Quick Guide to Saving Images on Steemit

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Creating Stunning Posts with Beautiful Dividers

Credit: Dividers featured originally posted by @waldfee in this post

In a recent posts I commented on, the question of How to Save Images on Steemit arose and I thought I put it into a top post for more to see.

Works On All Common Operating Systems

Here is a quick how-to. These steps works on all webpages and most desktop operating systems such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux etc.

It also works on mobile OS, such as iOS and Android, where a right click is usually achieved by pressing and holding a link until a context menu pops up.

Dividers - Examples

The examples used here are divider lines. Divider lines in markdown are usually achieved by 3 consecutive Asterisk *** , Underscores ___ or Hyphens --- placed in a separate line. It produces the nice grey divider line above and below.

Colorful Dividers

We can also beautify our post with image based dividers, such as this:


or even animated gifs, such as this:



Image Size

Recommended image size is 1680 x 8 pixels. This gives appropriate divider dimension and is automatically scaled to any resolution or text field.

How to Insert Into Post

These colorful dividers are inserted just like any other picture/image. Make sure it's centered by enclosing the image divider in <center> image here </center>.

Image links from the internet can be used. Images can also be copy/pasted, and dragged from your local storage directly into the post.

How to get them into my machine?

Saving Images

Saving is as easy as 1-2-3. A little preparation is advisable.

  1. Create a dedicated folder on your local machine, such as /Images/Steemit/Sundries/.
  2. Right click on the image and save as in the location prepared in step 1.

These images can now be manipulated in color, shape, size any way you choose, using your favorite image editor.

One last word:

Do not use the divider as your first image in the post, or your thumbnail will look something like this: 😂

And voilà - You joined the Pros!

Engjoy & Happy Weekend!

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Thanks for sharing. It's good to know this kind of things

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Thank you @philippon

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Thanks!!!! Will try them out later today!

Nice. Any questions - feel free to ask. 😎

wow i was looking for that !!
thank you so much man! you make my day . this is very good post im upvoting and reblog

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Thanks for the post. Resteeming and trying them out later.

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Helpful post for newbies. Good job.

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Excelente herramienta

Really big thanks to you @globocop I was about to make a post asking the community on how to add image to a comment. I face this problem a number of time but wasn't able to get the answer. So today i get it. Another thing can be really interesting for us (the one who aren't use to computer syntax) is to make a kind of tutorial or even an article like this one on how to use the markdown. Anyway thousands thanks ^ and follow

Hello @ricko66

Ask and We Shall Be Given 🙏

MarkDown Guides

Fortunately, there are already excellent guides out there. I recommend two in particular:
by @xeldal How to Liven up your Steem Posts with Markdown and
by @scrooger Formatting and Editing Your Blog.

Ask Steem

Another useful tool is the Steemit Search Engine AskSteem.com and it's recent cousin www.asksteem.com/userexplorer.

Happy Sunday

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Thanks for the mention here! =)

Loved that article - saved for future reference! 🎉

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THK for idea!! Cool!!=)

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Very cool i'll have to try something like this out.
I just started using an image as a signature at the end of my posts as well, dividers could add that little extra something to peoples posts especially if they are elegant and minimal.

Nice post @globocop

Thanks @yoza.ossan Much appreciate your feedback.

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Thanks for the post, it's good for people like me who are are not techie :)

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS INFORMATION. Very helpful for a little minnow like me :)

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I love your smiley gif. Perfect!

I am just a Minnow, too... Persistence and originality are the two 'secret' ingredients for success here. Never give up.
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I love this post! So helpful! I especially love the image dividers. They look sweet!

Thanks @atrawi !
If you have an image editor you can create even sweeter ones. 🍩

There are also free image editors online that are very useful. Pixlr.com is quite intuitive.

Very good job, Thank you for sharing.

Very informative post @globocop if I had seen this prior to the difficulties I had uploading my profile picture, it would have have help for sure

Thanks @world-currency.

It's a steep steem learning curve for sure. Glad you were able to figure this out on your own.

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