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RE: Communities Have Arrived!

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Hi Inertia,
Do you think a community would have their own customized URLs to prevent community confusion?

Like: steemit../s/food; steemit../s/foods
Instead of the current: steemit/s/hiv...123

I’m sure this would help with search engine ranking, plus when a community link is shared on other socials platforms people would get a better sense of what they are clicking on.

RE: Communities Have Arrived!


Thank you



I suggested this a while back, nobody seems to be able to do anything about it.

Oh.. what was the response you received?

This would be a good idea. Funny thing is anybody can register for example "food" someday we can have 10k food communities? If you have powerful SP this will be your advantage as an admin. Are bots still around? 😏 I'm just trying out, might stay again here😁 good luck every one!

First come, first serve, perhaps.