Steemit.Chat Contest #15 + Contest #14 Winners Announcement!

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The 14th contest was about sharing with us the nicest thing a stranger has done for you. There were some good entries and it was quite interesting to read through them and select 6 winners.

I’m a little late in starting contest #15 owing to a hectic schedule. Behind on a lot of my regular posts as well. But first let’s get on with the announcement of winners for Contest #14.

Congrats to these Steemians who won Contest #14:

  1. @gallantmayor -
    I needed to write Joint Admission Matriculation Board examination to gain admission into the university, after registration, I was given an examination centre far from my house, I had to go a day before the examination day. I had a close friend who lived in the area and I planned to sleep over in his place. I contacted him before leaving, he told me to call him when I get to the last bus stop. On getting to the bus stop, his number was switched off. I was at the bus stop for more than ten hours, his number was not still going. Suddenly a man approached me and said he noticed that have been there for hours crying, he asked what happened, I explained to him and he told me to follow him, I was scared, he saw this and told me to trust me. I had no choice, I had to follow him. He took me to his house, took me to the visitor's room. He was a single man i guessed, it was just him in a big house. He cooked, we ate together, slept over in his house. The next day he gave me some cash and took me to my examination center. Till date, I still believe he is an angel sent from above to help me.

  2. @mrpirated - Walking on the sidewalk in the hill station i live in uttrakhand,i was talking on the phone, when suddenly i felt a roaring pain in my left foot that only seem to increase,i fall-down hard hit my head and realized that a drunk fool has ran over his Pickup's front tire on my left foot,people in today's MAAD cities are strange,half dozen people surrounded me,the driver ran off,i was screaming like hell and nobody came forward after 5 minutes or so a man came in his mid 40's who's accompanying his kid as he's walking their dog, the man looked at the situation,and then i don't know from where arranged a scooter he,picked me up and dropped me at the hospital,now inside the hospital as there is no elevator he literally carried me up the stairs,to the doctors,This stranger was with me till my parents arrived,now its been almost 7 years since this incident,im still in touch with the guy,he's an example of goodness in toady's society

  3. @saimegh - As we completed our 3rd year in engineering , I & my friends made a plan to participate in Hybrid car challenge . We started building car in March 2k17 & after a lot of involvement finally finished .We moved fromChennai to New Delhi for participating in event.This is my first visit to North India , we got into competition & stood 9th place from all over India . We planned to see beauty of Delhi so we took Car & covered few places .While returning to Lodge(2 AM) ,We were stopped by Thieves they Gun pointed to one of my friend & looted everything (Mobiles,wallet), luckily they didn't took car 😛 . We moved to near station & filed a case regarding this but nothing went smoothly. One of police(Pratap) from that station came to us & enquired regarding this case . Nothing left in my pocket everything is looted & we are worrying how to return to my native ; Next day that police helped us by booking Train tickets & Gave 5k ... Getting help from stranger is amazing . We all decided not to share this Stupid experience to anyone haha

  4. @michael11 - During my internship in France, I experienced a tremendous act of kindness. On a weekend I had gone to visit Bordeaux. I had planned to roam round the city and return back on the same day. Unfortunately, I missed the last train back to my place. I didn't have enough money to get an accommodation. Meanwhile, I met two guys from Pakistan who probably sensed my plight and approached me. On asking I told them about my condition and without hesitating they invited me to their place. I was kinda relieved but a little skeptical. Anyways, without much options left, I decided to accompany them. On reaching at their place I realized that these people were illegal immigrants and several others were staying at this place. Despite of the scarcity they provided me with a separate bed and homemade food.
    Next day I left with a different attitude towards life and people. I have made a point to be kind and helpful towards others. I hope people learn from this.

