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RE: Will You Be My 1,000th Follower?

in #steemit3 years ago

I really enjoyed reading your progress over the course of the last eight months. Being new, it can be quite discouraging to see some of my posts only make a couple cents. I used a couple bots recently and I was feeling guilty about it. It’s nice to see more established people using them too. I promised myself that I would continue on for a year trying my best to see if this platform will work for me. I really believe that this is the best opportunity out there for someone like me that has never written content before to have a chance at blogging. I also want to thank you for the opportunity to submit a story to the supernatural writing contest. I really hope that there are more contests like that in the future.


I am glad that you like the post @emmyem84. Why feeling guilty using bots? Using them also increases the curation rewards for people who upvote your posts. Whales who have a lot of money and bought hundteds of thousands of Steem do not feel guilty upvoting themselves generously!

I never thought of that! You are right! I guess I was feeling guilty because I felt that the post wasn’t getting most of the payout with upvotes from other people. But you have made me feel better :) thank you!

I felt exactly like @emmyem84....I'm also new. This is a really good explanation! I didn't think about the curation rewards being bigger for upvoters. That's awesome! Thanks for this explanation.

Thank you @nomadicsoul for your comment and I'm glad the info is useful for you.

I could've written this same post myself! Haha I feel the same. I'd like to read your supernatural story! I'll try to find it on your page @emmyem84. I just wrote one as well! I'm not sure why I felt so strongly compelled to do it...because I've never been brave enough to share my story before.