An Open Letter To All Steemians and especially Whales...

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This is an important post, and brings up some issues and themes that I haven't seen being discussed on Steemit. I feel that the time has come for us to have an honest and open discussion about certain issues that most of us will have noticed on Steemit, and indeed in life. As we all know Steemit is a unique and functioning model of Anarcho Capitalism, combined with a social network that is open to all people from all walks of life. Many of us who have joined Steemit have done so because we have seen the value of this decentralised model, and how it can be used to bring our world into a new paradigm. This paradigm shift is happening very quickly now, and Steemit is starting to draw a lot of attention and traction. This is incredible to witness, and gives me a feeling of hope and faith that in the future this world will indeed become a much better place for us all to live in and prosper.

When we join a system that is truly global we will always have a great diversity of opinions and truths shared amongst the people who use it. It is obvious that we will not all agree on each others ideas, and that is part of what makes Steemit very special. There is nothing like a bit of conflict, debate, and hopefully resolution to encourage our own growth and perhaps refinement of our own values and beliefs. This is great! I have seen so many differing opinions on Steemit on topics like whether the earth is flat, or whether climate change is a total government made hoax, or indeed a phenomenon that is a result of human actions. I have also taken part in these debates, and offered my opinions based on my own feelings and knowledge on the subjects. This is healthy, and I always welcome opposing ideas as they give me the opportunity to challenge myself and either firm up my own beliefs even more, or consider changing them!

What I have noticed on Steemit lately, however, is something entirely different and I would like to shine some light on it so that we may start to discuss this as a unified group of different people. When does a healthy debate become toxic? When does an opinion become a fact, and should an opinion ever become one? Scientists have the humility to say that there is, in fact, no such thing as a scientific fact. There is only evidence that can provide more proof about a certain hypothesis until the weight of that proof becomes so vast that scientists accept it as 'fact'. Nevertheless, they are always open to being challenged on these hypothesis because we have to have some degree of humility that nothing in life 100% certain! When I have challenged people who claim the Earth is flat, I have always kept that small 0.1% chance that I am wrong in my back pocket, and that has allowed me to listen, and be receptive to whatever others are saying. When i REALLY don't agree, i may simply give my opinion and then move on. I have never flagged someone for proclaiming something that I don't agree with, however far fetched it may sound. That is the first point I would like to make, that we can all use a bit more humility in our conflicts, because if we don't, we may give up the chance to admit our mistakes and improve ourselves.

This theme is something that I have seen being played out by several Whales of late, and it is the Whales I would like to address this part of the post to. Before I get into the guts of this, I would like to say that I KNOW that most of the conflicts and flagging that I have seen are due to people with very good intentions! Nearly ALL the whales I have seen who are either flagging or being verbally abusive are doing so because they TRULY love Steemit with all their hearts and would do pretty much anything to protect it. I totally understand that, and I feel the same way, which is why I am writing this post. In my opinion a flag from a Whale is tantamount to a slap on the face. It is an aggressive action, that is often combined with quite harsh words or comments. There are times when that is OK, and even justified, but those occasions are rare!

I would like to share a recent example that I have seen because I have some actual knowledge and understanding of the situation and it highlights an issue that is occurring in many different instances. There is a group on Steemit called @familyprotection, and that group is led by two Steemians who have set it up because they have the belief that there are Great injustices happening worldwide relating to the unethical removal of children from families by Social Services (CPS). In fact both of these people have had direct experiences with this and know that there is a serious problem, and they have decided to do something about it using Steemit as an uncensored platform of discovery and funding. Their plan is to accumulate funds that will one day be used in their entirety to protect vulnerable children and parents from very serious abuses and injustices. It is a very worthy cause, and I happen to know them both well enough to say 99.9% that I totally trust them, and know what they are doing is absolutely for all the right reasons. They are both extremely integrous people! A few days ago a very respected Whale (it really is irrelevant who it is, as this point is the same for many Steemians who are acting in this manner) has decided that what @familyprotection are doing is wrong, and even felt that they are in fact scamming the system and not being honest. This opinion was also shared by a minnow who was very abusive, and felt strongly enough to throw some quite serious allegations in the face of @familyprotection.When I read both of these peoples comments, and saw the extent of flagging, it really upset me. The utter irony of the situation was that these two people were quite anti conspiracy, and whilst they felt that @familyprotection were totally lost in their conspiracy theory, they were in fact also playing into the hands of the very same theme! I could sense no openness to knowing the truth, or any sincere attempt to find it, ask questions, or engage with @familyprotection. Instead it was like they were judge, jury, and executioners. This is a disturbing trend, and one that I have seen with quite a few other people. I do not want to point any fingers here, because it is not important who it is, rather it is important to understand why it is.

