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RE: Steemit Notifications! FINALLY! I developed a browser extension that shows your upvotes, replies, ... Looking for Beta Testers

in #steemit6 years ago (edited)

great! after being screenshot famous you kind of have to test it anyway! :)
what browser are you using? do you know how to install extensions manually? just give me a mail and i'll send it to you. would be nice to have some beta feedback so the initial reactions when its live on the extension stores won't be affected by any potential bugs whatsoever


Yeah sure, I'm using Firefox. Mail is [email protected]

sent. please get back to me if everything was working smoothly or if you saw anything off. i tested it only for 3 hours now but couldn't see anything that would need fixing.
also if you have any additional requests or suggestions please let me know

please can i test it also? [email protected]

[email protected]
Send me the crx/zip. Thanks

[email protected]

I'd like to try it too.

Hey! Great add-on! I'd like to try this as well if at all possible. I use ram hungry chrome :) [email protected]

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