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RE: Steemit Paid Voting Bots Guide Part 2: Return on Investment (ROI) with actual numbers , not speculation: @RandoWhale, @Booster, WhaleShares

in #steemit7 years ago (edited)

Please do not upvote this comment. This is to who you how much WhaleShares gives you for 2 SBD. WhaleShares actually doesn't allow you to upvote comments, but I saved the info from the main post upvote as $1.65


Trying the minnowbooster bot on this comment. I spent 2 SBD, which is about $1.98 in USD. Assuming no payout fade in the next 20 hours, the author reward return will be 75% x $2.42 = $1.82. This is a loss even with no fade. The bot had a voting power of 39% at the time of this vote.

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