Rolling Out Steemit to Tacloban City Philippines

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Recently we at ExploreTraveler wanted to help promote Steemit to our international following. We decided to pick a city that we have a strong connection, and internet following from Facebook. The place of choice is Tacloban City Philippines, and our followers here have started to get setup. We have two accounts there so far @marylizacaindoy and @iamthebeloved now someone might think two accounts is small. However word of mouth is very powerful there, and we have a goal to get 100 people signed up just in Tacloban City.

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For this project we have created a closed facebook group that the members invite people too, and we post documents, how to posts from steemit and more. There have been allot of questions, and one in particular was "how do we buy bread with this?" Now that is a really good question, and we found the answer by converting to Bittrex and then moving the bitcoin to a wallet. From here you can sell your bitcoin, and have the money send to your local bank account in the Philippines. Now we recommend looking for people to accept steem or bitcoin as a better solution, and over time this could happen.

For the group itself we have 13 members, and we are ensuring that we vote on each others posts before 30 minutes, and help to get each other noticed. This was very difficult, and cannot really be done without automation. Now I know some people don't like the bots but in this case it makes since for us to use them. ExploreTraveler is a long standing group of people from all around the world that interacts with hundreds each day. So if we can slowly build a group here in Steemit we believe seeds can be planted, and other countries will begin to come on board in larger numbers. We have very strong following within Asia, and so we are targeting these people within the largest city's such as Tacloban City, Taipei, Hsinchu, and Jakarta. We feel if we can establish a ten person core of active users we will have a base to grow out from. Once we arrange our next trip we will organize everyone into a Steemit conference to better explain what we are doing here on Steeemit, and why we feel our time, money, and effort is warranted.

It is the goal of ExploreTraveler to show people from around the world how by engaging in the new Knowledge economy here on Steemit can help themselves, and others with information and knowledge. Steem earned from our posts have been going to help promote the groug, and to promote posts from group members to get better established here. Your support is greatly appreciated, and we will keep everyone updated as this group grows.

Here is the latest post from @pilgrimtraveler and @marylizacaindoy below. Please support our group authors, and help ExploreTraveler roll Steemit all around the world.

The Hope of Yolanda (Haiyan) Sorvivors

Travel the World Recipes ~ Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie

If you have come here from our social media channels such as FaceBook or Twitter consider getting your free account, and make sure to follow all of us @exploretraveler @pilgrimtraveler @johngentry @vetvso @johngentryjr @karengentry @elijahgentry @floridagypsy and we will follow you back.

"Helping bring the world together one friend at a time. So travel and discover that the world is full of wonderful people." - John Gentry @johngentry

We have a great travel tip audio book that will help you can purchase it at Audible --> Here 

 Happy Travels,

ExploreTraveler Team

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For now this group is by invite only, and a rolling list of steemit accounts is posted within the group so all members get followed by each other. I then have them added to our curation, and auto voting bot that supports ExploreTraveler group members. This helps us to support our members from outside of steemit when they join us here. There may be better ways to do this but for now we have found this to be the most effective. Each member volunteers for this, and they can also ask for this to be stopped at any time. Once we have the needed functionality I am expected to move this totally over to steemit.

Our plan is to become the largest and highest reputation within the travel tourism sector here. We love international travel, and like telling others about new opportunities.


Agreed and hopefully this post will let others like @ned @dan @donkeypong and witnesses like @klye @charlieshrem know and provide feedback on how they would prefer we roll this out. Since I don't see many pre-existing brands here (under 5 maybe) yet I am really unsure what the parameters we should following. Maybe a referral system would help but I think that will need more time.


I have been invited people in SEA into the facebook group so we can can talk with them better.


How should we roll out Taiwan? What about all of your business connections there?


At the moment only our investors will be getting accounts here, but I don't expect they will be active. Unless something changes, and we are able to setup a conference or something so they can answer questions.

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