With great power comes great responsibility. Those who wield the Steemit light-saber are the ones who will shape and guide this platform to wherever it is that it is headed. Let me ask you this, would you slap someone around the face in real life for having a different opinion about something? Should we not behave on Steemit as we do in the real world? Why do some people get SO angry about opinions that they do not share. Is this not how we learn and improve as human beings? What benefit do we bring to Steemit by abusing people we do not share our views with? How can Steemit grow to be a respected and popular platform when we do not respect and honor each other? What is the future of Steemit if this theme continues, and escalates? How terrible would it be if SteemFest 3 became a punch up between disgruntled Steemians? It is my belief that if we don't start to tackle these issues that that may well be the result! We need to temper our emotions, and understand that there is a difference between having righteous anger and simply being angry!

I would like to put a plea out, especially to Whales, but also to everyone who participates on Steemit. PLEASE everyone can we chill out a bit!? I mean let's take a step back before we end up being the people that we were trying to escape from. We have come here to be part of a brave new world ( I hope!), and it is US, right here and right now who are going to determine whether Steemit becomes that beacon of light for others to look up to, or just another boxing ring for people to fight out their differences. Let us PLEASE remember why we are here, and KNOW that by acting out on intense emotions that we can easily do more harm than good. Emotions are running SO high these days, this world is changing before our very eyes, and it is SO important for us to understand this. We can't afford to mess this up, we cant afford to risk losing this JUST because we feel strongly about one issue or another. Our personal issues and stories are not as important as the system itself, and we need to protect Steemit with our utmost care and integrity. Its just NOT ok to slap someone around the face and even rob them, just because we do not agree with them or suspect them of one thing or another. We MUST employ a certain degree of humility, because nothing in life is certain, and having that feeling allows us to act in a way that is compassionate and honest. I have a upper second class honors degree in Biology, and yet I cannot say with certainty if the Earth is flat. I would say that 99.9% that the Earth is indeed round, but i always hold that 0.1% in my back pocket because nothing in life is sure. By doing that I am able to bypass an awful lot of anger and frustration, because its only when we think we are totally right that the arrogance of abuse and threats rears its ugly head.

Let us ALLOW and encourage everyones ideas and opinions. This is REAL anarchy here, and there are no rules, no ways to act, no one to dictate how everyone should be. We all act in the way that WE feel is right. We all do what WE thing is correct, and through the consensus of the entire community we find balance. This natural balance can only arise when we allow everyone some space to be themselves, and we have to give everyone that room to move so that Steemit can evolve to become the incredible platform that it is shaping up to be. If we over control and try to direct and dictate it too much, we will suffocate her freedom, and the game will soon be over.

I hope this message reaches you in the light that it was intended. This is the most important post that I have written on Steemit, because I am one who is also desperate to see this world change from a place of abuse and over control by Governments and State to a world of true freedom, prosperity and diversity. If you are someone who has been very protective of Steemit by flagging and writing abusive comments, I implore you to consider these words and think about what really is best for the platform as a whole.

Live long and SteemOn!



Good is awareness like this that helps us make better decisions on flagging etc.

