couple of them now. You supply the site with your posting password i think and log in from there


now you are learning how special stem really is! is a private centralized website that simply interfaces with Steem blockchain, Steem Blockchain is the decentralized blockchain which u can always access evenm over a commandline, and so i hope this makes it al clear

just bncause ur using doesnt mean thats all there is, steem is like an iceberg, steemit just one piece, but yua 90 percent of users or mroe use but u can use or steemd or chainbb and ya u also should know Steem is ionflationary and about 8 percebt more steem is made everyyearamnd that number goes down to 1 percent and price of steem goes up cuz more peopel buy it and steem isnt mined the way it is with eelctricity with bitcoin or ethereum we have DPOS delegated proof of servcie where we VOTE on who gts the new copins, its a gerat system that few thought would realy work and now its working great and people are realizing its very futiritic and it will work in ways we cant even really grasp unless we are thinking in 4d thinking about all the different witnesses an voters and peope buying steem and how steemit will grow and bnew fatures will bring in millions of users and dollars, anyway it so complx it ovwehelmes me


I would love that! Resteems being separate is definitely a good idea


Excellent this means it should be very reasonable to make the same available on Steemit! I just found out about SteemDB a month ago!


Lol!!! me too!! I like that there can be different interfaces to the steemit blockchain, I think its ability to be customized is one aspect of the platform that will allow it to maintain appeal to wider audience going forward. also they are excellent proving grounds for any potential upgrades to the core software.


I didn´t know that, but thnxs for the information @jerrybanfield, it is very useful to me considering I am new in steemer. Greetings!

I think It's a good idea, but maybe wouldn't help spread posts viraly, as the shares tab could be neglected.

Maybe having resteems collapsed to just a title and click to expand, or a toggle resteems option at the top of the feed?


That is a good idea too thank you for sharing it!


Thank you for your suggestions and feedback

Nice idea! Thanks for sharing


You're welcome!

It still is not obvious to me right away when looking at a blog on Steemit as to who wrote the post.

Maybe you should stop drinking whatever you drink. After 24 hours you will be much more relaxed and will not try to look everywhere in your screen. Then you will detect more quickly if that was a post from someone who you were following or someone you didn't.

By the way? It is so important to know that? Will you be only interacting on posts written by people you are following?

If resteems were added in a separate tab, I estimate the amount of sharing would triple at a minimum because I would start resteeming right away.

Be sincere, Jerry. That's what you really want: More re-steems (for your posts).

Re-steems are bad. Steem is about content creation. Re-steeming some content is not content creation. If people started re-steeming, then there will be less content created.

Sometimes you arrive to a post which says exactly what you wanted or there are also those very helpful posts. Then it is ok to re-steem. I also do it when I found that the post is undervalued.



" I have to check almost every post still to see if it is a resteem or written by the author".
SO true !!! there is times that i quit shearching some authors blogs because of this.
@spidersprog 's idea is very good.
thanks for posting your ideas!

you come up with so many great ideas, I wonder if any that can actually make change listens? It seems to me steemit is stuck and with no future vision. no active work for changes and improvement ir just moving slow. If this continues I believe somebody with use eos and create a competition with improvements. I hope I am wrong.




You're right because I shared a post with very simple changes to make to which would make a huge difference a month ago and none of them have been implemented even though it might only take one person one hour to do it and the post was voted up to nearly the top of the trending page. That said, the Steemit team has worked with us on 19 hard forks by now and made a lot of improvements in a collaborative manner with the top 20 witnesses. Facebook was pretty basic in the early days and I see Steemit as the same way. We just keep trying and asking and something will come through!

@jerrybanfield, this is such good thinking happening here... but having the Resteem button on a separate tab will dilute the value of the share. Because at the moment, resteems are more often used to spread the word to help others.

But is there another solution? Resteems do clutter up a blog. And I wonder if we could have it separate from the blog content but have still on the same page. Would that be possible? Could the main content be divided into two sides? Author's content on the left and resteemed content on the right. Is it possible to modify the layout like that? That way resteems will still be on the main page and yet not juxtaposed with the author's content.


That would be an improvement I would be happy to see also! Anything to make the user interface more effective.

Yes, it makes sense what you say. Hope it will be picked up by some Steemit dev.


This is a really great idea. Are there any higher ups that we could send requests individually to for this?


Thank you Michiel I hope so as well!

I think it would be a good idea to implement. Especially for the minnows like myself who resteeming a lot. It doesn't allow anyone to see my content. We'll see whether it happens or not.

Okey, thanks for saying this good guidance. I think this is good information and useful to me. With the existence of this kind of information I quickly understand how to use good steemit. Which I want to ask If doing restem is not a good thing, why the restem key held Must be removed only. How in your opinion?