  5. @sanmi - In a hot summer, I was lost in decoding the arts at Lalit Kala Academy where a exhibition of arts was going on. Usually I am there in almost every art exhibition, and spend a lot of time because of my love for art. From the back a hello from a stranger surprised me. He introduced himself and told me why don’t you join Steemit? I was completely unaware of Steemit so it went into a conversation where he explained me how I can post what I like and get rewarded for that. And that is how I landed here. But starting here was not an easy task, but the stranger went further to support me and advised me to start something unique and that is how a new beginning started: The Caption Contest. And want to know who the stranger was? It was @sanjeevm

  6. @finance2nomad - It was the harsh winter of 2009, just after the global financial crisis hit the world which affected me deeply. I was at a gas station and just done with fuelling my car. I felt miserable and really wanted to go back home. Unfortunately, I left my wallet on top of my car when I drove off and it fell on the road. The guy who found it went above and beyond to get it back to me. He told me he first tried to chase me for 10-15 miles in the wrong direction for him, without success. Then he called all the numbers on the back of every card in my wallet and told people that he found my wallet and gave his contact information. Soon I had people calling me from my work, my daughter’s school, my bank, my insurance company and personal contacts. Forever grateful.

I read some incredible stories in the entries and it was a very difficult decision to make. I'm so thankful to everyone who shared a little bit of their lives with me and other users of the Contest channel!

Winners-i’m glad you guys were patient until I announced the winners. I’ve been travelling a lot due to work and timelines can get pushed forward sometimes.

Contest #15

Let's get on with the 15th contest and it’s quite simple. I'm sure many of you will participate in this. We’ll run this in the official contest channel on Steemit.Chat. I will close this contest on Monday evening if I can get online to remain on schedule. I’m travelling again in less than 24 hrs. So, we have about 3 days to go.

Create a Sentence with These Two words!

  1. 1 Entry per person.
  2. Form a sentence with Wabbit and Bibble.
  3. Keep it short under 150-200 words if possible i.e., don’t write a very long story.
  4. Post a single comment in steemitchat-contest channel with your entry.
  5. You have until the next Monday till this post pays out or my announcement in the channel closing the contest (whichever is earlier).
  6. There will be 6 winners. I will choose 6 responses that I like the most. Winners will get an equal split of the SBDs from this post.
  7. Multiple entries will lead to disqualification so kindly post a single comment in the chatroom!
  8. Contest will take place in steemitchat-contest channel on Steemit.Chat.

You are also welcome to drop more Steemit.Chat contest ideas in this post or in the contest channel and you may get some SBDs if your idea gets selected for a future contest.

Let contest #15 begin!

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I'm sure everyone has told this to you, but THANK YOU for this excellent work, promoting the work of light in people's daily lives is a great initiative, which multiplies the feeling of joy in the rest of human being. And make us do something similar with others. Congrats, the stories you just shared here reminded me of the kindness that lives in every human being

Thank you for the kind words! :)

Hi @firepower!
Regarding the 14th contest, could it not be written in Spanish?
Thank you

Nice meeting you here, is really nice though

Didn't believe I could win. Seen my reward and am in for this too

Awww, but it was a touching story indeed. Congratulations!


The Wabbit and Bible sentence is it going to be at a specific part of the story like the beginning or the end, or it can come anywhere in the story

It can come anywhere. Use it as you please. No particular order for usage.

Thanks, submitted my entry.

Upvoted and resteemed! When is your next contest?✌🏼😁

Brilliant! I will read it properly after the night's sleep and try to participate. let's see. Good Night!

Look forward to your participation!

Is really interesting

Every story has something in common:-

Problems- Trust- Solution

@firepower you are one who always try to introduce us to other steemitians either by blogs or Meetups. Again a nice blog to read.
Here goes my upvote ( although it doesn't worth much ).

