Happy Birthday Steemit — We're Turning Older Together Once Again!

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Steemit turns 2 today and it's also my 30th birthday. It feels amazing to come this far having faced a ton of ups and downs last year. I've been under the weather for the past few days and I'm on my vacation currently. But it gives me great joy to write this post and mark this moment on Steemit.

The past year has been incredible and I've managed a decent amount of community work. These initiatives including execution of Steemfest 2017 has led towards running my witness. I will continue to onboard and support users from India and I'm trying to solve a few challenges in this area. India is a big market and if it gets enough support on Steemit it could prove beneficial to the entire eco-system as we scale.

These past 3 months have brought so much of travel that it's almost unbelievable. I'm far away from home, in a North Eastern state of India as I write this post. I've organised several meetups and a couple of presentations on Steem blockchain in the past 3 months and many other activities in 2017. This has helped many users come onboard and use the platform and I'm in talks with a few investors as well.

A year ago the price at this time was 16 cents. Today we're at $2. It's a significant improvement from last year to now and I'm positive that a year from now the price would get even better. It's important to onboard new users here but the challenge currently is retention. This is because there's never enough VP to support everyone we onboard.

Communities and SMTs are expected to be the game changers. They are supposed to solve some of these issues. We need these features today but there's no certainty or timelines for launch of these projects.

In any case most of us who depend on Steemit will just have to wait it out. Meanwhile, I remain positive about the year ahead and I hope to do a lot more work towards building up our community and bringing people together from different parts of the world.

I will be home soon and will update on some current projects including my witness. I will also start a new contest for Steemit.Chat and maybe a second one as well. Meanwhile if you like the work I've done in the past two years you can vote my witness here: https://steemit.com/~witnesses. The link to my witness proposal is below.

I hope you continue to enjoy Steemit as much as I do. Happy Birthday to the Steem Blockchain and Steemit and I wish all the users here a great year ahead.

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Happy Birthday to all the Steemit'ians today !

It's awesome reaching this far in a short time. It shows how each of us is playing a part in the uprising of steemit. Every time we write content, upvote, resteem. We are making someone on the platform be grateful for joining steemit. You @firepower has shown an example in the enormous amount of activity you create on the platform. The multitudes of votes you give out to different users when they write great content has played a huge role in keeping users here and attracting more to join in.
Congratulations for your birthday.. And congratulations to steemit.
Looking to more and better years ahead.

Ya, it's awesome. Congratulations to all steemians.


Thank you for the kind words man! I appreciate your regular presence on my blogs. :)

Wish you many many happy returns of the day @firepower . You are an inspiration to many of us Indians. What a coincidence that you made your entry into steemit on your Birthday!

I know that many investors are needed to make steemit better. I talked to few people and asked them to invest in cryptocurrency,especially steemit. But they don't seem to understand anything. All that they have with them is Money in millions. By using your influence and experience,I think you will be able to attract some investors from our country.

We can do somethings together. Although its been two years,still steemit is in its infant phase when it comes to India. Supporting contents in our regional languages having translations in English will do wonders. We some keralites are thinking of creating Malayalam contents with translations atleast once in a month. We active steemit users are very very very few in numbers. We can do something revolutionary if we work together.

Again happy birthday @firepower and @steemit . In btw I have selected you as my voting proxy. Hope you can do great as a witness.

Ya sir, @firepower is always inspiration for us. Happy birthday you too @sathyasankar.

It is our second birthday on steemit, I mean. Sir.

These are some very good ideas that I think can be addressed to some extent when communities arrive. Thank you for the wishes and stopping by on my blog.

Happy birthday sir, may you live long and prosper. Looking forward to your even greater achievements in the years to come. More firepower to you.

Thank you very much! :)

Happy 30th birthday to you, with persisitence, courage and determination, the world is at your feet for the taking.
Happy birthday to Steemit too.
Stay great as you progress.

Thank you for the wishes and stopping by. :)

Happy Birthday!! Have a great year. I love it that you get to travel a lot. May you continue achieving success in whatever you plan or aim for. Have a great year.

Thank you :D

I have been following you for a while now, and it has been pretty impressive to see all the efforts you put in and how helpful you have been. I can only wish you strength, as i stand, rapt in awe of your commendable and tireless efforts. Well done.
Happy birthday to you @firepower
Your influence goes higher than a tower
Your efforts will bud as a flower
Keep going stronger and never lower
Enjoy your day.

Thanks for all the kind words bro! Hope you have a great year ahead!