A Sharing tab would be amazing @jerrybanfield this is a wonderful idea!


Joe thank you for taking a look at this and commenting!

It would be very convenient to have resteems as a separate tag. I bet many more people would start to actively resteem good posts if this was the case.


@valth thank you for sharing your support here!

I've been saying this!!!! Great idea let's hope that the devs see this and implement it!!! Nice post as usual Jerry!!!



Thank you Isaac for your second here!

That is a great idea, where you come up with all this good stuff! :)


Great question it just comes to me!


You got that "awareness" on point.... I'm still developing that everyday :)

that is an awesome Idea Jerry. Also I was thinking about a notification when you are mention in a post or comments. Now thinking maybe even a tab call mentions!


Yes that would be very nice as well! does a good job with just the mentions!

I'm so glad that you bring this back to the communities attention because I think about this EVERYDAY and even wrote a post on it sometime during the ending of last year 0r beginning of this year.
It get's pretty cluttered when having your personal post along with resteems added together. I absolutely agree that we definitely need better organization to this matter!

I like your tab idea but would suggest simply using 'RESTEEM' as the the tab(name) rather than 'SHARE' ;)
But yes, we need a seperate tab, come on STEEMIT! It's been a long time coming! I 0r WE would like to see this feature come time during the next hard fork.
Thx you @jerrybanfield
REsteemd lol


Resteem tab sounds good to me! Thank you for letting me know this was already brought up before which with repeated suggestions we might get some action on!

I agree with you. There should be a separate place for resteems. If I am on a content creator's page, I am only looking for their original content.


Thank you for supporting the change request!

I had the same thought about separating resteems from originals lately, but don't you I think it would decrease value of resteem? Like nobody would want to see them anymore.

But I think bookmarking other posts in the separate tab would be useful (in addition to resteems). At least for me. Sometimes I want to resteem a post so all my followers will see it, and sometimes I just want to save it and read it later :)


The bookmarking like a pinned post would be very nice also especially for an intro post to appear first or something like Facebook has!

absolutely on this idea my friend!! big love jerry


@soundlegion thank you for the love!

make it so, zulu


Let's hope so!

I had this idea in my head for a long time here, Im only a month old here, but I always thought about this tab to make your blog with only personal posts, and all the things you shared, on that tab. Hope this is comping soon.


you know jerry, we can help accelerate these changes if we keep pushing these posts and talk to the developers and see how this type of change COULD be made OR we can take matters into our own hands and create a Steemit Enhancement Suits Chome Extension to add these features and MANY more and the chrome extension when completed and posted on steemit could bring in alot of steem for its creator!


Good idea maybe we can do it with SteemJ?


I had to look up @steemJ its a Steem API Wrapper for Java
"What is SteemJ?
SteemJ is a project that allows you to communicate with a Steem node using Java. So far, the project supports most of the API calls and is also able to broadcast most of the common operation types. Further information can be found on GitHub."
@dex1337 posted the relase for uit this seems useful if i knew programming i should learn about how javascrupt can make this stuff happen

i crave more bels and whistles for and mayeb we need more steem Apps like one for snapchat, imagine a Snapchat type App that posted the videos on like yoiutubefor hosting and posted it on steemit, but playd the videos like snapchat, but yeah steemit enhancement suite, its what we need, i fel like theres just not anough propgrammers with fre time

programmers skilsl are tovaluable that they dont sit arund all day with fre time they have work to do and get burned out programming, so we need to find a programmer we can pay ful time, but weneed enough for work them, which reqyuires work on our part designing things, we need ideas godo enbough to crowd fund for them maybe using Kickstarret, use that money to buy steem and pay the wokrrs in steem, We could introduce all of Kickstarter cleveryly to steemit by making LOTS of kickstarter ideas FOR steem blockchain related ideas! One wil get popular and on front page of kickstarret and al the kickstartre users will go 'WTF is steemit??" when they see our Kickstarte idea for osme steemit related idea, and we can all support it on kickstaretr, making the kickstarter people wonder about hat steemit is!

great points about resteem - like we all think about it but not put it in words just like you did

this is definitely a great idea it would help keep confusion of your post and post you resteem so people who check out your post would know they are reading your post and not someone else's, also great for archiving post your resteem so you can go back and reread and reference them later and get to them quickly

I love your idea, and you are right. Resteeming is the greatest gesture in appreciating a post. But having it appear in my blog irreversibly is the one thing that makes me not want to do that. And in turn people are not resteeming my posts for the same reason. This feature would help everyone in the long run as most would may upvote, but only resteem if they really see value in a post.