It is very telling for the situation on steemit that this "top comment" gets 50% from you and 100% from greenman himself, to a sum total of $ 5.16, while my long, thoughtout, bit of work comment gets 1 cent by appreciative but "poor" mountainjewel.
Now I´m really tempted to buy me 30000 SP, so I can play that game myself 😘

You can lease SP for 1 day to get the job done :-) I think your comment was absolutely the best @likedeeler and greenman makes absolutely a fool of himself here.

i think that is a bit harsh, but i respect you and your opinion.. we just have to let the natural balance of what we think is a good post or comment play out.. u may think likedeelers comment was the best.. that is great.. then upvote it.! but why start on this complaining / critical track when we are all Free to show our support where we feel it is deserved.. WE cant expect everyone to share our opinions..

this post could have been flagged to hell,, and if it was / is i would accept that without freaking out, (i would be upset) but its OK because i have to go with the flow on that..

Thanks mate!
Ah, I can see clearly now the rain is gone!
As long as there are guys like you on steemit, not all is lost!

haha.. that is the MAgic of anarchy.. i have no issue with GM's self vote.. since it really not abuse.. Esp when you consider HOW much GM gives to others and in SO many ways... we have to give space for others to do as they feel is appropriate.. im also HAPPY he gave prominence to his comment as he is respected and good that people see his supportive message

Yes, and I am particularly thankful that he thereby gave me the opportunity to piggy back on his prominently displayed comment, and have my comment made more visible by his actions. 😇

But now, thanks to bubke and gentlesoul, I don´t need to do that anymore.
Thanks guys! 😊

Thank you Alex!

I must admit, even though these recent attacks on @familyprotection will not stop or hinder this community in any way! It did feel like a GIANT slap in the face!
One that still stings a bit if I'm honest!

Thanks to my wonderful partner I have developed the ability to see good in all bad situations, which is why I am happy in the knowledge that the @familyprotection community pulled together and showed true solidarity when faced with such unprovoked attacks!

We are even Stronger now than ever before!

I´m happy for you that you grow through adversity.
Back-slapping might be nicer, but it´s the slapping in the face which wakes us up.

100% upvote for this very well articulated post @eco-alex! Glad you're taking the high road here and not mentioning these "Blockchain Justice Warriors" by name as they do not deserve any recognition other than exposing their destructive and toxic behavior. Its time the men of STEEM take responsibilty and lead by examples like yours. Thank you for sharing this post and putting into words what so many have kept silent about. Keep kaBOOMIN over there!

"Blockchain Justice Warriors" got me laughing. I am really surprised that he could resist the temptation of not mentioning their names. Good post.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions!
I never liked them flags because they can become a tool of oppression in the hand of some bully with lots of SP, used to punish opinions which go against the beliefs of the bully.
Since the weight of a flag, like an upvote, is based solely on SP, the whole thing is very capitalist, like in the real world where money is power.
You use the word anarcho while describing steemit, but apart from that everybody can post what they want and this cannot be censored because it cannot be deleted from the blockchain, there are the same power structures and central mechanisms in place as in the real world.
The small fry is sucking up to the big fish in hopes of some crumbs trickling down. And flagging somebody into oblivion and invisibility is a kind of censorship also anyway.
@familyprotection, however noble their cause and intentions, are also playing those steemit games by rewarding only what fits their agenda, by trying to keep their comment sections clean of adversary opinions, etc.
I can see why somebody might think that what they are doing is a ring game and reward pool rape, though I personally believe there are lots of other people, doing real damage to steemit with scams and reward pool rape etc, and people who are serious about making steemit great again should first go after those guys, so the fact that they are going after @familyprotection leads me to believe that they have a disagreement on opinion, but this is not what flags are meant for.
I like how you bring up the aspect of humility. Basically we should all understand and admit that all we are doing here is voicing opinions, nobody is in possession of the absolute truth.
Everybody must have the right here to voice an opinion, however weird in the eyes of others, without having to live in fear of being flagged for that.
Also everybody has the right to get their fucking feelings hurt by others, nobody and nothing should be off-limits, because that would lead only to some form of self-censorship. 😎
So live and let live!

Interesting comment @likedeeler.. I have pick up on the comment :
"by trying to keep their comment sections clean of adversary opinions, etc."

I really don't see that is the case.. whilst they obviously don't want to see people slag off what they are doing.. they are really not TRying to do anything .. more than rewarding people who contribute their stories or valuable stories

also, i would not say they are playing games at all. This is FAR from a game to them, this is real stuff and they are simply generating awareness and fundraising for real life action..

