WHy curator reward is too high Steem should pay more to author :(

in steemit •  2 years ago 

i have noticed some of people only pay 5 to 10 percent curation reward on their total earning of post but i have been charges over 30 percent curation reward on my each post this is not fair why does this happening :(

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I think curators need to get paid more not less. There should be no limited to wait to curate and receive full rewards. The platform is built off of curation.

@decentralization hmm right but you have massive steem power at least give me a upvote :D

See theres where i have the issue!!!

30% total is distributed to all voters. so if there is 3 voters.. then each will receive 10% if their voting power were same.

@skreza dont you think curators should get maximum 15 to 20 percent authors deserve more reward

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Ok....not sure if you know how the math works.
If you have upvote earnings that show: $10 SBD

25% or $2.50 go to the curators.
$7.50 to you...but, of $7.50 it is divided 50:50.
$3.75 is paid in SBD.
$3.75 is converted into SP(3.75÷1.25=$3) so $3SP or Steem(powered up as SP)

If you take all 100% of your 75% cut, all 100% as SP... Then you would get $6SP($7.50÷1.25=$6)
So you look at either one and think: "$6SP or $6.75SP and SBD....thats only 67% or 60%...I am getting less than 75%. But not true.

It is just confusing because the Upvote Payout is SHOWN in SBD....but half or all is converted and paid to you in Steem(SP).

And Steem isn't exactly $1.25 per SBD....sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on STEEM on the markets.

Hope that helped!!

@decentralization is absolutely right, curarators should get more.