Every End is a New Beginning.

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We all have different experiences that can change our lives forever, whether they are good experiences or bad experiences. Everything we live are lessons that come into our lives to be learned. Some learn some of them in the first shot, and some others need many lives to learn just "one" lesson.


Today is a special day because I start a new year of life and this topic is related with it. Each year we want to accomplish many things, some are accomplished and many are not. The good thing about the failures we have, we get to begin again another year more; in the words, there is always a beginning to start again before leaving Earth.

I really appreciate all the support everyone provides in this blog, it really means a lot for me. Knowing that for the first time my thoughts and words are being taken and learned by many, i get to say that one of the purposes of my life is being achieved everyday. So if I can do it, so can you. Don't be fool looking at my wallet, because the real wealth isn't there, the real one is what you see in each post everyday.

Many blessing to all and happy birthday to me today.

"Build for the future, and forget about the past"
"Your kindness will always return to you in any way, shape or form"
"If you want to get an education, just travel the world"
"Beautiful things in life are beautiful, because they were hard to achieve"
"Love everybody the same way you love yourself. If you don't love yourself, you have no one to love".
"You change the world by changing yourself and providing a little bit of kindness everyday".
"Never look down on someone, unless you are helping them up"
"Take care of your body, so your body takes care of you".
"You can't give others what you don't have; If you do, your're giving part of yourself".

Stay blessed.


We only live once, so we should make the most out of it. We all should treasure the people that give us happiness and bring positive energy to our lives.

Happiest Birthday to you, @javybar. May you achieve all your dreams and congratulations on your community here. I wish you success and have fun on your Steemit journey. Steemit on!


Happy Birthday @javybar ! May you have many many more and greater than this one. Its been quite a while that i have followed you and your posts and your words are always a delight to read.
I just posted a list of books on my blog and since its your birthday i would suggest the last book (which is "the secret") to you as your birthday gift. This book will change your life in a very positive way.
Stay Blessed.

thank you very much! I have watched and read the secret over 70 times already. That how my thoughts started to flow years ego. I appreciate it!

wow i am a bigger fan of you now :)

happy birthday bro god bless u ☺ and yes every end is a new beginning 😊

Wish you happy birthday dear @javybar and wish you a new life have lot of success and happiness .May God live you long live .
And you are right dear life learn many things every day and every night teach different experience and most important lesson of life thanks and you are absolutely right you are very wealthy because your each post words is dimond for me

Thank you very much my friend :) I really appreciate your great wishes a lot :)

I used to intervene my dear friend just want to say
Do not regret because some endings are the beginning of another kind
Do not be upset because it is a hope we are waiting for and afraid to fight
There are more beautiful ends than we promise ... Mmmnmlkh ... and his fans
There is a beautiful beginnings no matter how easy it is ... whatever we hate
I can be surprised by many who know me contradicting what I write but it is a fact ... I reject it ... I was never convinced by
Here was a new beginning revealed to me about things I own and did not know .... She taught me how to defeat my weakness ... How I resist my wounds ends a new step towards a different world
On top of this I noticed a change in the steemit majority working for me as their plus promotion began to diminish
Mar You are in this?
Thank you for your continued support to me

happy birthday wish you a happy life and success in every stage of life and you are wealthy because your each post is very nice for me and i teach most of lesson in my life iam appereciate you writing style and thinking .i hope you learn good lesson for your life .
again happy birthday and congratulation for this special day

Thank you very much my friend :)

Wishing you. A very happy birthday. May this year brings lot of happiness and success to your life with great health. Well said every end bring new lesson for new beginnings. Life goes on and teach us lot of knowledge. So just show patience and start your new job with hope and hardwork.

Thank you very much, i appreciate it :)


Many Happy returns of the day my friend. May your all dreams come true.

This is for you.

Source: You-tube.

thank you very much :)

Wish you happy birthday @javybar. Yeah...You've started new life via steemit and need to develop more and more. Today's wonderful day for all your followers. Me too. I'm enjoying here.

Thank you for the good wishes my friend. I appreciate it a lot :)

Firstly I tell you that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you @javybar. My greeting to you. You given massive support for motivate every steemians via blog posts every day. I salute you with your thoughts. Very powerful one given best assistance to build community. Have a celebration day.

Thank you very much my friend :) I appreciate the good wishes from the bottom of my heart :)

Buenos dias @javybar, segun lo que vi en su post , esta usted de cumpleaños.
Si es asi , que DIOS me lo acompañe y le de muchos años mas de vida , acompañados de buena salud y sus aspiraciones realizadas.
Si es un nuevo comienzo en su vida por alguna sircunstancia , cada dia , nos da una leccion que debemos aprender , y tener encuenta en cualquier momento de nuestra vida, pero no debemos esperar que nos pase todo, mieremos a los demas y aprendamos de lo que les pasa y como actuan.


Muchisimas gracias por lo bunos deseos en este dia. Definitivamente otro año mas gracias al creador. Que pase un feliz dia :)

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