It is the case and it happened on your own post where me and likedeeler had some different opinions. I really felt we were slowly moved down in the comment section.

We were not slagging off, just adversary opinion as likedeeler expresses very nicely.

Thanks for the assist.
Since I am cursed with a very good memory, I know that I am right in that regard,
but I just couldn´t be bothered to dig up some hard evidence for proof.

sorry, what is the case exactly,, i think im missing something?

well said likedeeler-- many great points!

Everybody must have the right here to voice an opinion, however weird in the eyes of others, without having to live in fear of being flagged for that.


and nothing should be off-limits, because that would lead only to some form of self-censorship

that's at the core of it, i think. a difference in opinion is not the reason for a flag-- that's just plain censorship! and if steemit turns into an economy like that, it wont be the place we hope it can be. it wont reach its potential certainly to help build new inspiring structures and ideas for humans. we'll self-censor to fit into whatever the people with high VP want... or we'll leave. yuck!

Right on, @likedeeler! I can't speak about the parts about @familyprotection because I haven't seen that, but I haven't looked hard, but I do think they are ultimately trying to raise money for a cause, so I understand only upvoting comments rarely and specifically to their cause. What you said about how this reflects the outer world of capitalism is super spot on to me. People with money squashing opinions of the little guy in order to get more power and control the conversation. It's a problem, and it needs fixed. Can we depend on those with power to control that urge? I don't think so. I just don't have that much faith in human nature.

Good job. yes you are right. We are free to convey our opinion and ideas on steemit and most of steemians accept it with open heart. We need to motivate and encourage others to maintain a healthy environment on steemit.

thanks for stepping out on this very important issue. it is one of those issues that must be addressed perhaps over and over again as this trend of human nature to be judge jury and executioner- especially when there is power behind it (in this case, in the form of a flag) becomes dangerous if it's not brought into the light.


this is one trait that humans have that needs to be brought up in these cases and i'm so glad you're doing it! a call for reflection is one of the greatest tools we have and, as we're all here under the premise of creating a different sort of economy, one built on abundance and anarchy, it behooves us to continue this trend in consciousness to be able to reflect upon our reactions.

a reaction is a reaction, but it doesn't have to lead to a flag. steemit becomes a different sort of place if people, without doing research, without conversation or earnest desire to know, start to flag other contents which they deem incorrect. it becomes a place that truly i don't want to spend my time because it turns into just another typical realm where alternative voices are shut down. i think there is enough room for all of us here on steemit and there's truly no need to put a flag behind disagreements like that. if you find yourself triggered, as eco-alex wrote, communicate with the person and leave room for a change of opinion even within your own mind. as reflective beings, we owe it to ourselves and the future of steemit to do that! we are cocreating this community!

allow cognitive dissonance within your being, be open and research alternative opinions unless this place is to become another homogenous regurgitation of the mainstream & food porn and recipe display!!

Good to see your comments here! But I'm betting you've put up recipe's on your blog!! But point well taken. Indeed, can we not dig a bit deeper into the human psyche and find some light, some source of love, of hope of purpose that raises us above our primal instinct to kill that which is foreign to ourselves?

Can't agree more with you.

To me flagging something that have full heart desire to help others is pure bullshit. Don't see anything wrong with @familyprotection, just the opposite, their only intention is to help families when THEIR children want to be kidnapped.

I know about what whale you are talking about. What I saw, he didn't explain why he flagged them. He only gave few sentences without real arguments why is @familyprotection wrong and what is that bad in what they are trying to do.

thanks for sharing! <3

No problem, it's my pleasure.

