First Steemit Meetup in India: The Worlds Second biggest market!

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It’s been a great pleasure to be a part of steemit community. I am learning a lot from these amazing and genius people. It is so addicting meeting with new people and exchanging ideas with each other and support them. So I thought it is time to support steemit as best as I can and organised steemit meetup yesterday(14th Sep, 2016) at QED42, Pune, India.

It was a very amazing, cheerful and informative evening. I started with some great facts about steemit and followed by detailed explanation of Steem Power, Steem Dollars, Reputation and sharing content. I encouraged them to post only original and genuine content or otherwise they are going to get banned. I had to explain all these things because they had never heard of that kind of social media platform. All the people were like “Is it for real?”, “How do they get so much money?”, “Is there is any joining fee?” and more. I answered them as best as I could and motivated them by giving example of @liberosist and how did he started and look where he is now?. The response was pretty good and I felt that they felt motivated.  

There are very few people from India who are using steemit and have found only 10-15 people on steemit that are from India. This is way too low percentage. It may be because most of the people have never heard of this crypto social blogging platform. Now, I have set my goals. I will bring as many people as I can to steemit from India. I will be introducing some of my colleagues and other outside people to steemit in a couple of days.

Why to market in India? India owns 18%(1.2+ Billion) of the world population and more than 16%(185+Million ) of people use social media sites.

Source : Statista

This is just the statistics of Facebook users based on country. The statistics shows that there is a huge scope of steemit in India if marketed well. It will probably pump up the steemit community. 

Looking for more statistics, Here are the links:

Link for Sproutworth Statistics

Link for Statista Statistics

One more thing, I will be doing my next meetup at Srijan Technologies, Delhi, India in the upcoming month(Date is not decided yet, I will let you know) and it is going to be much bigger than this meetup. I want to give credit to @kus-knee who gave me the idea of having meet up in India, at my office. Special thanks to @aizensou and @knozaki2015 who recognised my content and featured one of it. I also want to thank @dragonslayer109 who put me in hidden-gems list for this current week. 

 “Can’t Wait to see steemit grow in India” 

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@funnyman Congrats on holding the first meetup!

I was talking to @liberosist yesterday about organizing something to this effect in a big way. I have a list of bloggers pan-India somewhere on my drive and maybe we can channel more efforts in this direction in a focused manner. Perhaps with some influencers on board as well! We'll discuss the specifics later on.

For a start i'd love to see some discussions at #India in Steemit.Chat from everyone (apart from sharing of links) so we can start building a community of Steemians from India. If you know users here from India, please add them there including any who've come on board on Steemit from your meetup!

I've created an FB group as well a while ago but I haven't had much success bringing traditional Wordpress-based bloggers on board there or the time to sit and add people. Feel free to assist wherever possible if you want.

Getting our people on board won't be easy due to various factors. Some of which you may know already! I've already tried this in some big blogging circles that I'm part of.

Anyway, as @liberosist suggested a Regional Steemcom is something we can do after we've had 4-5 successful events in the larger cities and gain some traction. Atleast 50-100+ bloggers per meetup will be the real challenge. Although, the skepticism that we see in our markets is not something you'll observe in others. Also, most bloggers prefer affiliate marketing in India.

Realistically, I was looking at initiating this after SteemFest. I'm going, will you be attending as well?

I think December and January will be a good time to put something like this together and get some of our active and reputed Steemians from India on board to some of these events in some capacity. If things pick up a regional meet can be organized a few months down if the city-level events bear positive results.

I am not sure about SteemFest. Yor are right about creating regional events first. Thankyou for creating FB group for India's steemit community.

Bring it ON! The more the merrier.

Wow what a great initiative! If Steemit takes hold in India it will explode! UPVOTED!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Absolutely!!! Thanks for reading and helping me out :)

Why not Mumbai? i will be there for sure if you host in Mumbai

Why not in a hill station? I used to live in Kulu Manali for several years. The climate is MUCH more pleasant :)

Yeah, Nice idea but first we should focus on big metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai. Once we have gathered enough members to our team then we go to every part of India. This is my plan for future.

