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Is it really worth bidding for an upvote from bots?

This is a question I've been asking myself for the past few days now. So to solve this puzzle I decide to experiment with some bidding bots.

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Well this isn't a candid question that demands a “yes” or a “no” for an answer. It all depends on what you want from the bot. There are three things the bid bots can do for you.

The bid bots can:

  • Turn your SBD into an upvote to give your post some rewards.
  • increase the possibility of your post getting in the hot list and gaining more exposure, if you place your bid earlier enough.
  • Give you some few extra points towards your reputation.

The Money:

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Well if you are only after the monetary profit, I'm afraid to say. But in most cases a bid bot won't earn you much and at times you could even end up bearing a loss. But If you know how to time the bots you'll actually get a healthy profit out of it.

Some people recommend bidding on an upvote for your posts which are already 6 days old, so you get the return on your investment sooner, and can then bid again on your next oldest post. This can give you some good returns, but remember 50% of the rewards from your post is paid in steem power, so you can't depend on bots to make money. You'll definitely run out of SBD, or only afford to bid smaller and smaller amounts.

You can use this website designed by @yabapmatt to keep track of when some of the most popular upvote bots, with their current upvote value, total bid value, max profitable bid, and time left before next upvotes begin.
Screenshot_20180218-130832.pngScreenshots taken from the above website.


Many people see the reputation score as just a status symbol. Well having a high reputation doesn't actually imply that you will get more rewards or follower. The puzzle is still there unsolved if your reputation has more of an effect on anything. Although you are not going to be a rockstar just because you have a high rep score, but it's still great to have a big number next to your name, isn't it🤔?.
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It's quite easy to boost your rep score. All you need to do is get others with a higher reputation to upvote your posts. Alot of bots have an average reputation score and may not add much value to yours.


Using an upvote bot can get you to the hot list. But once you're there what you have to present comes into the equation. If you make it there and what you have to show is of no good standard, your post will fall like a stone acted upon by gravity. And you will have a wasted opportunity to have gained some more upvotes and extra followers.

images (2).jpegExactly what happens when you post shits😉.

Getting your posts to show up in the hot list isn't difficult to achieve. All you need to do is time your post to coincide with a big bid bot vote.

Brand new posts with a few $ already in the rewards will gain you some exposure. NOTE!!! The upvotes you get after that depends on your post quality and the appropriate use of tags.

The Conclusion:

If you use the tools you have wisely you can surely make some profits from bid bots. You just need to play your part and know when the timing is right. But a junk post won't earn you more than the rewards you bought from the bot.

There is no substitute for quality

unnamed (2).png
The best way to make good rewards is by creating good contents. Don't just drop a picture and expect it to generate mega bucks, unless you have a lot of powerful friends upvoting your trash. Make your post valuable by adding a story. It will generate more upvotes and followers which will yield bigger rewards overtime.

Do I use them? No I haven't tried them yet, but I've carried out some logical and mathematical experiment on them to guide you and help you decide if you should use them or not. After all that's what I'm here to do (guide others)🙂.

You can use the bot to gain some more rewards, but always keep in mind that there is no substitute for good quality for long term gains.

Thanks for reading through my thoughts on biding bots🙂.

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Great post providing reasons why Steemians should consider using the Voting Bots, a few weeks back, I also created a post providing information to the Steemit community on how to use the voting bots, here's the link to the video, if anyone needs more info on how to make use of the bots to generate the most value....

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I use the vote bots often and many times you get a higher SBD payout alone from what you paid and the STEEM is just extra profit. It is rare that I get less SBD than I paid for but even then I still get essentially free STEEM so you never lose money using services such as minnowbooster (at least in my experience).

I guess minnowbooster is a good one to try. I'm not certain because I haven't tried their service, but I'll do some practical experimentation with them to give some list of reliable bots like minnowbooster🤔. Thanks for sharing your experience☺️.

Appreciate the info. I am going to RESTEEM because I think it's valuable. I'm still learning the ropes around here so have no opinion, but one day soon I'll revisit the issue. Thanks from a little fishy.

You're welcome @mistermercury. I grateful and I really appreciate your reward for my work. Thanks a million for the resteem☺️. I've gone through your blog and I've decided to follow you because your contents really catch my interest👍.

Thank you brother from another mother.

increase the possibility of your post getting in the hot list and gaining more exposure

Yes. But if you use a non @grumpycat compliant 3.5 day Bot you will be hitted with a down vote

Oh that's true I came across @grumpycat today while surfing the net, but I'm sorry I don't really know much about @grumpycat at the moment, but I'll research on it and update this topic. Thanks for the highlight @resteem.english☺️.