This is where humans part in any platform will fail the greater good.
Hard will it be to agree on everything, as long the cause stand by itself and proof is showing to help, it should not fall to a scrutiny of anyone.
Keep on steemin'

@eco-alex "I hope you will receive this message in the light that it was intended. This is the most important job I wrote on Steam, because I am also desperate to see this world change from the place of abuse and from the control of governments and the state to a world of freedom, prosperity and diversity."
1: I would like to thank you for the topic. You are a good and humble person, I have become very respectful to you.
2: I agree with you in every sentence I said. We make steetit dew house and we are a big family. Each of us has directed attention and each of us likes to cling to his opinion and this is very good to have a touch in oneself. But there is no need for fanaticism. We use the grace of steemit and we are like the family and each one of us expresses his position in a calm and beautiful way to discuss with him. I wish everyone was thinking of owning.
I am sorry if there are some mistakes because I do not know English very well.
#restem you post

LOVELY comment.. i especially like the term the Grace Of Steemit! very nice!

It is paining to see flag wars between some big whales.Most of the time,I'm afraid of expressing my opinion here because of these big flags. I got to know many new words like 'Reward pool rape' and all only after entering into steemit.

As you said,This post must get the importance it deserves because you are discussing a very serious issue..'Intolerance' would be the most suitable word to describe this insane attittude.. @papa-pepper had posted this evening covering almost the same issues you try to convey here..But he was particular about one single issue.

The belief that 'nothing is absolute' is must for one to be helpful to self and others.Hope this message will reach the ones who have the actual power.

thanks ! i will check papa-pepper's post out!

This is a really great message, and an important one not only for the steem blockchain but also for our personal development as human beings. It is so often the case that the truth cuddles somewhere between all opposing viewpoints, and many times in my life I have been so sure about some thing or some perspective, only to find myself through a turn of events learning to see with new eyes, from another perspective.

To appropriate your analogy, we know that Earth is neither flat nor round. It is actually an oblate spheroid, ie. something in between.

Love and Light to All!

I can still remember the great flag war of '17. Cruel, dark times indeed on Steemit. I pray for a brighter future for us all in this brave new world..

Great post btw @eco-alex. Very well said. Humble pie for everyone - from minnows to whales

Thank you eco-alex for writing this, it has been disheartening to see this go on really, and at this level, surely we can all rise above this and accept that yes we are all different, we all think and act differently and that is something that we need to accept. We have a great opportunity now, to be the positive example of how the world can move forward. As you have said we all realize that things need to change, but how can that happen if we fall back into pettiness and competitiveness. Be the change you want to see.

Great post. As a newbie on here I have to tell you that the entire downvoting/flagging system is a little chilling. It's one thing to be able to downvote just to express disagreement with an idea, but since on this platform that comes with flagging consequences for the recipient, it should only be used when you think someone is being harmful to the community or abusive. By that standard, it is those who attacked your friends who was the ones deserving downvoting.

I've dared to enter into conversations on here with people with a lot more SP and reputation with me, and I have to confess to tip toeing around eggshells somewhat. There is such a power inequality that you can only really dare to express agreement unless you want to risk triggering someone with the power to really hurt your entire experience on this platform.

Occasionally I will dare to express an alternative view or at least an additional angle on something, but I always do so knowing I'm taking a risk. This can't be good for fostering the open communication among diverse viewpoints that is needed to solve the world's problems and create the world's next level of delights. And that would be the possibility of this platform if we can just get the etiquette right.

Thanks for this, be brave, speak ur truth. U will be protected!

With all the topics and people I follow I didn't realize this was going on until I saw this post.

I completely agree. A difference in opinion should not be a reason for a flag. We all need to keep our minds open to different possibilities and new information.

I also recently came across a conspiracy post that was flagged by a whale and it did indeed seem like censorship. It was a well written article that presented many facts it was just the conclusion that was disagreed with. When this happens the community needs to rally for the cause. Which I am glad seems like the case here. -Matthew

Edit: I had a hunch and after a bit of digging it turns out to be the same flagger. Not really sure what is going on with this account. But he is receiving a large delegation from a rather inactive account.

If you would feel comfortable naming names, it might help others of us steer clear of this person.

I think to not draw unwanted attention to this post I will refrain from naming anyone.

Here is the post I mentioned though. It should be easy enough to see who flagged it.

Thank you, and absolutely understood!

