Why small ads on Steemit.com are a good thing

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First of all, if you don't want to see ads, go use another front end like busy (that is actually what they want) or use an adblocker, but stop complaining about positive progress.

For the first time in months, they actually listened to the community and started creating different streams of income to get the development team back on board, and now people complain about ads, which by the way aren't even there yet.

They clearly stated that they will try it as an experiment, nothing is set in stone yet so calm down.

I don't think they will use annoying popup ads, just some small fakebook like ads as the top post of the trending page for example. At least that is how I would do it. That does not disturb the user experience at all. Even Reddit does it.

It's a good thing, and if you still don't want ads, there are two ways (listed above) to never come in contact with any ads on steemit.com

Update: Ads seem to be enabled for people who are not logged in. Several people have reported seeing the ads. I can't see them when I log out, but I don't know why. They are at the bottom of every post and in trending, hot, new and promoted.


I've no problem with it. Ads should add value to the blockchain and help fund further development. I've said with a long time that we need external sources of revenue. I'm just glad to see steem inc making some moves again.

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Agreed, at least they are trying something new and will take the feedback from the experience into consideration so it is a positive step towards finding a sustainable model for their business which we implicitly have a stake in as well.

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No doubt. They should implement for example google ads as an experiment and use the money for further development.

I would say opposite. If You want to see ads switch to other layouts :P

It is good news to see the ads. We need revenue. but where are ads? I cant see them?

There are no ads yet, they are working on implementing them and probably negtioating the contracts.

Thats a good and positive change

It's better to divide the ads revenue into two, 50% to buy back steem and burned it and 50% for the development.

They have no intention of artificially boosting the price by burning some (read at least 50 million to have some effect on price) Steem. If the price explodes in the future it must be user/speculator driven. It would look scammy to outsiders and would probably hurt the reputation of Steem even more if they started using ad revenue to buy back and burn Steem.

Yes it's all about reputation, what if they distribute it to all user equally probably based on vested steem power. In steem form.

But that does not increase the price of steem and increases inequality even more, because high staked people get a lot more distributed if you base it on vested steem power.

I don't think they'll want to do that. The revenue generated will be for Steemit Inc's use only. If they decide to buy and burn steem, it could be seen as an act of benevolence.

Or even worse as an act of market manipulation.

No problem with ads as long as they don’t then track my social media/net movements like FB.
Also hope this helps get the Steemit project back on track and brings token price back up! 🔝🔜

Having controllable amount of ads can greatly aid the development of the platform or help funding other projects, I think this option can be implemented on Steemit for funding. The best practice is an option so that users can select whether if they agree to see ads or not.

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To me, i feel this is positive because it shows that the largest stakeholders on the platform finally decided to listen to some people. At least i haven't seen any yet. Ads aside, if steemit inc can find a way to fix the promoted tab on its UI and make it even more attractive to use than bidbots, it could drive bot owners out of business and reduce the amount of Steem in circulation.

The problem with the promoted tab is, that people don't seem to click the promoted tab very often. It feels like voluntarily watching ads. The good posts are in trending and hot and there is no easy way to distinguish posts that have been promoted via bidbots. So If you want to watch trending there is no way around the bidbot posts. But there is a way around the promoted tab. In my 1.5 years of steemit I maybe clicked it 5 times and I feel like other people don't click it as well.

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