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The past few weeks the increasing number of posts in which people are expressing their concerns about upvotes selling services and then there are the pay for resteeming services as well as the overall concerns of draining the reward pool, has come to a point where one can not but notice that something has to be done about it.

Rather than complain about it, WHY DON'T WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

So I've come up with an idea on how we can counter all these "Pay For It" services using what we have right here on Steemit.

All it takes is to spread the word!



Every day we all vote and resteem 1 random post of 1 different person who is at a lower ranking.

So Whales can not vote/resteem any other Whales.

Dolphins, Minnows and Redfish can not vote/resteem other Dolphins or Whales.


For the rest of your voting and resteeming just do it as you would normally.

Many may already be doing this, FANTASTIC, but this idea is to make it part of a movement that counteracts the "pay for services" that we have been reading about so often.


This doesn't cost us anything, it promotes people who are working their way up the ranks here on Steemit, it gives people who are really putting effort into their posts the opportunity to get noticed.

It isn't a chore for anyone, it in fact brings out the true nature of all those posts that go on about helping others out, about this giving environment and all the other great and wonderful things that Steemit is about. IT IS TIME TO START MAKING A REAL DIFFERENCE, WITH ACTIONS & NOT WORDS!


Rather than complain about how things are not the way they should be,


This idea really can make a noticeable difference, it can bring to life EVERYTHING THAT STEEMIT IS ABOUT!

So I've decided to present this idea here and I invite everyone who is interested in becoming a part of this to use all their talents, everything from writing/blogging about it and promoting THE RESTEEM MOVEMENT to making their own logos and footers and anything else, all in the name of making STEEMIT become what we all want it to be.


Become a part of this and you too shall help beat the bots!

resteem MOVEMENT.png

I guess the first thing that we can do is to spread the word about this idea by resteeming this post and getting people on board.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can all go about making this movement known about all over Steemit, please share what you are thinking below in the comments.

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I've written up a new post and added the points and ideas put forward in the comments on this post.

I've also decided that all funds raised on my posts about "THE RESTEEM AND UPVOTE MOVEMENT" shall go to the two fundraisers that I am running here on Steemit.


Thanks for participating in this idea and lets hope it kicks off so that we may get the ball rolling!

me alegra que alguien piense en los nuevos usuarios asi como yo, ya que muy pocos somos tomados en cuenta por mas que nos esforcemos... muchisimas gracias!

Yeah. Newbies like me need help.

I can certainly get behind this @jackmiller. Might I suggest we also place an image and leave a comment on the post as well. Hopefully have some effect to spread the word. i.e.

@jackmiller, I've found your post to be worthy of a resteem and upvote from me. I'm an actual person and I am doing this on behalf of the Resteem - Upvote movement. Join the movement, read about it here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@jackmiller/a-call-to-arms-beat-the-bots-the-movement


Write your own post as to why you too support this idea.

Getting the word out there and getting people doing something about the "issues" is the whole idea here.

The more I think about your idea with the comments is great, it shall definitely make a difference, especially for all the Red Fish and Minnows, it is always a welcoming feeling to see that people are looking after your best interests, so I am sure that they shall appreciate it.

Excellent, very PROactive thinking, love it!

Damn good Idea. Writting now :-)

Definitely.... the more of us who start doing this the quicker we shall get things on Steemit back on track!

It's great to see actual suggestions being made, not just complaints.
Some like @aggroed are experimenting with using the upvote services to limit the profitability for spammers using them.

Write your own post about the idea, lets get the word out!

I thought about that, but I use too many upvote services to have credibility for any post calling for action to end the dependency on upvote services. To me there is nothing wrong with acting based on the status quo, in parallel with taking actions to improve the overall situation, but many people would see that as a contradiction.

I resteemed your post, and i've been making more of an effort to find and upvote/resteem undiscovered content outside of my feed.


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I might be a heavy bot user but I am definitely in.

When you said "at a lower ranking", was the based on reputation or wallet?

I am guessing wallet and yours is heavier than mine but I will upvote and resteem for the cause.

@jackmiller, I've found your post to be worthy of a resteem and upvote from me. I'm an actual person and I am doing this on behalf of the Resteem - Upvote movement. Join the movement, read about it here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@jackmiller/a-call-to-arms-beat-the-bots-the-movement


Mate, what ever you are comfortable with, ranking, wallet, either way it shall make someones day and make a difference here on Steemit.

I am sure that it shall assist in getting things back on track here!


I love the idea of getting more people doing this. I kind of already do this, but I'll help spread the word.

Write your own post about the idea, lets get the word out!

Fine initiative you started here Jack. Will be doing my best to participate and support. I found my way here when another participant linked to comment when they randomly selected my recent post. And included link of movement in comments.

Excellent, glad to hear it.

Best way to spread the word is to help others out and another good way is to write your own post as to why you decided to participate in the movement.

The more people involved the better it is for everyone on Steemit!

am really touched..this is indeed amazing creative work..so beautiful words.thanks for this,followed

This is definitely a good idea... although I find it slightly ironic that we're having to start a "movement" to do exactly what the original intention of a social content platform is. But such is life.

I only curate manually to begin with, so I can totally get behind this. I might suggest-- as an additional incentive for others to keep their noses clean, that if anyone has more than one upvote bot comment on their post, they are disqualified... this should support those who are trying to use Steemit the way it was created, IMHO.

I thought that was the whole point of this place. Why must it be a movement? I think everyone is too caught up in whatever is the latest outrage happening instead of just supporting the things they like and supporting friends. Play with bots and fires and fights your going to get burned.

Well, a reminder can't hurt, if it helps get people back on track then it's worth the effort.