I understand you are very concerned with the health of this social network. It should indeed be 'social' xx

Thanks for bringing attention to this, @eco-Alex. Since I came on, I have been disturbed by this childish and petty behavior. My first exposure to it was seeing someone post about how their child was injured from a vaccine. People are allowed their opinions on this topic, but to flag a plankton whose child was permanently injured is just sick. And to flag @familyprotection for trying to help people threatened with losing their children is also sick. It's a fundraising effort, ffs. Maybe people don't want to hear it, but it's the "cap" part of "Anarcho-cap" that is the problem. I am not saying I have the solution. I don't ever want to see end of civilized debate. I don't ever want to see censorship, but this punishing people with different opinions stinks a lot like fascism to me. My .02, and you also have my .02 and my gratitude for having the cahones to talk about it.

The whole flagging issue is huge, and goes back to ebays feedback on some level. Honestly i have not seen a perfect system. But my own feelings are this. When somebody flags something, 4 random reviews should be made of that claim, Pay the reviewers some small amount of steem, and let the reviewers see who gets the strikes. How's that?

There is no such thing as a perfect system, agreed! I think the ONlY solution is peer pressure from other whales.. but judging by the lack of whale comments id say that is a longnway off! Lets see what happens ;) we can only hope

In other words, if you flag something, 1 rep is coming off somebodies account, either the person flagging, or the person who was flagged. The reviewers decide.

Steemit has the potential to free the world from oppression, but like all new worlds, those who discover it or create it, will want to reap the benefits and remain on top. They see this as an investment, not a social network site. For them, it's great if SP, or SD continues to rise, and they see anyone getting anything over 25.00 dollars as "raping the reward pool." They aren't adverse to seeing "chosen" people getting rich, just not everyone equally.
I've been trying to use Steemit as a way to make extra money, but so far, I've only watched my estimated worth drop. (shrugs) Maybe it's because I don't have the time to post everyday.

Im not sure i agree that they only see it as investment. Most vested people also see it as a lot more than that, but they want it to be a certain way... thanks for your comment!

@eco-alex Thanks for your view... When the worth of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable... I think its high time whales rise up to sensitize and educate the platform... That i am right does not make you wrong, we are just viewing issues from different perspectives...

Joining a cause is optional, If you do not feel right about a cause, just move on, its not meant for everyone, so can it not be forced on you

If government do not understand a concept, their immediate response is to ban/abolish/make it illegal.....please lets avoid turning this platform into another messed up ecosystem where individuals cant express ideologies freely.... I barely used one month on this platform and contents here have really changed my orientation and given hope for humanity

Please lets be more accommodating. Thank you

thank you,, lovely comment @ibile

You just said it like it is, no mincing of words or beating around the bush and it is true, its the diversity within steemit that makes it different from any other place, that community atmosphere irrespective of our geographical locations, and it should extend to our emotions as well, we all are different, in opinion, thoughts and that is what makes every one of us special. It takes a great deal of emotional intelligence to listen to someones opinion(s) internalize and give feedback in a way that wont cause commotion or tempers to flare. Its upon us to take due diligence on how we respond to others the way we would want to be responded too.

AHHH emotional intelligence! YES!!

Thank you for this post @eco-alex, this post really touch the point of current situation. Someone there really need to pay attention on this. Indeed, we need to be more humanity when we want to be part of this global community at the end of the day. I think all of us, with different way of action are trying to make this platform to be a better place. Respecting other is a "MUST" to achieve the goal of bringing a peaceful world. I wish You have a very best day


I have to say as a noob here for a month, some of this stuff scares me a bit. I understand that people have disagreements but the thought that a whale could come by and obliterate me like the plankton I am lol is a scary thought. I'm extremely non confrontational though so its not like I would be one to write about topics that would cause that kind of discourse...but it still makes me a little nervous. (but hey I'm also extremely nervous about everything, lol)

lol.. dont be nervous! enjoy the ride as i say!.. that is especially easy when you dont have any expectations ;-) If you are doing good you will always have support because Steemit is FULL Of amazing people

Thank you for writing this post. I for one never understood the reasoning behind using your VP to hurt others. I see no point in it when you can simply not look at their content if you do not agree with it.

nicely said.. if more people had your attitude this world would be a MUCH nicer place! <3

