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RE: Humanity Is The Brother Next To You! (My Gift To Humanity). Read My Comment Response To #untalented (Who Am I?) Part 1. (A Repository For Steemians' Legacies)

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I READ ALL. I think someone should be able to have a T-shirt like this made for people who actually took time to read all. About the person that didn't continue on his path as a pilot, I can relate. But since steemit is a huge theater of dreams and in dreams you can do virtually anything even kick down the Empire State Building with your legs! He can now fly through the steemit cloud, spread his wings and soar. Since you can be or do anything in dream why settle for less? Go ahead, dream huge, you can only stop dreaming when you are dead!
Steemit untalented is one of the easiest contest to enter into, it is also the hardest in answering that question, who are you. As the days go by, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years, life deals you a bad hand, the only thing left most times is that dream. In that dream you could be anything, why choose to be negligible? Be that awesome person and steem it! Special thanks to the organiser of untalented contest, surpassing google, sometimes you may never know you had it in you till you are challenged or told to do something. Peace✌️


@greenrun, thanks for the advice. Just like @surpassinggoogle said, I will start flying on the on the steemit blockchain. I'm sure I'm sure I will have maximum fun.

Yeah, fly, run, soar, dive. It's all possible on steemit, the big theater of dreams. Thank you for thanking me ✌️

Yes, i hope sirpaul sees this soon. You saw the video too. @sunnylife is in the video and they were simply having fun. She is always say "greenery" in the video. I mentioned her cos beneath this post, you will see the potatotized & sea shore "steemgigs", she did those

That is a cool video with one weird song. Definitely a lot of "greenery" in the video, easy to see when you are that high up. That is a super cool multiplayer virtual flying video.

Hahaha you took note of the weird song. You are a noticer. and for one minute too. i just laughed. I wish i can enjoy tiny moments in life, like that

That song is hard to go unnoticed. Hehehe