Fully agree, resteems are annoying and major drow back from having more subscribtions.

Less people will click on shares tab and less possible chances of people upvoting re-steemed posts,i don't think this would be good idea.

Some very valid points though I think resteems wouldn't gain nearly as much influence if they weren't on your main blog page.

What about an on/off filter, so people could click it to see posts "by the author" and "including resteems" on the one screen? Just a thought.

This update will be great, separating resteems and your own blog posts will be a nice change to the platform.

I was thinking a little caption that says "blog originally made by so and so"

Sounds like a good idea. Resteeming can indeed be a little bit confusing for beginners (like me).
Since you're very interested in social media and since you're entertaining a number of different social media platforms, you might want to take a look at ONG social. It works like a hub that distributes your post to all your social media platforms. I think it's a great way of streamlining the process...


OnG is a pretty solid project. I an looking for their ICO soon. Especially because it already has a ton of users before its ICO.


Yup! Actually more users than steemit and less tokens so...


Do you know where I can find out the date of the ICO? Can't find the bookmark ...

@jerrybanfield I'm somewhere in the middle about this. On one hand its a great idea, on the other, people may not bother to check said tab at all... But you certainly have a point here!

hi jerry i m your bigest fan @omerpak14 need your upvote

I'm torn on this @jerrybanfield.

First, I agree that we should definitely have a separate tab for resteems; they should not be part of the blog feed.

Second, unless some quality content from a minnow gets resteemed or upvoted by a whale on a discovery quest, the chances of making it into a new, hot or trending category or pretty slim. Correct me if I'm wrong there, I do believe that through consistent quality posting, minnows do eventually become dolphins...

Again, great idea on creating a new tab for resteems, my vote is Yes.

Great idea! I really don't like to have the resteems mixed with my blog posts!

A good proposal change! that and many more needed for sure

hello,your post for I get it, I like it. I vote it.

you are right this feature will be very helpful, im not resteeming myself because it will be in my blog section

This is an idea who's time has truly come. Upvoted and Resteemed. WE NEED THIS FEATURE - to make SteemIt a better platform!

I completely agree with you. While I am generally open to seeing what things a certain person has resteemed, I generally am curious as to what an author has made themselves whenever I go to their individual profile. There is a lot of worth and social aspect with resteems, but I do want to have them separate so I can choose between what the author finds interesting that they found vs what they actually wrote. Hopefully we will see this get implemented.

Yup, pretty well the first thing I thought Steem should do once I became somewhat acquainted with the platform....

Congratulations! This post has been upvoted (100%) and reestem from the new curation trail @animus,
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I really liked the idea !!!

love this idea. I wanted my posts to be mainly about my life with my bulldogs, but as I am currently learning about cryptocurrencies I resteem a lot of information I find useful to do with crypto, partly to share with others and partly so I can go back and re read the blogs. It would be great if there was a "sort" option

Once they do that I will be resteeming in no time. Until then I'll be resteeming as much as @jerrybanfield.

Agree and want to keep my blog a bit clean and with my own created content.

But i want to resteem as wel.

So i would hope to have this function soon and i can start resteeming more.

If adding the extra link in the top menu is not desirable, the issue maybe could also be solved by making the resteemed posts smaller in size. People there own post can keep the current size.

(Mock-up of how smaller resteem previews would look like in the blog list)

Other functions on my wishlist:

  • It would also be nice to have a function to view "People with similar interest"

  • And one other function i would like to see, is inside tag/categories it would be nice to see a top 25 list of the contributors too that tag/categorie (with avatar and follow button)

Thanks for making the public request for the Resteems.

awesome post and thanks ,for sharing such great ideas!!!!!

i don't agree with your opinion @jerrybanfield .
I think If main post and resteem post are separated, somebody will be lazy to open the resteem post,
for example: if your post I resteem, it will be on my resteem tab and not on my main page.
So my followers will find it hard to get your post. And I'm sure they will be lazy to open the resteem tab.
now. When you open someone's steemit account, I'm sure you just open the main page only. And rarely to open comment and replied tabs.
So if steemit uses resteem tab, i'm sure resteem will decrease its function

Nice to meet you.


Great idea Jerry, thank you for your contribution.

I visited your page, and found this post amazing! interesting ?,@ronaldmcatee

good idea! That is very easy to use steemit. Thank!

This improvement needs to happen! I think I've only resteemed three posts in two month, for the same reasons you don't do it at all. If these improvements were made, I'd resteem a lot of content I like and think would deserve it.

Agreed! I want to share more content, but I would also like my own to be easily accessible. That being said... Resteeemed!

