So Many Sellouts - Am I the Only One Powering Up?

in steemit •  2 years ago

9 out of 10 people I look at with a significant amount of SP are powering down. I guess the common thought is that the whales are cashing out, payouts are down, might as well cash out too.

 Not me, I am powering up and I will tell you why


Many times the crowd is wrong. If your always following the crowd your most likely not taking risks. Taking risks is what gets you ahead, and with investments it can net you a healthy profit. The whales have a reason to keep prices low. Easy entry point for new users and investors, and most of them make a significant curration reward to balance out there powering down actions. They are basically hedging there investment by selling there "top off" balances.


At this point, if you have a smaller balance of steem, the price is soo low that the amount you get in btc is peanuts each week. It's pretty much pointless to cash out 10-100 steem per week. You might as well just forget about your Steem Power balance having a $Cash value and work on growing that balance. If the price changes to $1 then sure, $10-100$ per week is a good bonus but currently getting 50cents per week doesn't make much sense.

Why power-up when Steem is expensive and then start selling when it is hitting all time lows. 

I get it. The wallet has a balance at the bottom - But you need to realize that is a 2year balance. You won't get that total amount for a long time, and who knows what could happen by then. The site is 6months old? payouts have been happening for about 4months. 



This is huge. Currently my account Steem Power is running over 150% annual interest rate. Each power up I do gives me more steem each week/month/year. 

Lets take a look at the price of steem. It has been crushed, totally obvious. But at this price, it also makes an interesting long-term investment opportunity for Steem Power, you could also call it a good Gambling opportunity if you prefer gambling which much of crypto can seem to be. Why Though? 

Simply, The interest rate.  I believe that Steem will find a floor somewhere soon. As long as Steem can find a stable price you can make a nice profit because the interest will essentially give you 2x the coins after 1year, over 3x in 2years. By the time you decide to cash out, the price of each Steem would have to have lost a significant value >60% and I personally don't think the price will reach 5k sat. 

The potential is there to keep the market cap of Steem above 10million. 

I have faith that there is a future for Steemit and the currency Steem, and I will continue to enjoy the Cheap steem, Massive SP rewards from 10$ posts, and all the Steem Sports payouts. I also enjoy seeing my curation rewards increase each week.

I'm on a mission to accumulate SteemPower and resisting the flow of the masses.

You can Sellout, But I'm powering up!

 Tomahawk Take 

Feel free to comment -

Thank you for reading, and consider following me @generation.easy

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I'm buying, posting, curating and powering up, brother.


Steem-on brother.
I haven't seen many of your posts lately, but I'm already following you so looking forward to seeing you on my main page!

I'm new, and I did spend some steem on learning how to trade, but I'm set at 100% power up now. I'm more concerned about the process, the future of collaborative economies and distributed content than I am about a few dollars this way or that way. I mean, if it was a rent payment I might start taking some out... but otherwise...


Even if it was a rent payment. $1 in Steem a week wont help anyone. Employment agencies are down the street.

Only dead fish go with the flow...I power up all the time!

the way I, and I assume many seniors here, look at the balance at the bottom of the wallet is not about getting that money instantly, but about how our accumulated value here can be easily achieved with lower and lower cost by someone who has never been here. It is a complex feeling.
But I am over it now. I focus on the number of SPs and besides. I can also power up too!


I hear that. I've been here since mid july and see new users with more SP from posting rewards than I have. I think about my 1000$ post a couple months back, the steem power I recieved for $500 was only like 100steem. Now it would be like 4-5 thousand - I do miss seeing the $1000 postings. It was quite the ride early on...
I remain positive a rebound will happen.


I know. I get to see a glance of $1000 for my post too but at the end it was around $500 which is still amazing and my highest payout so far. yeah, good old days... :-) It's been just a few months and I am talking like it's ages ago!

I'm powering up too. I guess we'll find out sooner or later if we're the dumb ones. :)


I just noticed the good news. Moving back into the 0.20 range!


I'm not sure if Steem is able to be recycled... If not, feel free to make a donation! I'm always accepting "old" steem "Free of Charge"

just powered up today... again


I knew you would @whatsup we need more dedicated people here like you!
People like us will be the coolest whales next year

I powered up recently and am likely to do more. Cheers!

I just bought STEEM and powered up. Seems to be on its way up, too.


Moving on up! There was no way it could just keep going down. I hope this isn't the rebound to $1 tho, I don't have enough SP yet!

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