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RE: Why people are leaving Steemit?

in #steemit3 years ago

@narovski thanks for this post, it really encourages me to keep on building my blog. I just started but I read from another blogger that he's is sometimes very frustrated as people just don't upvote his posts - though some others with less content get upvoted.

Don't you think sometimes it's really about who you know and who featured you? It's just a question because I'm too fresh to have any insights.

But I will continue to write about my travels, my volunteer work in Africa, my life and I hope people will like to read about a real person :)

Let's all try to be patient and to give as much as we can before expecting to get something back in return


Yes. Other people are writing blogs for years without getting paid and it's not an issue for them. They just love doing it. Talking about Steemit, yes, I think sometimes it is might be about who you are and who featured you. Obviously it's easier if you have huge fan base on other social media platforms. But I think all people who are just starting writing on Steemit, include myself needs to forget about money a bit and focus on writing their content and grow community arount them. I'm here for 18 days and I learned that it's not just about writing, it's also about finding similar people and engaging with them not because of money but because you honestly like their content. Btw, I will read your blog, I hope I will like it. :)

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