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Zonnovate Weekly Tutorial Series :

  1. How To Create A Logo & Cover-Image For Your Steemit Profile (FREE)
  2. How To Transfer Steem Between Steemit & Bittrex Wallets
  3. How To Design & Make A Digital Logo (Free)
  4. How To Keep Your Steemit Password Safe From Hackers

Video Summary :
In this weeks installment of my weekly tutorial series, I will be teaching you the different password and keys Steemit offers their users to log in with. Also I will explain the purpose of each one and why you shouldnt save certain ones to your browser but instead keep them on an offline device away from any internet connection. If you have any other views about this topic please share them in the comments bellow, as we should strive to help each other in the Steemit community.

If you want to ensure your Steemit account and all the work you put into it is safe, click on the dtube link at the bottom of the post which will direct you to my dtube video. Thank you.

Please note, that this video represents my own opinions that are for educational purposes and do not necessarily constitute facts in any way. So be sure to do your own research as I wont take any responsibility for any accounts or passwords being lost.

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Thank you!!! Your Videos help Steemite to get public.


Your welcome, hopefully you found it helpful.


Thanks a lot for the up vote and the nice comment, I really liked how the background looked and since it related to hacking/coding I thought it would be a cool idea to use it. I would also appreciate it if you follow me and re-steemed this post as this message is very important to be sent across to as many steemit users as possible. As we all value are accounts and aim to keep them safe. Thank you and have a great day.

Very good timing , Very good information. I was looking in to this but i wast sure on how to protect my password


Great hope this video helped you at in securing your password and securing you account.

Very timely and necessary topic.


I am glad you find it at the right time :)

I fell in love with the fact that users are shareholders by virtue of design, and have say in the major changes to the platform. I have been trying to tell all of my friends on social media about steemit. This is a great post to explaining a lot of topics in a concise article. Thank you!


Thank you very much for the nice comment, and I am happy you found the video informative. I also agree that the decentralized design of steemit is amazing and it will allow steem to grow bigger and stronger than any other centralized alternative.