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Making Your Steemit Life Manageable

This is my 3rd entry in a series of tutorials on utilizing Steemit more easily. The goal of the tutorials is to reduce the learning curve associated with becoming a Steemian and growing your account and presence once you've joined. I know firsthand that this is no easy task and my mistakes have cost me hundreds of dollars in errors. Many new Steemians can't afford to make these kinds of mistakes and often get frustrated to the point of leaving the platform.

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Regardless of your level of commitment to Steemit, all the tools and resources that I review and suggest are useful and help eliminate expenditures of your valuable time.

Please give me feedback and suggestions on resources that you think should be highlighted and how I can make these tutorials better. I'm no expert and certainly open to learning more from the community. I also ask that you forward these on to people you know that may have need of improving their navigation on Steemit. The more we all grow within the platform, the better and more attractive the platform becomes (and the more valuable).

A Quick Video to Walk You Through Steemauto

I've attached a quick video on Steemauto and the features it provides. You can visit the site here - Once you arrive, log in using Steemconnect.

Here is the video -

Additionally, you can find out even more from @mahdiyari in this post -

Video Outline

In the video I show you some of my favorite functions of Steemauto and how/why to donate to the project.

  1. Support the initiative of @mahdiyari and his group. They are doing a great job helping advance the Steemit community and deserve a little SBD/Steem love if you can spare it. Every little bit helps.
  2. FanBase is a great way to add the people you follow on Steemit and give them automatic upvotes. You can set the voting power percentage, the frequency per day, and even how many minutes after the post is made to upvote it. Very cool.
  3. Curation Trail - Automatically set the parameters of following your favorite curators like @qurator or @curie. You can choose voting power percentage, frequency, etc.
  4. Auto Claim Rewards - Steemauto will automatically make sure your curation and author rewards are claimed and rotated to your account. It does this every 15 minutes. This, as with everything in the service, is optional. You decide.
  5. Schedule posts in advance. You can write and post them to Steemauto and set the exact time and day you want the post to go live on Steemit. This is a great function for those that can't write a post every day, but have time to create some in advance.
  6. Automatically Upvote Comments - You can set your account to automatically upvote the comments from your most loyal friends/followers. If they post a comment on one of your articles, you will give their comment an upvote. Once again, you decide the value and time of the upvote in the settings.

Final Thoughts

I hope you find the tutorial useful. Please comment below and share your experience and/or suggestions. I look forward to making new friends and creating solid relationships so don't be shy.

All the best to you on your Steemit journey.

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Steemauto image stolen from Steemauto - I don't think they will mind.

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Thank you @energyaddict22
Can I add a link to this post in the FAQ page?

Absolutely, I would be honored. Thanks for all your work, it is sincerely appreciated.

Thank you for your commentary it is very informative very clear and to the point I will be using this tool to help my page and I like automation very much thank you for adding to steamit. I will add you to my list also so that others can get this information

Thanks again for this great post and video.

I think the tool is great, I've been seeing a bit; I'm going to review it with my platform friend @gellyarenas, to see what initial advantage we can get ... the FanBase and the Schedule posts in advance, in principle I think it can be very useful. Thank you very much to all of you for making available to the new ones on the platform, this type of tools:

Greetings @energyaddict22

Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you find the tool useful. Let me know if you have any questions.

Great post and great infos. Thank you for sharing. Don’t hesitate to check my blog for interesting posts !!!

Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you found the information useful. All the best to you.

Actually, yea they are useful. Keep us updated with your information.

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Amazing Features and functions. Thanks for sharing @energyaddict22

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