I support you.

I like this. Thanks to the movement I have made actual progress on my account. @sylviamiller resteemed my post and for the first time my work was read by more than 5 people within the first 15 hours.


Write a post about it, get the word out there so that others can start joining in on the resteeming and upvoting of Steemians at lower levels too!

I got a better idea.
How bout READ the post and upvote it if you like it.

Destroy All Bots

I guess I should have wrote it and not just ASS+U+ME it....


You're right.... Should put that in there... .... A RANDOM POST + READ IT ....

Not a random post. A QUALITY POST.

Good point!

you won't know if it's quality or not unless you read it.
that would imply that you read (or start to read) post that are of low quality.
IF you upvote shitposts...that's being UNfair to those who take the time to produce quality.

WHY would I upvote a post without reading it? That would be idiotic. I was pointing out that resteeming a random post wasn't helpful because it might suck.

ya think?
and yet...94.587085% of all posts are voted on unread.
(your milage may vary)

ya think?...and yet...94.587085% of all posts arevoted on unread...(your milage may vary)

Lol…I am optimistic that utopian.io will receive many creative ideas that will eventually make the bot scam-makers irrelevant.

Every day we all vote and resteem 1 random post of 1 different person who is at a lower ranking.
Why is that not happening already?

Many are, some are not, so lets get the word out and make it a regular thing, lets beat the selling bots!

This makes a lot of sense. And seems more in line with how a social media platform should operate!! Resteemed!

Write your own post about the idea, lets get the word out!

This sounds a little like the experiment Nexuxfyre and mk40 did a while back. Not sure what their results were. I should ask. . .

No experiment, this is a CALL TO ARMS... enough talking and complaining about "pay for vote bots and pay for resteem services"


cool idea mate. Resteemed.

I like your idea and do already reserve two votes daily for someone with a lower rep than myself.
I've resteemed your post but likely to no avail, since none of my 433 followers have ever followed me anywhere.

Go ahead and write a post about how you already do this, hopefully others will follow by your example.

People, that is all it takes to change things!

Do you mind if I steal this and do a call to arms for my slow, thick, headed, Yankee counterparts

Steal it, share it, make your own post about the idea, lets get the word out and start making things happen!

I think I've read like 20 posts about why bots this and that, well, LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


PS. Some of my best mates are yanks, and I served Uncle Sam during the best years of my life!


This is a great Idea and I supported this for a good cause!


Write your own post about the idea, lets get the word out!

This is a great idea. Good one Jack!

o and RT'd.

Brand new to steemit, but makes huge sense, BOTS on any for of social media are becoming rife. Tie to do something about it.

Great post. followed and resteemed.


Write your own post about the idea, lets get the word out!

What are redfish? Don't think I've heard that term before.

You beat me to it lol Thanks for the chart!

Ah, I see. Thanks.

My pleasure, any time & if I don't know an answer, I will try and find it or ask around to help out if I can.

I made resteem this post on my blog, what should I do next?
What is my program next?

Upvote and resteem at least one post a day from people who are at level Redfish or Minnow.

Every upvote and resteem makes a difference and feel free to write a post about how you shall be doing this in future and participating in this idea.

Every person that reads that post shall definitely start thinking about it and how their actions here can make a real difference.

I was directed here as someone from the movement decided to resteem and upvote one of my recent posts ! I will gladly join the movement :)

Glad to hear that!

Helping others is a great feeling and knowing that what you do can make a real difference out here is an even better feeling.

Feel free to post about it and how you plan on helping others on Steemit by upvoting and resteeming at least one post a day (extra) to do your bit in this movement.

Great to see that people are starting to make a difference here on Steemit, the more of doing this, the better it shall be for everyone!

Agreed! Can't wait to get this thing going !

Its a lovely perception @jackmiller... I just resteemed and i know its gonna improve and expose alot of we the minnows here!

Every person CAN make a big difference, if lets say only 100 of us Steemians start resteeming and upvoting just 1 extra post per day, and lets multiply that by 365 days in a year, then multiply that by all of the people who follow us and get that post in their feed, the potential is in the millions!

WOW.... and all it took was for each and every one of us to invest a few minutes of our day to help out someone by upvoting and resteeming their post!


It is a great idea for helping people who are beginning to create a quality content. I will gladly spread the word.

Write your own post about the idea, lets get the word out!

Great post

This is GREAT! I'm With IT!

Feel free to post about it and how you plan on helping others on Steemit by upvoting and resteeming at least one post a day (extra)

I always ignored all those offers, but I can see where it's become a problem. I like this idea. Resteemed and up voted!

Thanks, the more of us promoting the idea the better off everyone shall be here on Steemit.
Bringing things back to the the heart and soul of this place.

As a Red fish/minnow (not sure where .5 MVESTs puts me) who was a beneficiary of this movement, I’m totally on board with this! Resteeming now!

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Very good idea. It encourages newbies like me on this platform

Though I don't have time to search for content myself... I think this will be for the good of steemit soI followed you @jackmiller... If I found any post you resteem good enough I'll try to upvote it.

(But I won't always be able to as I try to limit my daily upvotes to 10, three of them are always reserved)

Cool bro, people helping people is what it's all about and we were all there once upon a time, so we know what it means to have someone help out!

Big thumbs up!

ok thank you information...

I think this initiative is excellent... I join this cause :D @jackmiller

Go 4 it!


Was trying hard to get my voting power back up 😂 but this idea is way too good! Glad to help any way I can. Just resteem a minnow with upvote & comment everyday?

I love the idea of "doing something" rather than just complaining all the time! But first what are red fish? First I have heard of these...