You are most welcome. Thanks, i sure will, and you too, enjoy the best always.

Happy birthday 😃

Thank you :D

Happy Birthday @firepower and happy Birthday @steemit we will enjoy together...we will grow together..

Thanks dude! :)

lovely post dear @firepower

Happy birthday @firepower and happy birthday steemit world.The two beautiful factors will become our life changing factor by their outstanding works .

Thank you very much! :)

2 years is a good time , great development has happened . But compared to where we are heading its tiny . We have huge walks ahead . Congratulations to all steemians and specaialy @firepower . Your devotion on and off the field for Steemit is well recognised . I can only promise third year i will make my commitment towards healthy progression of steemit and probably onboard a few thousands more to our community .

happy birthday to steemit.

Thank you very much! :)

Happy birthday! I think Steem has the potential to be worth over $100 in the long run.

Thank you :)

Happy birthday bro and today iam also celebrating my happy birthday,we both have same birthday 😇

Many happy returns of the day @thecrytotrader...

Thanks a lot mam🙏🤓

Have fun... :)

Belated Happy Birthday :D

Haha thanks and belated happy birthday to you also.🤓

Happy Birthday Dude!

Thank you :)

@firepower Meghan, enjoy your birthday in Himalayas

Thank you :)


Wish you a many many happy returns of the day brother. May God bless you wealth and prosperity in your life.

Thanks a lot dude! :)

Wow what a coincidence:-) Once again a Happy Birthday to you @firepower and great platform steemit. Thanks for your strong belief in steemit and making us to be a part of this great platform where we can update our content and showcase our talent

Thank you very much! :)

Carlton still has the best dance moves.

Happy birthday @firepower and steemit. It's a moment of great joy for me to see someone from India reaching to such a height on steem world. I am new here and recently searched trending 'India' tags and saw your posts. I am very active on Facebook but now I have decided to give more time to this platform which has a great potential to be the largest social media platform with rising value of steem and sbd. Definitely I will vote you for the witness as it would be a great thing for us to see a fellow Indian like you as a witness. I have seen many Indians here who are very active on this platform and earning decent amount as well. I am following you and will always support every effort to promote this platform.

Wishing you and Steemit happy birthday once again.

Thank you very much for the wishes and the kind words! I hope in the long haul it benefits users from our country greater than ever before!

Happy Birthday @firepower and it is not a coincidence that Its the Birthday of STEEM too but both has reciprocal relationships. Enjoy 😉. All the best!

Thank you very much dude! Thanks for the multiple wishes here and on discord. :D

Also in @geetharao madam’s post :D

Would you call that a coincidence or a normal happening?

Steemit's birthday and your birthday on the same day.

I'm only new on the platform and judging from your write up, it's amazing that Steemit has achieved this feat.

And you also, despite the challenges, you're holding up. Stronger and better.

You know, it's Steem's birthday today but I think it's safe to say it's our birthday.

Because without us, there will be no steemit.

Without people like you who believe strongly in Steemit, there would most definitely be no steemit.

Have fun today and don't forget to keep a share of the cake for me.


Thank you very much! :) Really appreciate your taking your time out to write in detail. I hope some of the features that need to come to improve this place, arrive soon. I hope you continue to enjoy using Steemit.

I hope it does too....

Thank you very much.

looking younger at 30! happy happy birthday!! :D hope you had a great one! keep the fire burning!

Thank you :)

This is so cute, happy birthday @firepower and steemit. Life is full of ups and downs. But it shows how determined you are because you came out winning. Cheers

Thank you very much.

That same birthday is something to be proud of. Your birthday is also for you

True that. Thanks :)

Happy birthday
Thanks for post

Thank you for stopping by. :)

Thanks for sharing..
Happy birthday..

Thank you! :)

Finally turned 2 ;-) Its been amazing journey till now on steem it. Great platform to earn something and for communication and to remain updated from current news in currencies world. Happy birthday #steemit #steemitrocks

So far so good. Let's see where we go from here!

Happy birthday Steemit and all steemians <3

Happy birthday to u and steemit.

yay! Thank you :)

Seems like you liked North East India so much after the last meetup that you decided to take a vacation there haha!
How's it going so far?

Yes I did! Went back to NE again but this time it was OK.

Hmm, your method of celebrating birthday is completely opposite the typical way; going away from people. Peace of mind is good, especially from that annoying Happy Birthday song. lol

Happy birthday steemit

many many happy returns of the day

Thanks a lot! :)

wonferful firepower...wish your birthfay..
thanks for sharing...

