How to avoid being down voted, and be more authentic

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Many of my friends have been downvoted, resulting in loss of gains they have made, and this could occur due to many reasons.
We must know that the basic concept of Steem is authenticity.
Today there are a lot of Steem fans who want a clean steem world from intellectual rights thieves.
You should also be warned about fans likes @guard, @steemcleaners, and others as they will not hesitate to reduce your reputation and make you lose your profits; if you take the work or ideas of other people and attributed to yourself as an author.
This applies to images as well; when you use an image, you must indicate the source of the image if it's not yours or from a free soruce websit.

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Dear friends @darsh79, @houssam6677, you should read this post.

good articl thx for infos

@ehabakhdar thanks for the in details instruction, it help new user's like me.

You are welcome my friend

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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