The Future Of Steemit = The Customer Gets What The Customer Wants!

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Steemit is BOOMING!

There isn't a week, no let me correct myself here, a day that goes past that we don't see new users, new posts from new users, statistics showing how this platform is growing faster and faster every day.


This means that we have "x" thousands of new minnows out there, who shall as time goes past become Dolphins and this is where the future lays here on Steemit, as with any successful society out there. The middle class becomes the driving force of the economy.


So, as all this is happening I bet that there are things that we could consider as far as the future of Steemit is concerned.

What I wish to address here is the following:

Shall we remain a simplistic "Blogging website" which is somewhat of a 'social network' with a crypto rewards system in place.


Shall we become a flexible and full on multipurpose Social Networking platform with Blogging as one of the options that we have to offer?

Every project out there has its basic scope outlined and only when that is fulfilled it can be launched in BETA mode. Steemit has been online for over a year now and is rock and rolling really hard! So much so that it has shaken up and ultimately put fear into the hearts of many who thought that they had cornered the social networking market for good. Ohhh yeah, we've all read and heard about the fact that Facebook is contemplating crypto as an option. It definitely is no coincidence that this is happening now when Steemit is BOOMING in numbers!


What that means is that we are on the right track and no matter what anyone does we are here and here to stay.

Or are we?

Blogging is such a limited market out there. For every one blogger out there there are who knows exactly how many people who are not bloggers.

The current platform with its options has so much to offer without actually changing the core, the "basic scope" as I called it earlier. This has been proven over and over again with all the new additions being added to Steemit, everything from Busy, to Utopian.

Now we have the new Smart Media Tokens (SMT) coming soon!


Not only are we kicking some serious b..... each balls around in the blogging aspect of social media, we are also getting into an arena that shall rock this world. The more I compared the SMTs to the ERC20 Tokens that are probably the only comparable offer out on the market, the more SMTs just out do anything that the ERC20 Tokens have had to offer to date. We are seriously getting into a stage where Steemit is going to one of the fastest growing Crypto and Social Networks.


So what can be done NOW, without changing anything in particular and at the same time adapting to the upcoming BOOM that is already beginning to get momentum?

This brings me back to the question I posed a moment ago and the answer is rather obvious. Steemit shall become a Social Network of People and Blogging may be the core, the foundation to the entire system, but at the same time Steemit shall have to include the simple little options that the social networking market requires from it.

We're not talking about anything BIG, yet it is HUMONGOUS!

A social group is a collection of people/individuals who interact with each other and share similar characteristics and a sense of unity.

With a society as large as Steemit today we already see groups forming, which means that we already have the communal social networking aspects of Steemit in place.

As the numbers grow, so too shall the number of social groups grow too. This is normal and it has all been seen on other social networks that have been in existence for numerous years now.

So, me being me and thinking of a practical approach, what I did was go to some of the other social networks to see what they have and what we do or do not have to comply with the needs of the people using the platform.

I'm not talking about a "copy cat" type of approach, what I am talking about here is literally taking into consideration the needs and wants of the various networks out there and to compare them with what EVERYONE has and USES on all the platforms out there.

I found something that is as obvious as it can get, they all allow for people to have the ability to look at who is who with a click of a finger.


Simple as that.

Believe it or not, all the reputable and well known of social networks out there have accounted for the fact that we as people like to know about the people we are dealing with. They have made this possible with a click of finger to all the people on the network.

Now, some may say that this doesn't mean much, but ask yourself, do you prefer to know a bit about a person/user prior to interacting with them?

Let me put it this way, Would you feel more comfortable interacting with someone if you were able to know a bit about them prior to interacting with them?

Wouldn't you like to see how they present themselves without having to scroll through pages and pages of links and posts?

I believe that it is more than safe to say that for the majority of us the answer would be YES.

So if ALL the reputable and successful social network sites out there have this, it is safe to say that we too shall have to accommodate to the needs and wants of the market that we have tapped into!


Now, I have slapped together a graphical version of what I am talking about:

Steemit profile page proposal.png

What did you notice in the Menu bar!


You can ignore the Photos and Videos for now, I included those to awaken your imaginations as to what all can be!

What I wish to concentrate on is the PROFILE option.

So with one click on this MENU BUTTON opens up a page in the existing template that we have, a page in which is everything that the user has written and made available to share with the public about themselves as an individual!

Talk about taking over the LikedIn market with one hit and making Steemit comparable to any other social network out there as far as user friendliness goes.

Talk about making Steemit a platform to go to when wanting to find out information about a user who wants to be seen on the internet!

Alexa, Google and what ever other relevant services out there shall see Steemit jump to the top of all the rankings in record time!!!!!!

Business people, Artists, Actors, Potential Employees, Employers, Writers and countless other people who want to be found on the internet shall be found on Steemit!




