Curate your Favorite Authors with SteemDunk!

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Today I'd like to show you a curation tool that can help you upvote your favorite authors and has a 7-day log of all the posts it has upvoted, so you can read the posts later and comment.

Curate your Favorite Authors with SteemDunk!

I am using another upvoting tool as well, which is great, but the one I am going to show you now is very simple to use and has some unique features.

Curate your Favorite Authors with SteemDunk!

SteemDunk is the website I am using to curate some of my favorite authors. It is very easy to use and you can start with the free plan, which gives you a limit of 20 authors.

I learned about this tool a while back reading an article by @fitinfun. The creator of the tool is @samrg472 and a witness, @steemdunk is the tool's profile on Steemit, and you can sign-up on

The curation tool uses SteemConnect to log you in, so it is safe.

Curate your Favorite Authors with SteemDunk!

This is what you see just after you log in.

If you want to support the tool, vote for witness @samrg472.

The first section is for the Stats where you can see your "Voting Power" and your "Bandwidth."

Curate your Favorite Authors with SteemDunk!

You can also see your plan, "BRONZE" in my case, and I have used 4 slots out of 20.

If you click on "Upgrade or Review," you will see the different plans.

Curate your Favorite Authors with SteemDunk!

The second section are for the Settings.

SteemDunk will upvote your content from time to time and you can allow that in this section.

Curate your Favorite Authors with SteemDunk!

You can also automatically claim your rewards every 24 hours and pause all votes.

This is now the Author Curation section where you set up your authors.

Click on the "Add author" button after entering the username and a new entry will be created.

Curate your Favorite Authors with SteemDunk!

You then can use the different sliders to select the "Voting Weight," the "Voting Delay," and what other upvoters don't have, a "Max Daily Votes."

This last option is very useful when you have authors who publish several posts a day. You can set a 10% vote weight for a maximum of 4 votes per day to one author, and a 20% vote weight for a maximum of 2 votes per day to another.

This enables you to manage your voting power better because if there is no limit, you may have one author starting at one post every two days, and then 5 posts per day without you knowing, which will drain all your voting power.

The last section is the "Vote Log" for the last 7 days.

Curate your Favorite Authors with SteemDunk!

You can see when the vote took place and the percent of vote weight used, if it was "Success" or "Daily Limit Exceeded" for a particular author. You have also a direct link to the post that you can then read and comment on.

If a vote fail it will show as "Fail" in the log.

Curate your Favorite Authors with SteemDunk!

Finally, if you upvote a post before the bot does, you will read "Manual Vote."

Curate your Favorite Authors with SteemDunk!

I hope this post is useful for you and gives you another alternative tool to try for your curation efforts.

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Michel Gerard


Thank you for the shout out and for having me on your @steemdunk @gmichelbkk. I am so happy with using it and will not be stopping. It cuts at least one hour off my work each day and gives me a great place to get to the posts I support. 20 steemers is enough for me to support so that I do not blow out my power and I still have enough to vote for posts and comments during the day.

Tweeting this out so my steeming tweeps can see this idea :)

My pleasure @fitinfun, and thank you for tweeting the post.

thanks for sharing the valuable informative post

I am glad you like it @imran-aslam. Thank you for commenting.

I find this post useful. I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing sir @gmichelbkk

Thank you @emma001. I am glad you like the post.

Ah Michel, another great resource I have learned about from you. Thank you so much.

My pleasure @joannereid. More to come tomorrow!

this is really cool. Im definitely going to try this but I'm wondering if I would need more than the bronze version. Ill have to play around with it first. I do love seeing all these types of tools and innovations being rolled out to make life easier on steemit

Thank you for commenting @cflclosers. Try it for free and if you need to upgrade, it is not that expensive.

I made a mental note yesterday to visit another voting tool but didn't get to it, @gmichelbkk. Thanks for this.

I especially appreciate the log and the link to upvoted posts so I can follow-up with a comment. Commenting is such an important part of the Steemit experience.

Resteemed and will be looking out for your other posts.

Thank you very much for your comment @angelacs and the resteem. I am glad that you like the tool I showed in this post.

I was just wondering if there was such a thing as this tool. I'll use it and appreciate your post. With me, at least, you have the reputation of being a great source of very handy tools. I'm telling my close friends to come "shopping" with you.

Thank you for your kind comment @mistermercury. I try my best to present tools I am excited about.

I want to know your opinion on autovote if that's alright... Is steemdunk better than other autovote sites?

I can't say if it's better, but it's different. The vote log is something you don't find in other popular auto-voters and also the ability to set a number of posts to vote per day per author. I use SteemDunk together with another one that I may make a post about soon.

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