Celebrating my first 300 followers here on Steemit!

in steemit •  last year

I'm so excited! I just got my 300 followers today!

I'm very happy and thankful for all those friends who are following me here on Steemit. For not just following me but for all those upvotes, great comments and help. I know I haven't been so active lately I have been busy but I will keep trying my best to bring interestings things for all my friends here. Thank you all for everything God bless and best of success for everyone, until the next!

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Congratulations! You deserve your succes, because you make the people feel like this in front of their computer:


jajaja, nice gif. thanks for the comment.


Thank you. ;) Feel free to check out my new post. <3




Here's to the next 300


jeje thanks a lot gmuxx.

You can add one more ;)


hell yea! jeje thanks for the follow!

Gratulation fot that - thats amazing!!

well done @gabrielmrpr for your Follower achievement !!
great job you have done so far !
I wish you fun and even more follower quickly..

I am here on Steemit little more than one week and have 300+ Follower, but the first week was not to bad...LOL
I would be vey happy, if you would be interested to see how my first week here at steemit have been, here is the post:

..How I made 1200 USD+ in my FIRST WEEK...

Happy Steeming & All the best !


thank's @digital-gypsy, sure I will visit your post and not just that I will follow you too.