17 Incredibly Simple Yet Remarkably Effective Tips for Massive Steemit Success (with GIFs)

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Dear Steemians,

There are a lot of complications in understanding Steemit properly in the beginning. But thankfully, there are some simple but effective tips that you can follow to improve your Steemit experience (and earnings).

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Let me share these tips that I learned from personal experience as well as from the experienced Steemians. Go through the list and do share it with your followers.

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Let's begin with the tips!

1. Back Up Your Password

This is extremely important. Back up your password where it can be accessed even if your data/device is lost. Make an electronic as well as paper backup otherwise all your earnings will be lost with account if something untoward happens.

I have invited hundreds of people to Steemit and many of them have lost their password because of not making a back up. Do it if you haven't done it yet. 

Otherwise you may be like...

2. Understand Metcalfe's Law

According to Wikipedia, Metcalfe's Law states that: -

"The value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n²). First formulated in this form by George Gilder in 1993, and attributed to Robert Metcalfe in regard to Ethernet, Metcalfe's law was originally presented, not in terms of users, but rather of "compatible communicating devices" (for example, fax machines, telephones, etc.)."

So, the value of your Steemit network = (n)² , where n is the number of people you connect to (followers and those you follow).

3. Read & Follow Steemit Etiquettes Guide

It's the unofficial constitution of Steemit. Make sure you read and follow what it says. There's so much to learn in the Etiquette Guide and you will only benefit if you read and apply.

4. Generosity & Value Creation

Steemit is all about adding value and being generous. The more value you add, the more you benefit.  Believe in the saying about generosity.

The more you give, the more you get.

To read more about generous nature of Steemit community, go through this post.

5. Create Valuable Posts

Your Steemit success revolves around creating valuable blog posts. If you are wondering how to do that, I have created a simple blog post creation tutorial for you to follow.

6. Focus on Learning, not Earning

There's hardly any person in the world who will not agree with these words. However, just the agreement doesn't serve any good.

To ensure your maximum success, put your maximum focus on learning more and more. 

You can learn about any topic but learning how Steemit works and how to add value to the community is fundamental.

7. No Race or Competition

Steemit is not a popularity contest or a reputation competition. Do not focus on gaining more and more followers or reputation. 

Focus instead on DOING WORK that can lead to more followers and reputation. 

8. Keep a Track of Your Progress

If your reputation and followers are increasing, you're going good. Keep doing what you're doing and make it even better. 

To know more about your Steemit stats, go through this post.

9. Always Reply to Comments on Your Posts

Never forget to reply to a comment on your post (or a reply to your comment on any post). It ensures you stay engaged and get more followers in the process.

I personally reply to every comment I receive (and I receive boatload of comments). You can see the comment section of this post as a proof.

The people who comment on your posts but don't get a reply vanish like...

10. Do Not Go After Favors

Don't expect favors in return. If you're the one who does a favor only to get a favor back, people won't like this trait in you. Be generous and see the magic happen.

Check your followers' list daily and follow the new ones; not just to return the favor but to increase the value of your network. Remember Metcalfe's Law?

11. Want More Rewards? Put More Efforts

Your rewards will never be more than your effort. Make more efforts to get rewards. 

Some of the things you can try are:- 

  • Create wonderful content. 
  • Be original. 
  • Engage with others. 
  • Give valuable feedback to others.


12. Do Not Resteem Crappy Content Even if It's by Your Mum

You are advised not to resteem bad quality posts even if coming from people close to you. Serving bad quality posts to your followers will harm your reputation and standing. 

Therefore, all Steemians are advised not to compromise on quality and originality when writing posts.

13. Beware of Cheetah (Just Be Original!)

Cheetah catches copy pasted content and will catch you do such stupid thing. Very very sad to see some Steemians mentioned again and again in the @cheetah reports. 

Please be original on Steemit otherwise your reputation will go to negative and you'll never be able to post again.

Read this post to understand the consequences of this mistake.

14. Engage with People Having Similar Interests to Yours

Always engage with people with same interests as yours. Keep an eye on new, hot, and trending posts (overall and also in the topics of your interest). 

This is where most of followers and ideas will come from. Interacting with unknown people will make them friends, supporters and followers.

15. Keep Steemit Logged in on Smartphone

Posting from smartphone is possible but a bit too hectic to be honest. I post from mobile and it gives some stubborn formating errors. I use Raw HTML editor to correct these errors because normal Editor misbehaves.

It's difficlut but posting something is better than posting nothing. Make sure Steemit notifications are enabled on your mobile browser. Replying to comments is rather easier from mobile.

16. Quality over Quantity, Always!

In whatever you do on Steemit, quality is always better to have than quantity.

For example, QUALITY of followers/upvotes is more important (and by great difference) than their QUANTITY. 

You can get hundreds of votes and just a little reward or you can earn a big reward from just a small number of votes. See your blog to get a personal evidence.

Keep this in mind and find good people, interact with them and get them to follow you.

17. Understand Steemit Reward System

Having knowledge of how Steemit rewards work will give you peace of mind. It's a complicated mystery but don't worry because I have solved it.

Read this post to understand how much you can get from all your Steemit rewards.


These tips may seem incredibly simple but by following them, you can get remarkable success on Steemit in no time.

You can have a look at my blog and wallet and see how well I have performed in just 3 weeks of my Steemit journey just by following these simple tips.

I wish you best of luck and hope that you will make sure that everyone in your circle reads this post. 

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