I also made a steemit app using the exact same framework actually! One of the main goals i had when starting to create the project was to try and produce an app with 1 shared code base which it looks like you are doing here. I was wondering would you be interested in partnering up to be a open source alternative to Steemy ? I sent you an email about it also so feel free to reply to me there if you prefer :)

Have you tried from ? You can contribute to the project, make pull request, fork, etc. As for Steemy, they just announced about their work couple days ago. I would love to see and test their app when they release. This project eSteem-Steem Mobile was announced few weeks back and already have number functionalities, constant update and available at Google Play, Apple AppStore is reviewing app, not sure why it is taking so long though.

@good-karma do you have desktop version

I tried logging into the app but no luck.

Love the idea though! Keep pushing it!
Maybe I can finally get all my friends to download it. 😁

is it legit ? i mean , i dont feel save to login in something, where i have money in ...

Honestly I'm not too sure I think it is but regardless I would still advise to login with your posting key. Which means if your password for some reason gets compromised they can't withdraw funds from your account only posting like and comment. Then you can change your main password which changes every other one and makes it useless to the hacker. If you want more info on that check out my post.

hi, thanks for your android app. There are some points which could be improved IMHO.

  • when i list posts, there are only 5 or 6 on screen. could we have a parameter to have 10 or 20 depending on network.
  • when i choose a post in the list to view it and i come back to the list, it doesnot return to the point in the list wher e i'm from, but at the beginning; very boring .
  • upvoting is not evident. Color seems to change sometimes to blue, but amount does not change. We don't know if upvote is ok or no.

Hi Dan, Are you trying latest version? Also some more improvements are coming, this will have better spinner to show user voting is in progress and List of posts will get improved for sure over time. Thank you for feedback, I am considering some changes to improve user experience...

Just to let you know that I'm using eSteem and I'm loving it! I love it, love it, love it!

You’re works..? I’m still trying

Thx for the effort, i'll try this :)

Hey man, i'm using the app for a few hours and i love it! its really good. Thanks for that.

I don't understand what esteem is :(

is it safe to login into esteem with steemit credentials?

Thank you for sharing..

Unsure how this could be a 'fake' application when the source code is available and I have already gone through it. I made an open source steem app also, the source code of that one is on github too. Is that also fake?
For the foreseeable future there will be no Official steem app, Steemy is not official and neither is this but it certainly is a step in the right direction when the devs of steemit have said they have too much to do on other tasks to focus on a mobile app.

It is opensource and community project, anyone can join and contribute for the project. Check my blog posts, I have been as transparent as possible. I encourage anyone to check source code and join development.

User changed his comment from "This is a fake application [link to his article]" to "Thank you for sharing.." once he had been flagged

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