My philosophy is "Don't use the bots at all". I personally feel that people who insist upon using bots are just admitting to me that they're unable or unwilling to write quality content.

I think it's not that black and white. People who use bots are sometimes just expanding their portfolio, as it were. You might find plenty of users who post and curate creatively and authentically, but who wish to speculate on the vote as well. It's just speculation. And I'm not sure whether I'm opposed or against. I will say, though, that this platform subsists on originality and creative content. So bot-votes fundamentally pull away from that at first glance, but I'm not so sure they're a bad thing. I'm on the fence.

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Hmmm you're actually right in a way and also wrong. I don't fancy it though. But I'll disagree on this fact for some reasons. Well lazy bloggers depend on bots to earn from Steemit. But like I stated in the post, the bots aren't for those who post shits as they'll only bear a loss, but for those who take advantage of it to get their good contents to the hot list for more eyes to see.

I'm still under the impression that you could get to the top like that without having to use bots at all. Sure it's easier to just use a bot, but honestly I'd rather have myself found organically rather than through manipulation.

Yes. You can. And plenty of us will. I'm not a bot voter generally, but have done it. Most my stuff is organic curation. I prefer it. But there are days I can't make it on here, and I would like to still make an influence on the success of others. So I delegate my votes to someone who can vote for me on a chain. I dunno....there are several applications that are positive.

I agree sir that's very possible but almost impossible for a newbie with a little or no follower. I use the word “almost impossible ” because I don't believe in impossibility. But to be realistic, that's very rare in this community.

But if you have an advice to get us there I'll appreciate it very much,
thanks for your time sir ☺️.

Simple network marketing in "Relationship Building". Notice that I leave comments on blogs that are relevant to the subject of the blog itself and I keep responding to replies. The tool is there, just have to use it effectively. I'm not even 2 weeks in on this site and I'm growing. ;) Without bots.

Thanks sir for the tip☺️. I really appreciate it😇.

No problem at all. It's worth noting if all you talk about is "Money money money" you'll turn people off, unless of course you're some sort of business class investor talking about the finer points of the craft.

Otherwise, you can simply look at the kinds of topics I tend to post and see the kind of network marketing I perform. Primarily things about the deaf and other misc topics that catch my interest.

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Turn your SBD into an upvote to give your post some rewards.

Upvote Bidding Bots will only return to you 0.375 SBD of their Upvote Value. In 90% of cases you will loose.

Exactly like I stated before. If you are only interested in the monetary profit you'll end up losing in most cases. But if you want to get your good posts to the hot list you'll need to use the tools you have at your disposal wisely. And if your contents are really great as stated you'll certainly earn more from the bots.

You put a lot of work into this. Some great insights into the bid-bot scenario. I think you've got some value here. I like what you said at the end best, which is there really is no substitute for quality.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yeah that's true Quality is the master key, but it's obvious that many steemians don't know this or are just too lazy to work harder to deliver something of a good standard. Some will just drop a picture expecting the picture to generate some SBD, and when they aren't getting what they expected, they decide to boost their rewards with a bot.

Or, more likely....they ARE a bot. There is pretty decent bot-created content on here. At first glance. But it's insulting.


I really like this one love the pictures you choose as well as the content. I too have been debating the whole to bot or not to bot thing . I 1. don't think I have enough SBD's and 2. I kind of like the steady growth and the more organic way of interactions human to human. But thank you for this information. I also have started a Facebook place to connect. I will come check yours out. I just started mine and I only have some invites out there. so not much to look at except my own couple of post right now just put it all together last night. But that you so much for the info. Hope you have a great day.

Yeah my day was great☺️. Thanks for the compliment and the time you spent in digesting my content, I must say that I'm very grateful.

And for your Facebook group, I'll love to be a member, please can you help me with the link☺️?

yes I can the group link is:
and the page link is :
I just finished it so we are just starting out but it will grow and it s a place so that we can find each other and share what we are doing. If we like a post then we can upvote or resteem it etc. but not a requirement. I want a space that can be kind of a free spot you know
so I hope to see your request to join soon.

I personally think it's better to get upvtotes the old fashioned way

There is no substitute for quality.

Thanks for the good post. So, what you're saying is, the voting bots may be useful for higher exposure and reputation, but won't do much in making money, as SBD would be easily run out by using them continually. Got it. Thanks and followed you :)

You're welcome☺️👍.