I wished I had seen this earlier
I recently joined the steemit community, and I really love what you guys are doing. Its like a family thing

@firepower you are quite superior to the angel @gallantmayor's story on the ,#14 contest. Thanks for you great work on steemit and to minnows

Missed this time also, looking forward to this contest. Thank you @firepower. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for sharing ..nice post ..

upvote and resteem done

I'm sure everyone has told this to you but thank you for this excellent work, promoting the work of light in people's daily lives is a great initiative, which multiplies the feeling of joy in the rest of human being and make us do something similar with others.
Congrats, the stories you just shared here reminded me of the kindness that lives in every human being.
Thanks for your valuable post sharing.
I appreciate this blog.
I wait still your next post and Congratulations to the winners.

work that need a struggle of success is always steemit ..

Great job.
Keep promoting and supporting steemit

greetings from aceh.

Wow this was a cool theme I hate I missed it

@firepower you guys are doing great job here. Congratulations to the winners.

spectacular work you are doing @firepower, and congratulations to the winners for their great work they did.

Your Post is going to Re-Steem, so that your work and that of the contestants will be seen by my followers.

Life happens man :) I'm sure everybody understands and nobody will have hard feelings. These 2 words really opened up my inspiration. Good thing you have a limit on text, otherwise you would be reading a book. xD

Congrats for everybody! 😁😁😁

@firepower : I have an idea for contests. Why not ask the dating experience in India? Like tinder experience 🙂.


I wish to be a part of this,how do i go about it

Really beautiful contest 👌💐

Hell yeah brother keep them coming!!!

Hi, I'm new here don't know how to go about this...what of contest for the worst break up lines??

Wow, thank you @firepower , it feels privileged to get a spot in your post and winning the contest.

Oh my, is it supposed to be a personal experience or can it be a fictional story?

Faith in humanity restored. Thank you for this.

thats great time i will try my best ....

I wanna participate too ...

Hi @firepower. Sorry to burst in here. Needed you to help me by taking a look at what I have mentioned on this post here and offer some ideas , suggestions. Someone transferred all of my few SBD to their account

wow very nice concept, I need to set my mind to right short story 150-200 and this time i may quit trying but hopeful for next time contest, as you ask for contest theme/idea suggestion so i would like to suggest that we people have some childhood memories sweet or bitter we would like to share, so if possible you can choose this for next #contest choice is yours 😊😊😊
thanks for this awesome contest on #steemit @firepower

firepower amazing dear you are briliant very nice great i am proud of you i am learning from your post about steemit

please is the objectives same with the past Contest #14?
please i need a reply cause its quiet confusing .

Thanks for your valuable post sharing.... i appreciate this blog. i wait still your next post. best of luck dear friend

I want to join :) ..

This is awesome @firepower, I have submitted my entry for the first time actually, hope to participate in Future contests too. Great job sir.

upvoted and resteemed.

Upvoted, nice initiative

@firepower this is my entry to the #15 entry. Thanks a million for the opportunity.

Congratulations to the winners.

“My friend Tiddle, do you know that you do bibble when you munch on your favorite snack bar? Would you please stop making those noises while you eat?” I requested politely, before throwing him out of my office for his constant distraction.

“What are you working on, Bobbit? You were so focused that I had thought you didn’t notice me in the last twenty minutes. I’m glad you heard my bibble otherwise, I would think you needed an ambulance.”

“No worries, Tiddle. I’m designing a wabbit right now, and it requires my full attention. You’re not invisible, and I’m not ignoring you.”

“A wabbit. What is that? Is it a rabbit cartoon character, like the Bugs Bunny, Bobbit?’

“No, you silly. A wabbit in computer programming is defined as “a self-replicating program that (unlike a virus or worm) does not infect host programs or documents and remains on the local computer rather than spreading across networks of computers,” I explained.

“I see, but why do you want to create a wabbit, Bobbit?”

I laughed before answering him, “To prevent you from fishing on my laptop. The minute you try to click on my personal or financial folder, the folder will undergo self-destruction to prohibit information leaks.”

“Wow! That’s amazing, Bobbit. I’ll create my own wabbit too,” said Tiddle.

Badhayee ho 😛

Badahyee hoo