I saw the big surge in the morning, about 8 hours ago. It looked suspicious to me too, let's hope Netcoins will keep keeping an eye on the voting process.

It was more like +1k votes in one hour :/

I am sure this +1k vote was fake vote and hopefully netcoins will remove it, but at the same time some of the steemians are also making fake vote and making a post over steem blockchain that how to make fake votes.

It is really sad on our part as a community that we have so many poeple in this community and I think most of them are for spamming only and not for genuine cause.Just imagine we have only 10000 votes, means either we dont have active steeminans or all the accounts are ghost accounts. Looking into the effort of oracle-d I am praying steem to win the contest at last.

Thank you and have a great day.

Lets not depend on netcoins to do the right thing. Lets get out and vote and win this outright regardless of fishy things other coins are doing.

Totllay agree, verge tactics seems shady 😂

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