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RE: How to Create a Project on and Receive Donations!

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Hello, @gmichelbkk
What a great crowdfunding website that allows people to fund their own project! I don’t have a specific project going on at the moment (unless it is to promote in Korean!); however, I would like to translate your tutorial on Fundition into Korean and share this information with the kr community. I think there will be positive feedback on this and we can have more donations to support the platform. Of course this tutorial would be giving you, the author, all the credit. I would just relay the message in Korean so people can understand.


Thank you @gungho for your comment and you are welcome to translate this post into Korean. this will be my pleasure. Just post the link here when it's done so people can see it. I also have the first part that you may like to translate as well:

Part one:
How to Make a Donation on to Fund a Steem Project: Korean Version
(스팀 프로젝트에 자금을 조달하는 방법)
여기 방문하세요.

Part two:
How to Create a Project on and Receive Donations
(Fundition.io에서 프로젝트를 만들어서 기부금을 받는 방법)
여기 방분하세요.

Thank you very much @gungho for translating the post. Great job!

That is so great, thank you @gungho.

Hello @gungho
You can support Fundition through the Crowdin for the Korean Version!
We appreciate to see you for Korean version! Thank you for your contributions.