Do You Know Who Resteem your Posts?

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Would you like to know how many resteems you got this year, how many of your posts were resteemed and how many users resteemed your posts because this might be helpful if you want to know what posts are the most successful and who are your real fans?

Do You Know Who Resteem your Posts?

Unlike authoring, curating and upvoting, resteeming doesn't earn you anything, so when users are resteeming, this is very valuable because it's done without any gain by someone who really likes your posts.

Do You Know Who Resteem your Posts?

Today I'd like to show you a simple tool created and maintained by @justyy. It is called "Steemit reblog/Resteem Checker" and you can access it here:

You have only one thing to do and it is to enter your Steem ID and click a button.

Do You Know Who Resteem your Posts?

After you click the "Who Resteem/Reblog?" button you will quickly see your badge from SteemBoard and three different results, which are all in one page and that you can access clicking on the links.

Do You Know Who Resteem your Posts?

The tool has found for the last 365 days, 391 resteems, 121 posts resteemed and 293 users who have resteemed.

The first result is 391 resteems and it is sorted by date and time like this.

You can see who is the user resteeming what post and the number of votes for the post.

Do You Know Who Resteem your Posts?

If you want you can sort by number of votes, users or permalink.

Do You Know Who Resteem your Posts?

The second results is 121 posts resteemed and it is sorted by count like this.

This shows me what is my most resteemed post in the last 365 days, the users that resteemed it and the number of votes on the post.

Do You Know Who Resteem your Posts?

This can be useful to identify what kind of posts are the most resteemed so you can write more of the same.

Then, the third result is 293 users resteemed y posts.

It is sorted by count and I see that @laloelectrix is my top resteemer, resteeming 19 posts.

Do You Know Who Resteem your Posts?

Thank you very much @laloelectrix, you are a true fan!

Thank you also to @jerrybanfield who is my second best resteemer and @youngky who is my third best resteemer.

Thank you to all who resteemed my posts.

I hope that you liked this post and I invite you to try this tool right now.

Would you upvote this post and follow me for more because this will encourage me to write more Steem tool posts like this one?

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Michel Gerard


Yeah this one is nice tool to check our resteemer

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

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Nice post and helpful links. They are probably great for some of the more professional Steemians out there.

Ultimately, I know who resteems my posts because no one resteems my posts.

Thank you very much @somethingsubtle for commenting and I hope the rain will stop and that people will start resteem your posts.

looks useful to give satisfaction to heart :D

Thank you for commenting.

Thanks a lot for presenting this great tool. I just found out that a lot of people actually resteemed my latest post ;-)

I am glad @achim03 that the tool is useful for you. Thank you for commenting.

The way I learned it is to change the url to steemdb instead of steemit and go to the regblogs tab.

This is another good way, thank you @costanza.

@gmichelbkk another way is to access through. you will notified with each activity of your account....try it once👍

Yes, thank you, there are many other ways.

Yes, thank you for commenting.

Great tool.I used this tool now and i see many steemit users resteem my posts :)

That is a great feeling to see this, isn't it? I am glad the tool is useful for you @zizuflorin.

Hello Gerard, thanks for sharing this valuable tool, it will sure help to track ones account well and give useful datA

I am glad this will be useful for you @mistakili, thank you for commenting.

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