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Hey my fellow Steemians, I hope you’re doing great! 💚

After being on the platform for 2 weeks I’ve reached my next milestone of 200 followers and I would like to thank each and every one of you for all your support! For reading my posts, trying out my recipes, for upvoting, commenting and resteeming my content.

Today I want to give something back to the community:

First, I would like to share an exclusive recipe that will be part of my German recipe book which I’m about to publish in July. It is one of my very favourite desserts: delicious, healthy and as usual super easy to make. There you go:

5-ingredient chocolate mousse - healthy, raw and super creamy 😋

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Prep time: 10 minutes
Portions: 4-6


  • flesh of 2 ripe avocados
  • 3-5 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • about 60 ml plant based milk like coconut or almond milk
  • 1 tsp ground vanilla
  • 3-5 tbsp datey syrup
  • fresh raspberries and mint for decoration


  • Put all the ingredient into a blender and blend into a cream on highest speed.
  • Distribute the mousse into 4 to 6 dessert glasses.
  • Decorate with fresh raspberries and mint and serve it right away or place into the fridge for some hours and serve it chilled.

I hope that you like the recipe and try it. I’m sure you will love it 💚

Second, I would like to express my gratitude by hosting a little give away.

As some of you might know, I participated in the SteemitPhotoChallenge #44. My entry made it to the “honourable mentions” and I will receive 5 SBD as a price.
I know for many of you this is not a lot, but I would like to give it away to show you how grateful I am to be part of this wonderful community and the growing number of my followers. Hopefully one day these 5 SBD will be worth so much more than they are today - so remember me when you are rich 😃

What you must do to participate:

1. Follow me here on Steemit.

2. Upvote this post.

3. Resteem this post.

4. Let me know in the comments that you’ve done the above.

You can enter until Tuesday, July 4th 03:00 PM UTC. I will announce the winner on Wednesday, July 5th.

Thanks again so much for following, upvoting, commenting and resteeming my content. I appreciate it your support 💚 I’m more motivated than ever to create value and help others to eat better, live healthier and become happier 🍀 If you just joined the network and need some suggestions on how to start your food blog here, I’m more than happy to support you with my (so far) insights.

Thank you all for connecting and for those of you who haven’t already, don’t forget to follow and upvote 💚


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Wow, the recipe look delicious and healthy! The giveaway offer is awesome too. And yes, congratulations on being followed by 200 steemians. Will get one more now!


Thank you so much, I'm happy you like the recipe and appreciate your kind words :)))

Hello @isshappy! I was no follower before but I am now :)
Since you obviously really care about a healthy lifestyle would you please look up this post of mine! It is not a long read and I promise you will find it helpful:


If you like please also resteem/upvote it so that this important message is spread - this would be a nice way to use your power of 200+ followers!

Thank you very much and good luck with you future career on steemit! Looking forward to some good receipes :)


Thank you so much, I appreciate it ♥

Congratulation @isshappy! Great Job 💚
Looking forward to more awesome posts and recipes 😜
Upvoted & reestemed 👍


Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to me ♥

When I resteemed this, my computer asked me if I was sure... Obviously my Apple doesn't understand the power of Avocados and chocolate powder!!! Dear Apple you are nice, you're my window to the outside world. Avocados however like yourselves are green, but they have this little extra part on the top kinda like your Pear friend, only Avocados go straight to the heart and mixed with chocolate make you melt! - @isshappy es freut mich wahnsinning noch einen Veganer zu begegnen hier auf steemit! Ich bin total neu und habe immer noch nichts verstanden aber eins weiss ich, wo plant based buddies ihre know-how verteilen bin ich dabei um jeden zu unterstuetzen!!!


Ha ha ha love it ♥
Danke für deine lieben Worte und herzlich willkommen bei Steemit! Cool, dass wir jetzt connected sind - bin gespannt auf deine Beiträge #veganpower :D


Ich habe deine YT channel angeschaut, meine liebe schieber seit ihr beide gut vor den kamera! Es kam so richtig excitement durch. Das letztes mal ich habe auf Deutsch (bin Englaender selber) fuer Veganischer videos gesucht, bin ich auf einen typ gestossen die so... ja so, so, so, so darf ich typisch fernsehe Deutsch sagen hahaha "Guten tag meine damen u herren, hier ist ein glass saft...". Ja so schlecht war er auch nicht, er hat zumindest was upgeloaded im gegenteil zu mir. Auf alle faelle #Veganpower all the way, and I wish you both a happy day!


Awwww you're so sweet! Danke, danke danke! When I started making videos I was suuuuper stiff and I really went out of my comfort zone, but hey "Übung macht den Meister" :D

done, done and done


Thanks, thanks and THANKS ♥♥♥ :D


Thank you so much, I'm happy to hear that :)

Thank you for this recipe! I love vegan food!


You're most welcome, I'm happy to hear that! Enjoy making it and let me know how you liked it ♥

Hiya @isshappy congratulations on your achievement and on your attitude absolutely brill 😁😁so here goes my first resteemit on the platform hope I don't mess up lol 😂😂😂😂


Ok I've done it all I THINK 😂😂😂😂


Thank you for your sweet words and the support, I really appreciate it ♥ Hehe yes, you've done it right :)

Done :-)

Gotta love Steemit!
And thanks for the recipe! Got a healthy cheesecake recipe? Mmmmm cheesecake...


Yay, thank you so much! Not yet, but it's a nice recipe idea and I'll put it on my list for you :)

I have Done as you want! @shrestharam


Great, thanks a lot :)

Lol. Everything about you is very adorable! Good luck to you. Upped and followed (no resteem, so not eligible for contest).


Thank you so much for your kinds words ♥

Resteemed upvoted and follow, welcome beauty


Thank you so much ♥

Wow I am really impressed in two weeks 200 Followers!
Keep steeming!
I enjoy Your posts!


Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm so happy to be part of this amazing community ♥

Congratulations on your first 200+, @isshappy ; ) Keep up the terrific work!


Thank you soo much for your lovely wishes ♥ :)

Followed, up'd and resteemed. Congrats!


Thank you so much for your support :)


On to 2,000 :)

Happy to support your hard work and awesome recipes girl! Keep it up 👍🏻


Aww thanks so much love :) ♥

thank you for helping your followers :3 I upvoted you and restemed your post :D I am very happy to meet someone like you that wants to help people eat healthier because I am so into helping people to change their eating habits too :3 Have a wonderful day!! :D


Thank you so much! Sounds great, then we have the same mission. The more we are the better, lets spread some ♥ and make this world a better and healthier place :)


You are so welcome @isshappy!! Its amazing to have the same mission and to read you words :3 I agree totally with you lets spread more love to the world with everybody and teach everyone how to be more healthier for a better planet for our future generations!! ♥


Let's do this ♥


Let's do it!! ♥ Thank you so much for answering me! I love that you are so conscious and so positive! :D

You done a great job @isshappy
I upvote and follow you
let you help me out to make more follwers on steemit


Thank you so much for your sweet words and the support :)

Happy to be part of the 200! And love avocado chocolate mousse! My go-to sweet treat! Good luck with the cookbook!


Aww thank you so much Amy! Hehe yeah, avo + chocolate is a dream team ♥

Congrats. I always check your posts. Keep going up to the top. You can do it for sure. :)


Thank you so much for your kind words :)

Congratulations my dear @isshappy and keep up the good work!
Btw, those chocolate mousse look so amazing. Right on point.


Thank you so much for your kind words dear, I appreciate your support ♥


My pleasure.