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RE: What is Steem Mobile - eSteem?

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

hi, thanks for your android app. There are some points which could be improved IMHO.

  • when i list posts, there are only 5 or 6 on screen. could we have a parameter to have 10 or 20 depending on network.
  • when i choose a post in the list to view it and i come back to the list, it doesnot return to the point in the list wher e i'm from, but at the beginning; very boring .
  • upvoting is not evident. Color seems to change sometimes to blue, but amount does not change. We don't know if upvote is ok or no.

Hi Dan, Are you trying latest version? Also some more improvements are coming, this will have better spinner to show user voting is in progress and List of posts will get improved for sure over time. Thank you for feedback, I am considering some changes to improve user experience...

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