Thanks a lot! :)

Happy birthday man. Have a good one!

Thank you very much bro! :)

Happy birthday to us!

happy birthday to steemit!

Oh yes, let’s make tjis community to an community the world has never seen before. Happy anniversary to everyone ❤️

Happy birthday to steemit and happy 30th birthday to you ....
You haven't posted the winners for the previous contest yet

Thanks. I will be posting in the next few days and resume the contest as well. I've been on the road lately and that's made it very difficult to do some basic tasks.

Ohhh yeah I noticed that ... sorry about everything though... maybe you need a personal assistant

Very well done, @firepower. More strength for you in your endeavor. Good news too about the new contest(s), but I wonder what would happen to the current one? The results have taken a while. Are they cancelled? Cheers.

Contest is delayed due to constant travel. I haven't had the time to read through the responses and pick a winner. But i will do that over the next few days and resume the contest. :) Thank you for being so patient.

Happy Birthday to you. Wishing you all the best in life and more blessings to come.

It is really great for Steemit to come this far, I am sure it was good for you guys that were there at the beginning. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you. We all have our journeys to undertake here. Just have to start small and work our way up.

Many Many Happy Birthday @firepower

Thank you :)

happy birthday steemit and happiest birthday to you sir @firepower. Enjoy your day today and may God bless you always.

Thank you :D

Happy birthday. Live long, go far. !! :)

Thank you :D

Happy birthday @firepower and happy birthday steemit. You both are doing very good work and continue doing it, its your 30th birthday, hope your all wish come true."party to banti hai heheheh".


Thank you very much! Party when the price goes to the moon again :D

Happy birthday to u and steemit. Wishing you lots of success

Thank you very much! :)

happy birthday to you, may you long and healthy always.
I will upvote and restem

Thanks much!

yes, if there is time please help me yes

Wishing you a happy birthday, @firepower! 🎂

Great work promoting steem! You continue to have my witness support.

Thank you. Appreciate your support! :D

Happy birthday to you! and to Steemit too!

Thank you. :)

What a coincidence! Happy Birthday @firepower and steemit! Wish you more growth and progress in steemit! Keep up the good work !

Thank you very much!

Wow..i like your birthday..i appreciate this blog..so nice india..

Happy birthay

Happy birthday @firepower
Please remember the last contest you hosted. It's a long time and we have not heard from you.

Thank you

Thank you very much. :) I will be back with new contests in a few days.

Hapy Birthday..🎂🍾🍹 Wishing you everything of the best 💃

happy birthday all member steemian...
wish you all the best.....
i hope your always be success...


Thank you. :)

"Happy Birthday Buddy. I will always pray that your days in the future will always be for new hope for you. Despite many obstacles ahead, remember I will always be there for you. Happy birthday @ feripower .... "

Thank you very much! :)

happy birthday to both you and steemit! the big 3-0! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Sir you have been a great motivation to me and always love what you write ....You are the only reason I am in steemit today... I have been a very new member in this community wish you more success to you sir ...Feel proud to see a Indian Steemian so successful... Happy belated birthday to you Sir @firepower stay safe and blessed..

I have also posted a happy birthday wala blog for you yesterday do see I'll feel lucky enough if you read once... Thank you jai hind Vande mataram

Thank you very much! :)

Gosh you're a youngin' at only 30 @firepower :)

And Happy Birthday to you. What a great age to be alive

Thanks a lot man :D

Hello @firepower. We would have been celebrating it together if I came out a little earlier. I'm 18 today. Please can I get a resteem from you? Thank you!!!!

Thanks a lot dude!

happy birthday to steemit and happy birthday @firepower, you were so lucky that you discovered steemit that early.

Thanks a lot! I think it's not too late now. We're all still quite early to this place. This place has a long way to go.

Happy Birthday to Steemit and Firepower.

Thank you :)

Great post and happy belated birthday! Being new to Steemit it is so interesting to see the difference in price from last year to today. With it seeming like it is plumeting that longer term view is a nice perspective.

Thank you :) I hope the market changes course in a few months.

Happy birthday to you, and to @Steemit. Thanks for all you do for the Steemian community. I've been away from the platform for a while, and glad to be back and getting into blogging again.
Best wishes from the Winelands of South Africa

Thank you very much! :) I'm glad to know you are back here. I hope you enjoy your stay on Steemit.

Happy Belated Birthday @firepower :)

Thank you very much :D