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The countdown for the hard fork has officially begun!  6 days and 4 hours to go...... You can check it at https://steemd.com

Active users and Authors looking excellent today ! 

Yesterday I was a little bit unclear where the price will go.... looks ok today... trend is still up...

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As I've said before, the only number that is important to me in these early phases is daily active users. We are finally seeing that trend up with some consistency, here's hoping it continues :-) Thanks for the data as always.

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I'm a very new member of the Steemit community. I've been devouring the FAQs. What does a hard fork mean? Does it cause a sharp revaluation of the Steem currency?

I have to follow you with that Name @steemlocomotive . I love Steam Trains

Its a change of the economic model of Steem, the inflation will be reduced to 9,5% a year. At the moment we have to many supply, so thats why the price went down so much. The hard fork will change that.

I see. So reducing the inflation will presumably increase the demand and raise the trading value?

Looking positive

As I wrote yesterday: We are building a bathtub formation

Whats that? Can you explain?

The left hand side ist finished - we are waiting now for the right hand side uptrend :-)

Thank you for your awesome reports! I enjoy seeing Steem go up and I find your reports informative. Thank you again!

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