Steemit experiment:just follow 1000 random steemit users.

in steemit •  2 years ago 

WOW! that's amazing. Just for an experiment I decided to follow 1000 steemit users randomly. Now I have 347 followers. That's crazy the rate of conversion is super big.34.7%.Thanks to all who followed me back. Do you follow back your followers?

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I didn't pay much attention before, but I'll start following back now! Good strategy to gain more followers Iwon!

That's awesome! Yes, i follow everyone back unless they post things that are offensive

You did amazing there :) and now have one new follower <3


thanks' I wanted to follow you but you are already in my following list :-)

That is quite the interesting experiment.
i usually follow my followers back. You never know what you are going to see or learn. All the best ~ Chris


thanks Chris

Follow me for a 34.7% chance of me following you back! :D


you was in my list before :-)


yes I know ;) Just thought it was a funny line lol

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

But are they quality followers? Quantity is not the only name of the game here. 1000 minnows ignoring you and spamming follow for follow requests and various ways to ask for steem, are not as useful as one interested follower who is or works to become a whale.


maybe you are right but this was just an experiment. In my opinion is beter to have 347 random followers when you a new on steemit than to have 0


Maybe so, maybe not. I went follower beserk when I started too. two weeks ago. Now I have over 500 I follow and its time to clean house because the top 25 produce all my comments, ups and resteems and the rest just weigh me down and do nothing, so now its cleaning up time, which is not easy here to do efficiently or accurately or quickly without a lot of clicking and checking who is who. Apparently this is a common minnow way to end up. Good luck though!


thanks for your reply ,time =big washing machine


true that!

I'd consider this an "artificial" audience.
It's kinda the same follow for follow nonsense you see on platforms like Twitter.

Organic audiences ( followers gain through engaging content) are definitely going to be more effective on a platform like this.

I only have 250ish followers, but have gotten every one through people reading my posts.


Meaning those followers are far more likely to read and engage with my posts. Following 1000 people means your feed is going to be so cluttered, you'll never read half of the posts that show up. Are you planning on continuing to follow 1000 people? Or now that you've got your followers, are you going to cull your list?


thx for your replys, of course quality is better than quantity. but remember this was just an experiment. now maybe I'll unfollow all the rabbits:-) I have time to consider it.

Very Cool strategy :)


thanks, you can tryit yourself:-)

YOU know what you'd have to PaY ... for 34.7 % !!! - ))
WELL D'ONE !!! - ))
i had a FUN IDEA .. to FUNneL the GeographY !! - ))
... what do you think of this
... at any point in the day ... if people comment ??
YOU could stop IN .. click it UP - ))
.. and get an even ..HIGHer reTURN - ))
... maybe ))
Wanna have some FUN ... 5,000 by august ?? - ))
... lets talk ))
with everybody ))))

greb'Z )


thanks for resteem .
thats great ideea


.. and thanks for the reply ))

Interesting experiment. Did you do a spot check at say 100 and 500 by any chance on the conversion rate?


Unfortunately, i didn't .this happen so quickly that I did not manage to do so. :(

Yes! I follow back and like to make friends. Friends are the best way to win support and help them in return. : )

that's great :)
I followed you back :)

Hi Thanks for Tip :) just followed u! also if anyone is reading this.. will follow u if u add me too :p

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I did .. at firat but my home feed would be flooded with sometimes some iffy stuff..... ima go quality not quanity... I wish there was a way to go through my followers easier.. some of them had good stuff but takes to long to go through the list... i got time soon.. will do it then

I always try to follow back, sometimes I fall behind but get them followed, I always follow more people than follow me, sometimes I thought it was sad but screw it, it doesnt matter Ill just keep following more than follow me

Nice experiment .
Just to let you know, now I feel used !