Know Who your Upvoters Are!

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Would you like to know more about "Upvoters" because this well-designed tool will show you the curators who upvote your posts and also other interesting data in your Steemit account?

Know Who your Upvoters Are!

The tool I want to show you today is very neat and it's called Upvoters.

There you can see detailed statistics of your Steemit account such as actual Steem Power, Voting Power, exact Reputation, and something I haven't seen anywhere else, a timeline of average SP growth for holders.

You can also see Upvote statistics for a certain number of days you set up, that can be sorted by Total Weight, Upvote Quantity and Average SP.

You can access the tool here:

Upvoters was created by @elviento.

Know Who your Upvoters Are!

This is what you have at the top of "Upvoters."

At the top right, you have to type your username and select a number of days. In that case, I chose 30 days.

Then, the header will show your exact Reputation with two digits, your Steem Power, your Voting Power and your Mgests, which are internal Steemit units corresponding to your Steem Power.

Know Who your Upvoters Are!

What's interesting is to see the "Average SP growth for holders."

As you may or may not know Steem Power holders are receiving 15% of annual Steem tokens inflation and this depends on the Steem Power amount in your account.

Know Who your Upvoters Are!

In my case it says that I am receiving 8.253 Steem per month, and 100 Steem per year just by holding Steem Power.

That's something I haven't paid attention to, and I bet you didn't either.

This got me interested, so I checked the FAQs on Steemit.

This is what it says.

Know Who your Upvoters Are!

Got to this FAQ

Know Who your Upvoters Are!

Got to this FAQ

Back to "Upvoters."

You can sort your results by "Total Weight" and the tiles will take their positions nicely.

Know Who your Upvoters Are!

You can sort your results by "Upvote Quantity."

Know Who your Upvoters Are!

You can sort your results by "Average SP."

Know Who your Upvoters Are!

This data will help you understand a bit more about the curators who are upvoting your posts.

You can see how many posts they have upvoted, in this case 29 out of 30.

You can see their "Average Steem Power," their "Total SBD" and "Total Weight."

Know Who your Upvoters Are!

When you click on a tile, this will open the user's profile in a new tab and you can then learn about them, upvote their posts back and comment.

That's a simple tool, very well designed, that I am sure will have some use for you.

Would you upvote this post and follow me for more because this will encourage me to write more Steem tool posts like this one?

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Very nice tool indeed. I am most anxious to learn more about this system and this would give me some more data points to look at. This is one tool I haven't stumbled on or found yet.

I am glad that this is useful for you @inspire1. Thank you for commenting.

Thanks for bringing this tool in our notice. This tool really gives user friendly details of of voters. I like this tool.

Thank you @airdrophunter, I am glad you like it.

More excellent tips for the new and old members of our community. Thank you and keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

Your post had been curated by the @buildawhale team and mentioned here:

Thank you very much @nicnas for curating my posts.

This is very useful and i had a small doubt- is there any facility where we can see the activity of our upvoters, like when they are active and when they are not regularly.?

Thank you for commenting @ritaemaneul. Don't know of an app to check the activity of upvoters yet.

Thats okay sir ,
thank you for giving reply, i didn’t expect that you would answer me.

Wow @gmichelbkk! This site is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this useful tool. Have a crazy awesome day today :)


Have a nice day too. Thank you for commenting @kenmelendez.

Hm, empty website for me when entering but Im sure it will be working soon :) tipuvote! 3

Working for me right now. Thank you for commenting @cardboard.

This sounds like its gonna be pretty useful. I am gonna check it out.

Thank you very much @paramimd for your comment. I am glad you like it.

Very nice and useful tool. Thanks for sharing.

I am glad that you like it @dindar.

working fine tome :) thx for the importenet info

I am glad that this is useful for you. Thank you for commenting @allisgood.

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