5 weeks and 550 followers later...Top 12 Things I Learned On Steemit

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I joined Steemit around June 13th after much anticipation and waiting to get my account approved. In the 5 weeks since then, I already am starting to feel like I'm not a newbie. I'm know there is still a lot to learn, but I find myself explaining the basics to newbies now...so I must have learned something along the way. I have compiled a list of the top 12 things I have learned, in no particular order.

1. You have to put in WORK to move up in the Steemit world

Unless you are a YouTuber or Blogger already with a lot of followers, it will take effort to get followers on Steemit. This means writing quality posts that take a lot of time even when you get 20 views.

2. Most readers tend to speed read

...unless the subject matter really really interests them. Using bullets or headlines to organize your posts makes it easier to read and get your point across. Avoid using run on sentences and don't have 20 sentences in one paragraph. Make it easy to read.

3. Use Images!

Pictures are so important to a good post. It keeps readers engaged by providing the visual image to what you are talking about.

4. Humor!

You have got put some humor into your posts. Laughing makes everything better.

5. Don't Be Fake

You may fool some people, but it'll probably catch up with you at some point.

I see way too many users on Steemit say they are a day trader or stock/options/forex/energy trader. First of all, it's very rare of any one person to be a pro in stocks, options, forex, and energy. Pros tend to stick to small segments so they can become experts. Second, anyone who has bought/sold crypto could be defined as a trader....but that doesn't make you a professional trader. That would be like me calling myself a basketball player. I play for fun...I'm not a pro. Big difference.

6. Develop Your Brand

If you dance around too many subjects and styles, it may be hard for readers to really differentiate you from others. It's going to be easier for you to write good content if it's something you enjoy and like to talk about.

I see too many people pretending to be something they are not because they feel it's a trending topic. Doing that just hurts your brand. Instead, try talking from the point of view in what you are an expert in. Are you a marketing guru...talk from that angle. Are you a surfer, talk from that angle.


Steem is going to the moon, Ether to the moon, we will all be driving lambos and making it rain.

Fuck that...see number 5 above, sometimes you have to keep it real. Even if it means a lower payout on a post. You'll gain more credibility if you keep it real.

8. Quality followers are the most important thing on Steemit

I have found 3 ways to get quality followers:
  • Interacting with people that comment on your posts.
  • Finding posts/authors that interest you and comment/upvote their posts.
  • If you have more time, then find some interesting channels on Steemit Chat

See my post on why quality followers are so important if you want to read more.

9. Follow for Follow doesn't help you

It gives you followers, but those followers don't care about your content so they won't upvote/comment. Without upvotes/comments, you won't generate interest or income from your posts.

10. Do your own math before using bots

I have seen so many posts about how much money bots make you. A lot of these posts are written by authors trying to win contests setup by bot creators. I have read some of these "how to use" and "how to make money using" bot posts. Majority of them are crap. I have even asked some basic questions and the authors usually don't know. One guy even posted a pretty handy calculator for figuring out bot return...except he didn't write it. When I pointed out that there was a math error on the calculator, he had no response.

Everyone is claiming to be a pro. Read what they have to say, and then do some basic research before you put your money into it. Most bots lose you money, some make you money if used correctly. See my post on bot returns I did a week ago...it's probably dated by now, but you can get a sense of the process.

Here is quick/free tip for bots: Randowhale and MinnowBooster can make you money depending on how much voting power it has, but you have to check that before using. Booster and Whaleshares lose you money 95% of the time.

11. Don't blindly follow just because someone has a lot of followers

The more followers someone has, the less time they have to interact with each of those followers or to read your content. Read their content first and see if you even like their style.

  • Would you care to read spam posts about how to make rental income?
  • Would you like to see a million pictures about a random resort in the Caribbean?
  • Would you be interested in reading a post with one line of text and then a video about someone hanging out and talking about nothing?
  • How about a post with no text, just a youtube video, and then 50 thousand cypto addresses for you to donate to them.

You can find all of those on the trending feeds on a regular basis. You may enjoy that type of content, but I don't care to see any of those. I get enough spam in my email about timeshares, I can go to TripAdvisor to see resort pics, I sure as hell don't care to see videos about someone doing nothing in their yard, and if I have to scroll through 2 pages of your stupid ass donation addresses then I'm not even going to bother to upvote/comment.

These authors may be doing something right if they consistently make it to the trending page. Some get bot votes, some have a huge following in YouTube. Unless you do the same, it probably won't work for you.