Maybe after Delhi meetup :)

Only need community support :)

Thank you so much for putting this together! India should absolutely be a prime target for Steemit. There's a huge population of young people getting into blogging, and Steemit would work really well for them. Looks like you got some people together as well, hope to see some of them on Steemit!

Look forward to an event in Bombay - I'll be joining for sure. And next year, let's aim for a (regional) Steemcon in India :)

Would be fun indeed! I'd love to meet fellow Steemians from India and bring more people onto Steemit!

Me 2. It is going to be a lot of fun :)

I will be doing it in mumbai soon. But for now Delhi, I am coming! Loved the idea about Steemcon in India :) Hopefully want to see that happen. Thanks for reading @liberosist

@firepower and I were just talking about that yesterday. Let's make it happen!

Why Not!!!! I am ready :)

@funnyman what a great post keep up the great work guys viva la steem

Thank you :)

@funnyman Great work keep me updated on your progress

Very exciting news to come across. May the force stay with us and good luck to us all! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Namaste!! I believe steemit will rock in future :)

Wow, this is nice. I am reading it after now. I didn't knew there was a Indian community of Steemit. Could you please share the FB ink of the community with me?

There is no official page for indian community but you can like the Steemit page on Facebook.

Sure, thanks!

Team up for Delhi?
This is a great initiative.

Thank you buddy!!! @mindfreak

I am in Delhi right now. Will love to be part of this.


Why to market in India? India owns 18%(1.2+ Billion) of the world population and more than 16%(185+Million ) of people use social media sites.

This statistic is based on facebook usage. You cannot assume (it is a very big assumption) that facebook usage determines how many people use social networks within a country. For instance WeChat, the platform I use in China is considered a social network, and 700 million people use that in China alone. Whether or not there is any hope of China having a reasonable representation on steemit is a a whole other discussion.

I completely agree with your point. I wanted to give people a brief overview of the users using facebook and getting nothing for their photography, blogs and memes. If we promote steemit in India and encourage them to learn about steemit then it can give a good boost to steemit community. People will love to join steemit, all we need to do is tell them about it. Just think If even 2% of Indian facebook users join steemit then it will be around 3.5+million users. This is what I wanted people to know. I have a facebook page of around 3.5k likes, I will difinitely promote there too.

I can't believe I missed this. Looking forward to the next meetup

Next will be at Delhi. I will let you know the dates and venue

Thankyou!! I wish too

cool, india could definitely be a great place for crypto. I've said and thought so since discovering cryptocurrency in 2015.

Cool!!!!. Yes there is great exposure of steemit in India.

Nice, namaste to India!!! ;-)

Thank you!!! Welcome to India's community

Add another great group and steem on!

Thank you for reading @team101

So here we go to one big world meetup! Welldone @funnyman

Wow that is great work, keep it up.

Thank you buddy!!!

Nice one @funnyman! I'm glad that it went well :)

Thankyou man!!! Totally appreciate your words @yogi.artist

Hello @funnyman,

I came across this Steemit meetup blog today. Two years and still there is a lot of work left to make Indian users aware of this opportunity.

I am overwhelmed to see the early adopters of the Crypto-Blockchain platforms in India.

The main barrier to entry is the ease of access to such platforms like #Steemit, that is why we are building a user-friendly platform with great UX on top of Steem Blockchain that is @HapRamp. We are adding more features for the creators and building this for the creative communities.

I've recently joined the #india channel on The @HapRamp team will soon be interacting with fellow Steemians from India to take this revolution to the next level so that anyone can benefit from such platforms.

Great work - keep it up.

See you on :)

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Great teamup

Nice Post!
Welcome to me blog @alex2016

What you introduce to new or prospective users in India is amazing, introducing steemit to others, I think it's happy from bersosial besides steemit itself is a social Mexia where we share.

Hopefully the steemit masters all have social lives like @ funnyman. Congratulations and success @funnyman.

Regards @safwaninisam

nice bro......... Upvote and follow me bro............ thanks

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@funnyman Hello from Delhi , i have recently joined steemit on recommendation from a friend in Jaipur @prakashghai
Would like to see the community grow , do share on any latest meetups :)