Steemit.Chat Update—We're 35000+ Active Users Now!

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It's been a while since we started this platform, and a year and half of running Steemit.Chat has been very exciting! It has served as a great place to network with other users, make new friends, collaborate on projects, share your content amongst other things.

This time last year I think we had about 8-10x lower numbers. SteemFest 2016 led to a slight increase in the numbers but 2017 saw a steady rise in user signups on Steemit.Chat as continued to grow exponentially.

Exponential Growth

Today as I checked the stats, Steemit.Chat has crossed over 35,000 active users. Quite a remarkable figure. @riverhead and I certainly expected this to happen as we grew and it's great to see people find the place useful enough to come back every day and use it. It would be interesting to note the growth in usage over time.

Come on Over!

However, many people still don't seem to know that there is a place where you can connect with other members of our community. As this user @zararina found out after 2 months of using Steemit. She's even written a post on using Steemit.Chat if you are new. Check it out here!

It's linked from the Steemit Menu and all you need to do is signup with the same username that you use on Steemit, create a new password and you are good to go.

Possibilities with Steemit.Chat

There are plenty of channels that you can use on our chat platform. Many members of our community are running their own public channels and private groups. If you are starting out on a new project and need a place to discuss, you are welcome to hop on to Steemit.Chat and request for a channel or a group.

If you are facing any issues on Steemit or Steemit.Chat we have a very active Help channel moderated by well known Steemians to assist you.

In case you face any phishing attempt you are welcome to DM me or other active admins: @pfunk and @gandalf.

@steemcleaners project runs a whole bunch of channels so if you stumble upon any plagiarised articles you can reach out to these guys!

There's a lot of things you can do on the platform. You can build your community, be part of an existing community or have a group chat.

You can find and direct message any user on Steemit.Chat but try not spam them with your links when you use this feature. There's also an option to have OTR (Off-The Record) private conversations via Direct Messages where your chat gets encrypted when you end it. It's also very secure.

Mobile App

Download Rocket.Chat app from Apple Store and Play Store. Steemit.Chat is powered by Rocket.Chat.

Win SBDs in Weekly Contests!

I'm also running the official weekly contest for Steemit.Chat users in the Steemit.Chat Contest Channel. You can head over there and checked the pinned post for the latest update on contest and win some free SBDs. With SBDs at an all time, you can earn a little bit every week if you win!

Protect Yourself

We've had a lot of issues with trolls, scammers and phishers on Steemit.Chat and as the number 1 place for communicating with other users of Steemit platform it is our duty to watch out for each other. Please don't hesitate in reporting any phishing or scamming issues in the Help channel or reach out to the channel mods or admins if needed.

Donot Spam Anyone With Links for Upvotes!

No further explanation needed! Simply use the Post Promotion channel!

Account Recovery

Please do not share your passwords anywhere. If you need assistance in speeding up your Steemit Account Recovery follow my guide here!

If you haven't used Steemit.Chat already, please give it a shot and you might just find it useful in more than 1 way. If you are a long time user, you are welcome to share your experience using it in the comments below.

A big thanks to @riverhead for keeping the lights on, @gandalf for assisting us with our servers, @pfunk and our volunteer moderators in key channels for their assistance with user moderation!

See you on Steemit.Chat

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nice milestone
really looking forward to the day we get our own chat on the platform
doesn't need to be on chain and should really help bring communities together on here

This is great news. With the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem experiencing rapid expansion, I'm sure Steemit will grow even more rapidly in 2018.

It is already growing and expanding. :)

That's a great news @firepower that people start using instead of their fb accounts and i hope the number of Indian users got increase in near future and iam very happy that you are now more active in steemit in terms of chat and blogging :)

Awesome brotha!
I'm always on on my mac and my phone!!
Hit me up if you have any questions @stealthtrader

Great to hear that man! :)

Hi what password to use to join tjisnplatform @stealthtrader

Steemit chat was what got me to stay on steemit after joining. Having one on one conversation with steemians on steemit chat got me to find my way around steemit and it became fun for me. I use steemit chat more than i blog. Good job you have done with steemit chat @firepower.

Glad that you decided to stay. Thank you, @ceepee.

Thanks steem is the best always. Thanks @firepower

WOW!!! 35,000 is an incredible feat. congrats ;)

thanks for news

You are welcome.

Great Effort thanks @firepower

You are welcome. :)

ah i really like steemit chat, we also have a channel at #travel if anyone wants to join :)

Good to know that. :)

Very good information @firepower special thanks ..

You are welcome.

I have never used Steemit chat in the year ive been here. Ill try it out!

Please do, I will look forward to seeing you in

So good to see the platform growing. Congrats and thanks for providing a place where we can interact and talk to each other ;)

You are most welcome and I do what I can to help as much as I can.

Wow this great,have been on steem and have not thought of using the,i would love to join now.

Please feel free to join You can create a free account and start using right away. :)

Great info... and Congratulations ! :)

Thank you. :)

my pleasure :)

Thanks for the great effort by you and your team.

Thanks a lot.

nice progress ,it will be very useful for all users

wow thats awesome! a lot of people only go there to promote their page but I hope this will change that people will start using "chat room" to "chat" :)

Holaa quetal soy nuevo en steemit y tengo una dudo henorme.
Cuantas publicaciones puedo hacer en un dia??????????

Steemit-chat my joining

Wow, I can't believe that it's 35,000 users there already! I used to spend a lot of time there, but haven't really used it for a few months now. Do you guys plan on adding an option to log on with your Steem account in the future?

@firepower wowowow i came after reading your articles too! :) are really useful for steemians, but some days ago iam try out to conversation but had failed @firepower

I'd like to know how many of these are bots though. Moderating channels is a tough job and having a some moderator bots would go a long way. also has significant stability issues. Discord would be preferable if the interface there was not so sharpy black/white.

any tips about how to use the chat to grow on steemit ?

This is nice sir! Hats Off.

Hoping that newbie like me could have the chance to enjoy the Steemit community:)

Muhteşem bilgiler olduğuna eminim. Tebrik ederim.

@firepower how to register for this cha

Hello my Friend! This is my second day on steemit and I am addicted! I love it! I am going to tell everyone I know about it! GO STEEMIT! Thank you for all your help and advice on here firepower! It is very much appreciated! :)

Very helpful thanks for sharing

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