12. Don't post about large quantities of bitcoin or Steem you just bought or sold

Scratch that...people love this shit. I'm going to try this out soon.


I have definitely done some trial and error in the past 5 weeks, and you may have to do the same to really see what works for you. Hopefully, you can get something out of my experience.

If you have read a couple of my posts, what do you think my brand is? Curious to hear from you!


Totally true im not looking for followers for followers its doesnt bring anything and dont give you upvote.

Yeah...I tried it when I started...then kept getting spammed by those authors asking me to upvote their food recipe posts. Not my cup of tea!

Making quality comments on posts has definitely given me the best ROI in terms of gaining followers.

Great post! Really enjoyed it.

Thanks for the comment. Checked out some of your stuff as well!

I knew you wasnt Aziz, you not funny like him, just joking lol. Great Post! UpVote Follow - ReSteem! Good Luck!

LOL...are you really an African Prince living in Oregon? Jk...thanks for the follow and resteem!

LOLZ @ 12!!! I think you did a good job on this list. I might add that this SHOULD be a community. I am here for the interaction. I leave comments and interact with comments. I always say do what you enjoy doing and don't worry about the money. The money will take care of itself.

I totally forgot about this post and number 12! Guess it does work after all!

Thanks for sharing this with us @financialcritic!

I always like to read these kind of things although I like to speed read (I guess I belong to the group of users that you mention with point 2). Your post it lengthy, but not too lengthy and it didn't matter to me. Great style :-)

No strange thing you have 500+ followers already ;-) Keep on going!

Thanks for the comment! If a personal time management specialist thinks it's just the write length of post, then I'll take that!

From my 3 weeks of experience, you hit the nail on the head. Especially concerning some quality trending posts.

I started seeing some real results on steemit when I focused more on interacting with people, than writing my own stuff. More often than not, it seems that adding to a discussion is better than starting a new one :)

I really enjoy your brand, which is also your name ;)
Look forward to seeing more posts from you(I read all the words)!

Yeah, I actually picked up on the importance of interacting from you, @charles1 and @lydon.sipe. The 3 of you are everywhere in comments I read from other authors! I need to do a better job of that.

Lol...I forgot about my name on here. I guess that does kind of give away the brand a little.

I actually clicked on your profile since the name got me interested, so yea there's that :)
Commenting also feels good, better than writing half-assed posts (did a few of those). And since it's not too timeconsuming, it's a nice way to contribute with some thoughts.

Also, it does not hurt that when you comment on a good post you get eyeballs from a lot of people vs. having your own post reach 10 people. So it's a nice way to attract quality followers without having to spend a lot of time making quality posts. When you finally get around to writing a masterpiece, you'll actually have someone reading it :)

You write great comments....should definitely write some posts!

Very good points. I try to do the same. I think you may get the majority of your followers that way, which makes it a necessary first step, and something you can never really stop.

I like these parts : `; Would you be interested in reading a post with one line of text and then a video about someone hanging out and talking about nothing?
How about a post with no text, just a youtube video, and then 50 thousand cypto addresses for you to donate to them.
You can find all of those ;
this is true and I even saw the same video today and ignored it because am tired of clicki ng and watching how somene mad thousands of bitshares video just for me and others to use his code and make him more thousands.
@financialcritic I really like your content and wish you more success. Will be doing my 1 month birthday too.

Thanks! It's crazy and motivating seeing some of those videos actually succeed.

Yes...very crazy indeed and I use to watch , comment and upvote when I joned new last month but now, I just ignore as it dont really add value and belong to Utube.
However they still make it due to auto voting and their voting power.

Numbers 1, 4, 5, and 10 characterize your blog to me.

You ponder your craft before posting to the world and do it in an entertaining and genuine way. It is a blast to read and gain insights from someone as educated as you are.

Thanks, I appreciate it. And I really enjoy reading your posts as well. I need to find a way to see more of your stuff on my feeds. Maybe I follow too many from my "follow for follow" days as a minnow.

It is hard to keep up with more than 200 or so people.

Fuck that...see number 5 above, sometimes you have to keep it real. Even if it means a lower payout on a post. You'll gain more credibility if you keep it real.

Keep it real Aziz!

Such bad language!

Nice one! I'm still figuring things out here as well. Following a lot of random people is definitely going to clog your feed with posts irrelevant to you and choke up the good stuff.
I guess the trick is to find your crowd and grow with them.
When you're big enough some of the rules won't apply anymore 😁

Yeah....too bad there is no easy way to filter. I'll have to look in the Steemit database to research the people I follow today.

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