Introducing Jared, the funniest Telegram bot for Steemit.

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Jared is a Telegram bot that interacts with the Steem API. The idea is to execute commands inside the Steemit system through a funny and different interface: a Telegram bot.

Why a Telegram bot?

More and more, bots have been used as a new way to interact with users. Recently, Facebook launched its bot platform, allowing developers to create bots to interact with Facebook users through the chat.

But before Zuckerberg even know what is a bot, Telegram already had its awesome bot API. Today, there are so many different tools and libraries to work with it that you can set your own bot with a few lines of code. Also, this year, Telegram team introduced inline bots, making their bots even more powerful, with a new way to access them.

Talk to him

Jared is looking forward to be bros with you!

You can reach him through this link or find him in the Telegram search by its username @steem_bot

You can ask him for data with the following commands:


Returns the Steem price from


Returns the number of existing accounts in Steemit


Returns the top 5 trending posts in Steemit

/recommend @user

Returns the top 5 recommended posts to @user

But the funniest way to get the data is really talking to him:

You can ask him the trendings.

You can be more personal.

He also loves Steemit.

But watch out. He takes the broship very seriously.

The idea

Jared's interface is still very simple. There are only a few commands implemented (and also some bugs), so here is why I'm publishing it:

  1. Jared's code is open-source. So anyone can develop its own bot using it as an example. Feel free to fork it.
  2. I want to receive feedback to develop more useful commands.
  3. I want to test what I proposed in this post. Can developers be rewarded in Steemit by their open source projects?

By the way, if you don't know, Jared is a tribute to the Silicon Valley's character.


Jared won't ask for any private key because in the current version it is only accessing the public Steem API.



This is great! I've upvoted my Sea Monkey cents to you for this interesting new app! I think a lot of newbies will find this useful. Thanks for making it. I hope you get some good feedback from coders to further improve on your bot. :)

Great - it work, i like Telegram&bots. Thanks bro=)

Simply. Awesome. The tools you steemians are building keep getting better and more interesting. Love the creativity on here. This is just the beginning. #whatwillwethinkofnext

LOL nice!

I tried to post a humorous post that motivates newbies to not be intimidated by whales.. check it out and let me know what you think :D

love Jared on Silicon Valley, nice work @icaro 8]

I think most people don't realize how lucky we are to be a part of this as a community. Things of this magnitude are usually only available to the elite. If the power of the community could be harnessed the growth could be exponential.

Thanks for sharing ,

Upvoted !

By the way ,I started following you and I would appreciate your follow back too .
please visit my blog and vote me too

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