I myanmar country now. I used. I'd like to request the vote post. So we ask very few?
ကြ်န္ေတာ္ကျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံမွာေနပါတယ္။အခုမွစသုံးတာပါ။post ေတြကို voteေပးဖို႔အကူညီေတာင္းခ်င္တယ္။အရမ္းနဲေနတဲ့အတြက္ေၾကာင့္အကူညီေတာင္းတာပါ။
Thank you Sir

Im sorry it doesnt work like that here. Imagine if every minnow commented like this!? We really want you to read and comment somethInf Useful and relevant! Then only we want to upvote. Best of luck to u, hari om

Indeed! Thank you for the post. What hope is there for humanity if we, here, on Steemit, cannot overcome our fears and calcified beliefs? Shall we repeat the perpetual theme of war and arm ourselves against each other? Is this what anarchy means: the strong dominate - might makes right? Do we lift up the old paradigm: survival of the fittest, leading to our utter destruction, or do we create a new vision, a new possibility where we cooperate for the greater good, with one another? Dare I say, dare I say: let us love one another? Surely, now is the time, when we have the power to utterly destroy ourselves that we must choose another path. I, for one, invest my whole heart in this endeavor: to chart a new path to freedom, to create a world both here with Steemit and in the larger world where there is no more war, where we can live in peace, while at the same time preserving individual sovereignty. Resteemed.

If it is made known prior... as in boxing, the rules are set before the match, then the battle begins and it is acceptable worldwide for viewing. I feel it needs to be addressed upon signing up to avoid the ignorance. Since this is the beginning of such a great platform, we should mold it as such moving forward. Thanks for the post, It has reminded me that this is a problem and I should not forget to address it, while bringing people over to Steem.

Great post.. I'm tired of seeing all the flagging and verbal abuse that has been going on.. it's getting ridiculous and giving Steemit a negative mark on what should be a positive experience

Im crying!! Thank you thank you thank you for this post! @eco-alex

aww don't cry - if you cry i cry :'(

Exceptionally valid post. I have actually left twitter and facebook for those exact reasons. They are toxic cesspools. What drew me to Steemit was the positive vibration it is putting off. As a culture of our own we must do everything we can to maintain that special openness and acceptance. Wouldnt it be boring if we all thought the same way?

Thanks for the awareness post :)

Flagging should ONLY be used for spam and illegal content. Other opinions should never be flagged, except if they explicitly support dangerous behavior like terror etc.

Excellent content...educational blog for all steemian's.
We are now awaken and more stronger..
Sir @eco-alex,,,,
I'm new visitor on your blog and first seen your awareness post that is make me a big fan of you.
That's way I've to continuing with you.
Thanks for the information....

Love the massage!

And agreed. We all need to chill, and use the internet for its purposes of connectivity and less condemnation. People have their opinions, if you read and disagree, ignore or respond respectively. If you receive negativity, its their path, move on. Not easy, all know this, just remember the bigger picture and what we are trying to do here on Steemit, and that negative response just feeds the cancer. Law says you can't get a positive out of a negative. So lets join and enjoy together, respectively.

Very good post. In this early stages of the steemit community preparing us until mass adoptions of this platforms, it's very good to provide useful information about the accepted behavior, and what should be punished. Being more aware of the good use of the flagging :)

Wow there is so much to this...i believe that opinions should be respected as much as the person whi speaks and we all need a general respect for persons...

please help me make something like you because it is still a beginner not understand yet
this steemit.

A good suggestion from eco-alex. I am in support.

Great Work @eco-alex. Following U Sir.Happy Steemit.

wow friend really this is so great post ,,,,,,,, and your post is always great .....and so helpful .... thanks for share your beautiful helpful post.... dear friend..

