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RE: Quality Over Quantity | Raising The Value Of The Blockchain

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"Concentrate on quantity while still keeping a reasonable level of excellence" ~ @enchantedspirit

That was the best response I got when I asked the quality vs quantity question. I like Casey Neistat's approach as well. Be the best version of yourself, make the best quality that you can make :).



I love all of Casey Neistat's quotes. Almost every time i'm working on a video something he's said pops into my head. I'll be going out to film something and be thinking "I don't want to take my big nice camera, i'll just bring the gopro and my phone." Then Casey's voice: "Always use the best camera you have available to you." So I bring the big camera and I'm always really glad I did.

Haha.. yes, that is a struggle. But, he also looks at convenience, so there is nothing wrong with a quick and dirty Gopro/Phone shot now and then. Actually, right now, my Samsung smartphone is actually my best available camera. Planning to upgrade next month.

I realized that too, I saw that I wasn't filming some cool stuff because It wasn't very convenient with my setup I got for commercial work, so I got a cheap setup based only on being as small, lightweight, and convenient as possible and it's made all the difference. I plan to make a video about this really soon actually...

Looking forward to it. Checked out a couple of your posts and oh man, can't wait to learn how to make time lapses like you. Unfortunately, you are going to pull me out my comfort zone when it come to editing programs :D..

It's easier then you think! As soon as you've followed along with a couple basic tutorials about a program and see how things work, it becomes second nature. I was lost at first too, but after making a few videos and getting into the work flow and using google when I got stuck, it's really easy.

Ok. I'll give it a try. Promise.

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