If I haven't enticed you with this idea, this proposal then I haven't accomplished my task here, yet I do believe that after you sleep over it, that you too shall see the potential that this one little addition to our existing Menu can do for this platform and all of us, right there where you see it in the makeshift snapshot I included in this post!

Thanks for reading this post and I sure hope that you too can see or shall see the potential of this little addition to our menus on Steemit!

Yours truly



I see steemit growing in the future too but not that sure that it will take over the social media.

If Steemit gives the users what the users out there want, from user friendliness all the way to potential earnings!

There is nothing stopping us!

Imagine how much of a difference this little addition would mean to all those people (users and potential users) who want to be seen and known of by their real names?

Imagine how much easier it shall be for people to recognize a person they have common interests with, regardless of the user name!

and then add onto that the SMTs and all the additional services that people are working on!


The statistics of the user base growing is that from steemworld? I have that website a couple days ago but I didn't know if it was updating the steem info in real-time. If so it has gained 7k new users since last night.



I was going by what I've read in various posts, but this piece of info just confirmed the foundation to my post here!



I’m a rookie on here, I’m just trying to learn. But I see it is gaining lot of attention and growing quickly.

Be careful quoting these figures. The number of bot-accounts is accelerating rapidly too. How may of these 7k new users are humans? Automated account creation is happening.

Let it be, they all serve a purpose in the grand scheme of things.

Programs are a part of this virtual world, need to learn to live with it.

Yes you are right, Steemit continues to grow and new minnows appear daily. People go here because they see prospects. The prospects for becoming smarter, the prospects for being heard, the prospects for growth and, most importantly, being part of a growing family.
We are becoming more and soon the middle class will become the driving force. Helping each other, we help the whole community.
Blogs are the foundation of this social network. To be heard is what the majority needs.

Hence the individual customer needs something like this to WANT to be here, REGARDLESS OF THE FACT "ARE THEY A BLOGGER OR NOT".


I'm actually here to stay as you said, steemit is booming and I will work hard to become a dolphin and then a whale on day. Thanks for sharing but I will waiting your post that will talk more about the smart media tokens

Soon man, soon.

Devs sure are taking their time. Steemit will probably be myspace or friendster if there are no advancement in the current UI. Steemit will always be like reddit to me.

If for example this one addition was made for now, prior to the SMTs being released, imagine all the BACKLINKS to Steemit.

Every whitepaper for SMTs shall have backlinks to the user profiles!

Imagine how many CVs will have backlinks to Steemit instead of some other sites, or alongside other sites, imagine all the backlinks on other portals to various user profiles, imagine all the people out in this world that would see the opportunity represent themselves as individuals HERE on STEEMIT!


Shall we become a flexible and full on multipurpose Social Networking platform with Blogging as one of the options that we have to offer?

Are you totally ignoring the other front ends? XD

Usre profile is one of the things I would definitely be at least attempting to build out in the front end I was going to make. I'm still hoping someone else will build what I want though XD


OK, OK.... that is why I added the "Videos" and "Photos" in my makeshift "snapshot" of "The Profile Page" here in the post.

I don't see why we can't have a user photo page and a user video page whereby no photos or videos are uploaded, but instead using links (as is done on some platforms out there) hence not using up the space we have here for blogging!

However, a PROFILE page would seriously BOOST this place in its versatility and usage and "Attractiveness" and "Appeal" to a vast variety of users out there in this world.


Well I don't know about anyone else but I'll usually hide or otherwise make things a bit less obvious if there's nothing to show XD For example in a profile page I would leave the headings visible so people know that photos and videos will show up there, but if the person hasn't uploaded any, would have them be a very light and not-eye-catching colour.

Another thing I would do (that busy had done and taken out for some reason and it annoyed me!) is separate the author posts from the resteems!

I was otherwise not actually arguing with you about improving the profile page, totally needs to happen XD


Cool ideas.

All I want to see as a user and as a Steemian is that when someone opens up that they see what ALL the social networking market has to offer and that is a PROFILE page.

That is EVERYONE except for US/Steemit.

We want the users to come here because we are decentralized etc etc etc, but many people want to be seen and found so that they can socialize easily here too.

I hope that someone out there, some fairy godmother is watching over these types of posts and makes some of these ideas happen.

As for follow on sites, that are great by all means, when we tell someone about Steemit, they open not any of the follow up services out there.

That is just the way it is. So if it doesn't happen here it is hurting the entire community, even the follow up services out there.

I'm not arguing, I'm just communicating, maybe a little upset and frustrated because I can see the endless potential of this place, yet it seems to be held up and not happening for what ever reasons. I'm not complaining about it, what I am doing is trying to brainstorm it and be proactive.

What a great idea. Expands on the introduce yourself idea to a professional status. One could chose to have that intro or not. I hope this gets some attention.

I hope so too, it shouldn't be all that complicated to incorporate here and it shall definitely boost the usefulness of this platform above and beyond any imagination.

Thanks for the support.

As we all know, It's the little things that can make a BIG (all the) difference!