I would love to see a "Shared" tab in the list. or even "Resteemed"

Personally, I limit my resteems to less than 1 for every 3 original posts, and I hesitate to follow anyone who's feed appears to be full of resteems.

I find it useful to promote authors I support, or movements that interest me, and I often discover new people to follow through resteems, so relegating them to their own tab would make it cleaner, more useful, and much more enjoyable for me.

As a newbie, I call myself a mini-minnow, I find that you are absolutely correct.
Several of the people that I follow on steemit have NO RESTEEM. I am not surprised. When I check out a person to determine if I want to follow, I want to find THEIR content posts - not their resteems.
When somebody finds me, I want them to see my posts to see my content - and I am just a mini-minnow.
You suggestion is well-warranted!

It is for this reason I try to keep space between my resteems. I will resteem things here and there because I think it is important when I really find valueable content, to spread it around. However, if you resteem everything you like, you lose your identity.

This is great idea to keep our profile seperate from others we have shared on our profile. Sometimes even I get confused when I search for a blog post in someone's blog profile. Plus, there's no Un-resteeming button like you said. So, I guess a share button would be definitely come in handy while surfing through a steemit profile.
A great gesture by you @jerrybanfield. I respect it with all my heart :)

@jerrybanfield I agree with you a 110%. Until this type of TAB is implemented I am going to STOP Resteeming myself since I want a separation in my BLOG for the content that I create. New people looking for your posts should not have to sift through all the Resteems just to find the things they want to read that you posted. Great IDEA Jerry I hope this change is made.

Indeed is a must. Since steemit is social media dedicated platform please fix its mobile version. As of now steemit always crash using my mobile phone generic browser

Yes, definitely we need to see our resteemed posts in another place.

makes sense. would also like to have this implemented soon,

This would be an excellent idea! I hesitate to resteem even if it's a fantastic post/content because my own posts go down on the page.
That is why I think your idea here is on point!
I guess the resteem function should be more used if there was a way to separate them from my own posts. Still the advantage today is that everyone sees them, might not happen if there is a separate tab? Just a quick thought, maybe separation with colours instead?

Thanks for sharing, great content as always!

good post

Good point, however resteem or no resteem should not be a big concern now..there are other fish in the hot soup .

I believe this tab should be called "Resteems" .
Don't install fakebook words in here .

This is a great idea! Congratulations!

Thank u all friends. Follow me

Me parece una idea interesante y acertada

First comment.
Great idea thank you for sharing.

That's a great idea! How could it be possible to get something like this done?

Good idea

i think it is a great idea. Your blog should only create posts that you created. I had the idea of also adding a pin type button where you can place your best post at the top of your blog and allow this post to have more time to be upvoted. Here is the article if you are interested. I think your idea is great and hope it is implemented.

This is a very apt observation, @jerrybanfield. Resteeems are somewhat distracting to me too. So... I’m resteeming your post.

Absolutely Great Idea! 100% Agree to it.
@jerrybanfield you are one brilliant brain. Kudos !!!

@jerrybanfield your so coll as ever. you are so helpful in steem community i always looking forward on your posts

Very cool idea it would be better if it was a clearer icon

Nice post, follow me

Give me a vote

Awesome idea @jerrybanfield I get alot of request from followers asking me to resteem their post. Most do this because they want their content to be seen by more people.

But most times I spend time to teach how to make quality post, rather than committing plagiarism and expecting me to resteem.

Most of these guys do this ignorantly because they want to make quick cash.

100% Support!

Hi, I'm @mukhtar.juned
I'm steemit lover from aceh indonesia, i like your writing, i have read and i resteem it, nice writing.
I follow you, support me please, thanks

great idea!

I would also like to see the resteems in a separate tab! Firstly because I think it's confusing to have my blogs and the resteems in the same tab and secondly because I often resteem other people's blogs as a reference for coming back to it later, i.e. the step by step drawings by @the01crow. I want to draw along with him, but just right now I haven't got the time to do it. So if I have the resteems in a different tab, I can see his posts immediately and can get back to his blog quickly. Thanks @jerrybanfield for bringing this up! @antje

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That would be handy!

Great idea Jerry, thanks!

Really like spidesprogs idea about collapsing the resteem into the blog. So that readers can see the value in someone else's post on our blog . You have great ideas to make this platform better. Keep them coming Jerrry Banfield! 🐓🐓

Yes!!! I have been hoping for a separate tab for shares for a while now, hopefully this will come to happen

That's a good point. They should separate the resteemit feature and add a share feature. For me was kind of the same, but I see your point. I was wondering also about having to click and open a window to read the original text. That's not fair for the person who originally wrote.