I agree, but it's too late; flag damage done for disagreeing about targeting unwitting minnows for using bots. No longer motivated to spend days on exclusive content for this platform. Greetings!

good photo I'm interested in seeing it is really amazing, thanks for sharing ...... @marzukirizki

good and nice for the awareness of people that they decide them self @eco-alex

There's a lot of wisdom in there. I agree with you that the future of the Steemit platform as a whole is what matters most. The problem, as I see it (as a newbie Steemian), is that some of the big whales think that they "own" Steemit and can do pretty much whatever they want as a result. In many ways, this is what happens in the non-Steemit hierarchical world - those with money, property and/or influence are able to design a future in which they benefit the most. So, at some level, I think it's a matter of human nature. In many ways, I see Steemit as a vast social experiment. Is it possible to create a vast, decentralized and autonomous society that is fair and just? That's the big question.

Have i started an open letter to steem community specially whales trend?


good and good if his thinking is so steady.

like to meet you!
ok!. Interactive, upvote and follow?

Thanks for your informative post

Nice.flower post

It's a great information for us thank you

Honest, weight well and it feels it is written from your heart. It is pity to see people are behaving here as they would in the normal world. Yet, I guess with time we will see bigger changes. And this will be possible thanks to people like you, who are not afraid start a dialog, figure out the better way for a conflict and try to reason wise. I really respect you for what you do! I agree with @markwhittam there is always good in any bad situation so I am sure we ll see how @familyprotection will still grow to reach their goals with the support of the people who think the same!

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I'll admit that I do flag, typically spammers. Otherwise I reserve my voting power for upvotes, both for myself (because I can upvote my own posts, I refrain from upvoting my own comments) and for those who's content I enjoyed reading.

I dislike getting involved in any of these flagging wars, regardless of their reason.

Your posts become imfo important for me hopefully we are all success thanks steemit. @Eco alex

a bit long but truth, you were dropping dimes.

Great awareness @eco-alex. The truth is that a good tree with good fruits will always have stones thrown at them. @familyprotection could always stand on the stones to grow taller. God help them. I'm happy i learn't here.

be friendly everybody :)

very useful content
thanks @eco-alex

That is very good advice! If I don’t agree with what someone is posting, I just avoid reading their posts. It’s up to everyone to just judge for themselves.
It seems like the flat earth people are just rabid about their opinion. My husband’s brother is so confrontational about it and my husband is not going to back down on trying to prove he is wrong. I keep trying to tell him it is not worth a battle. Yes, everyone just needs to chill.

he he, that debate has to be one of the funniest debates i have seen.. its SO laughable that I cant really get frustrated.. but i do see it as a symptom of the level of scepticism and mistrust of the system..

How dare you bring logic and reason to SteemIt.


Sent back vote

This is arguably one of your most important posts to date @eco-alex and I completely agree with what you said. The other day I was talking to someone and I discussed the flagging issue with him. I think some whales and dolphins are abusing their power and flagging posts for no apparent reason. As much as I hate spamming, I won't even consider flagging spam comments. However, I believe to each his own and if someone considers flagging to be a good option so be it. Nonetheless, as you said with great power comes great responsibility so all the whales need to think very clearly before using their power in any way. Since they feel they have flagged the right person, they won't call that use of power abuse. However, they need to seriously focus on what they are doing and think of the outcomes before taking any action. I strongly support @familyprotection and am with you on this one.

Interesting points and observations. How amazing that @familyprotection are dedicating themselves to helping protect and support victims.

I think something wonderful about steem is it brings forward more positivity and encouragement in a lot of us. We see that we can be financially rewarded for sharing, teaching and doing what we love. It is motivating me and many others I talk to to keep bettering ourselves.

It's too bad there are those bullies that want to create their own victims and use the anonymity of steem to attack others, often to financial gain. Every system can be gamified or taken advantage of. It seems there is always dark balancing the light. I hope in the case of steem the dark side is in the minority. I think it will be. Because there are so many of us that see the benefit in the positivity that steem encourages in us.

When I see the negativity sometimes it brings negativity up in me... wanting to hate. But when I am level headed enough I see it as a nice reminder of the road I don't want to walk down and so I am grateful for the dark side which reminds me of the dark side in myself, and the dark side in the world which we all deal with one way or another every day.

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. - Friedrich Nietzsche

This is indeed an important message you are talking about. Thank you for sharing.

Very important message, thanks for sharing Alex. We need to keep steemit open and allow all opinions to be there and allow discussion!

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