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The other day I posted an IDEA of how we the people here on Steemit can make a real difference in this Steemian world of ours.



The original post was titled:

Basically it was heavily based on the fact that many posts lately have been revolving around peoples concerns about all the "pay for" services offered on Steemit.
Pay for upvotes, pay for resteems and so on.

Personally I don't see anything wrong with the idea that some people are using their know how to make extra money here on Steemit, in fact it is great to see that people are being so creative in all the business potential that is offered here.

However, we have to admit that all these "Pay for services" have brought about quite a bit of concern and in some cases even a "revolt", mostly on individual post levels.

So I thought to myself, what can we as individuals do to make a real difference and promote the human side of things here on Steemit.

Hence came the idea of "PEOPLE POWER", where we the people, real live people and not some program that does things automatically start using what "WE THE PEOPLE" have available here on Steemit.

The idea is too simple to be true, in fact it is in the true nature of this giving economy of Steemit:

Every day each and every one of us choose one post from a fellow Steemian who is at a lower level than yourself, and it should be a post that you consider worthy of your upvote and resteem and just do it!

One extra post per day!

One post of a person who's post shows up in the "NEW" section of our Menu and we simply upvote it and resteem it.

Many people here are already doing something to this effect and that is FANTASTIC!

Some may say to themselves "What can my little upvote and resteem do to make a real difference?

Well lets look at it this way:


If only 100 of us Steemians were to start resteeming and upvoting just 1 extra quality post per day, made by someone we don't follow and who is trying hard to work their way up here on Steemit.

So 100 of us here do this just once a day, that is 365 days x 100 = 36,500 posts per year that get upvoted and resteemed here on Steemit that would not have normally shown up in the Feeds of the people who follow us.

Then we multiply that figure by the number of people who are following us and we start getting figures that are in the millions!

Yes, in the multi millions!


& all it takes is just one extra upvote and resteem once a day!

Does this cost us any money?
Your bandwidth and your voting power regenerate and one extra vote per day along with a resteem are not going to destroy anything, in fact the comments made and the potential for more people following each other as a direct result of this positive energy being shared here is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

The general gist of things is that if you are a Whale, then this one upvote and resteem should be for people who are not Whales.

If you are a Dolphin then this one extra upvote and resteem should not be for a Dolphin or Whale.

Minnows and Redfish should upvote and resteem posts made by Minnows and Redfish.

One of the suggestions made in the comments of the original post presenting this IDEA suggested that we could use the Reputation of a person as a guideline.

It's your upvote and your resteem, your personal account and you as an individual decide how to go about your business here, this isn't an organization or future who knows what of a service or anything like that. The entire concept is that "WE AS INDIVIDUALS" help fellow Steemians get noticed and help them move up the ranks!

So you decide how you go about it, no one shall complain about the fact that you helped them out with an upvote and a resteem!


That is what this is all about and who can stop anyone of us from helping others if we want to do this?


That is what it boils down to! WE CAN MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE HERE!

Another great suggestion made was that we make a comment about it on the post that chose to upvote and resteem, something along the lines of:

@ username, I've found your post to be worthy of a resteem and upvote from me. I'm an actual person and I am doing this on behalf of the Resteem - Upvote movement. Join the movement, read about it here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@jackmiller/a-call-to-arms-beat-the-bots-the-movement

Sure why not, lets spread the word about this idea.

I personally believe that you should write a post about it, tell others why you too are going to resteem and upvote one extra post per day!


It really is as simple as that!

Here is a link to the original post, feel free to take a read, and instead of upvoting this post here or the post in the link below, please, go choose a post from a new Steemian, click on New in the menu at the top of your screen and browse the new posts until you find one that you like and upvote it, resteem it and make a difference that shall help Steemit become a better place for one and all.

Link to original post:

As for the funds raised here on this post and on the original post, I shall allocate all these funds to the two fundraisers that I have running here in Steemit, and all funds from future posts on this idea shall go towards these two fundraisers.

ref: https://steemit.com/fundraisers/@jackmiller/update-on-the-two-fundraisers-that-i-am-running-here-on-steemit-03-december-2017

This way they go to good causes and no one can claim that THE "RESTEEM AND UPVOTE MOVEMENT" was started for any selfish purposes or anything along those lines.



Thanks for taking the time to read this and I sincerely hope that you too shall start upvoting and resteeming one extra post made by one of our fellow Steemians who is working hard to make it here.

Yours gratefully
Jack Miller.

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I like this idea! I have been discouraged that my blog will never grow. I work hard on my posts and get a few upvotes but often there is no monetary value attached to them. I'll join the movement and do my best to vote and resteem new content every day!


Write your own post about the idea, lets get the word out!


Lets get the word out and make it a regular thing


Yep, feel free to write your own post about this idea, spread the word, copy paste as much of the text as you like, reword it in any way you like after all it will be your own post!

Lets get the word out!

Happy to join in this movement. :)


Go ahead and write your own post about this idea, lets get the word out!

I never heard of "Redfish" on Steemit until this post. What are they? Just between Minnows and Dolphins?


Here is a post where I tried to make it all clear as to the levels here on Steemit:


It should answer your question.

Nice initiative @jackmiller, I will surely join this. There are many guys who provide service of resteem free of cost, @larryphang, @dumitriu, @hershitrooper to name a few. But, what you said, will be a worthy one, considering the amounts of posts as per your calculation.


Feel free to write your own post about this idea, lets spread the word.


I will do, thanks for the message. Advance Christmas wishes. :)

Just to give a hint of what I am already doing. I have been delegated some SP from one of the nicest Steemians @fulltimegeek and as part of his "StewardsOfGandor" program, I am already rewarding the posts from New section with my upvotes and I especially choose new Steemians as my vote will give them some amount of steem to start their journey on Steemit.

I normally reward approximately 180 to 200 posts per day so as to reach more unique Steemians.

I will go through your post again and will create my own post about this including my experience so far on Steemit.

I am moved on this idea and rest assured that I will be joining the ranks here :)


Write your own post about the idea, lets get the word out!

Nice one. We can be of help to one another. This would be a source of encouragement to thise with low reputation. Lets be of help to each other .


Write a post about it, get the word out there so that others can start joining in on the resteeming and upvoting of Steemians at lower levels too!

@jackmiller I’m on board and have resteemed this post.


Feel free to write your own post about the idea, lets spread the word!

I upvoted and resteemed, because I appreciated the idea. I did not understand how to join though 🤔


Great, welcome to the club!

There is no membership, there is no need to sign up anywhere, all that we do is help others!

Everyone does it because it is something that they want to do!

Just choose 1 extra post from the "NEW" section that you feel is a quality post, upvote it, resteem it and if you like, you can leave a comment telling them that you did it as a person who is participating in this movement.

Or to help spread the word even more, feel free to write your own post as to why you are participating in the movement.

Feel free to copy paste any text from these posts, copy paste the logo, what ever you think can help in writing your own post, it is all available.

Thanks for helping out, it is a great feeling knowing that we are helping people here with this effort.

To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.

- Mahatma Gandhi

It's too late to resteem this so I can be sure to find it tomorrow when I make my daily curation project report, so I'm leaving you a comment, @jackmiller. I love your suggestion, and I'm going to include this article in tomorrow's report.


Excellent, everyone can make a real difference.

With just one upvote and resteem a day we can really make a BIG difference!

& there is no "club" membership or anything like that it is a pure grassroots type of idea!


It's a great idea, @jackmiller! Especially the suggestion to add a comment letting the person know what you did. That is as encouraging as the actual upvote and resteem if my curation history is any indication.

Love it, I will start immediately:), here is my friends first post from today!