Attract Social Media Heroes to Steemit

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Attract Our Social Media Heroes

What if we made an effort to get our favorite YouTubers, Twitterers, Facebookers, and other social media heroes over to Steemit by beginning a bit of a whisper campaign at them.

An Example...

that was organized by @stevecoins, @nxtblg and others was to get Ben Garrison (a liberty-minded satirist/cartoonist (no relation to me btw)) to notice the existence of Steemit and perhaps see it's potential value to he and his own massive following. Stevescoins wrote a wonderful "invitation post" and then everyone went to work sharing it to the cartoonist's attention on the various platforms in hopes of getting his notice.

A Reponse!

I myself was lucky enough to get a response from Ben Garrison Graphics on Twitter:
Ben Garrison Responds.jpg

The Question

Does this mean Ben will read and be influenced by @stevecoins's invitation or that any response you might get will have any success as well? Individually, possibly not...


If enough of us who who are on Steemit collectively get the attention of our favorite content producers on other platforms... repeatedly, then our collective voices will eventually, probably have an effect.

What Can You Do?

Next time you watch a video on YouTube, read posts on Twitter and Facebook, or review content on any other platforms you still frequent besides Steemit, take a second to leave the content producer a response! You can mention Steemit to them and how there is a whole untapped audience waiting to be delivered to. You might include these bonuses:

  • Massive Established Platform User Base Which is Growing by 1,000+ New Accounts A Day
  • Producers Paid in an Up-And-Coming Crypto Currency For Their Content
  • No "Centralized" Ability To Ban Or Silence Producers
  • Some of There Fans Are Already on Here!
    2018.01.03 Steem Ball.jpg

What Else?

Can you think of any other items to include in your responses to our Social Media Heroes to attract them? Leave a comment so people can benefit from your ideas!

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Some people will take longer to convince than others. I told my cousins about it and some of them just said it was stupid. Some people don't get the significance of Steemit and the blockchain technology. Eventually they'll come around.

I agree with you 100% @themanwithnoname! Basically this is a war of attrition where we slog it out over the long haul. The advantage, however, is that social media censorship and disatisfaction is getting the other side of no-man's land to start peeking out of their trenches. :DTrenches.jpg

It's true. The more that Facebook censors, the more people will get fed up with the antics and come to this side.

Thanks for the the idea! Resteemed.

Wewt, thanks for re-steeming @nxtblg! :D

I think that the writing is on the wall and more people will start flowing into Steemit. First it will be a trickle, and then later like a tidal wave. As a rule. humans are slow to embrace change, but once it begins to happen, it rapidly picks up speed as no one wants to be left behind.

You've nailed it right there @sabrin514... once a critical mass is reached, the chain reaction propagates itself.

I'd be down to assist. It'd be nice to see Jason Stapleton, Tom Woods, Sheryl Atkinnson and Ben Swann over here.
Let me know what's next. Thanks.

Didn't know Ben Swann was here too, awesome!

THIS. :)


@adammillwardart told me about this social media videogame. On Facebook I have over 380K followers on my page, but it's harder and harder to reach them. I'm talking to people about Steemit a bit more now. It's sorta confusing though, lots to learn about it.

You're right @chrisdyer, it is confusing!

Here on Steemit, we're all sort of still figuring it out, even those folks who've been here for a little while. One thing I'm starting to notice is that there are a couple of different strategies to (and purposes for) using this platform, not all of which are actually about producing content and gaining followers or votes.

One underappreciated purpose is simply to consume news and information from selected bloggers. For me that's about half my focus at least. For some, it's all they do here. Still, even just reading news and "upvoting" (curating) slowly increases stake (Steem Power). Actually engaging in comments sections increases that even more, and of course posting one's own content (if good), raises that gain to a whole 'nuther level. It can be a slow process, but if your intent were to just to use this as a news source (the same way you followed producers on other sites), it serves as well.

The platform is still changing so it may be that eventually we see more functionality to improve the experience (ie. the other social media sites have notifications that we currently lack on Steemit).

I did omit "resteeming" content, because, for the most part that doesn't seem to really make that much of a difference unless you are interested in getting your favorite authors seen.

I like how you called it a social media video game, that's funny... I love it!

I do think of them like videogames. I'm on many platforms, so I don't have time to be stuck with my head in the computerbox all day. I'll learn it on the go, I just find it hard to explain it to people who ask me when I don't quite understand that much myself yet. But now, on to some more Artventures here in Auatralia! :)

Oh hey Chris! lol We gotta hook up when you're back in Montreal. Glad you decided to join here, I'm telling other artists like @kaliptus "Chris Dyer is on Steemit, you should be too!" lol Hope to see more and more familiar faces on here. I know at least a few told me they're waiting for approval.

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Relevance: recruitment of influential voices, especially those opposing the Deep State
Our Purpose

I've tried to get Tim Pool here but he hasn't taken a look yet. Anyone getting killed on YouTube I have been pushing in this direction.

So many have been getting demonetized on YouTube lately that it seems like it would be shooting fish in a barrel.

You buy some cents of the vote. From whom?