Communities Have Arrived!

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We are excited to announce the official release of Communities on!

With this release transforms from a decentralized blogging platform, to a decentralized communities platform similar to, and finally delivers on its original promise as stated in the Steem Whitepaper:

Collectively, user-generated content has created billions of dollars worth of value for the shareholders of social media companies, such as Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. In 2014, Reddit hypothesized that its platform would be improved if everyone who contributed to by posting stories, adding comments or voting were rewarded with a fair share in Reddit, Inc. Steem aims to support social media and online communities by returning much of its value to the people who provide valuable contributions by rewarding them with cryptocurrency, and through this process create a currency that is able to reach a broad market, including people who have yet to participate in any cryptocurrency economy.

Steem is capable of handling a larger user base than Reddit. In 2015 Reddit’s 8.7 million users generated an average of 23 comments per second, with an average of 83 comments per year per user. There were 73 million top-level posts, for an average of 2 new posts per second. There were about 7 billion upvotes creating an average voting rate of 220 votes per second. All told, if Reddit were operating on a blockchain it would require an average of 250 transactions per second.

Steem has now proven that it can handle orders of magnitude more transactions than necessary to support an application like Reddit, and thanks to innovations like Hivemind and MIRA, it can do so without hitting scalability bottlenecks. Also thanks to Hivemind, users can expect the Communities features to rapidly improve over time because we no longer need update the blockchain itself in order to improve and other Steem-powered applications.

Transforming Social Media

While many claim to be using blockchain technology to disrupt the social media landscape, with today’s public release we believe we are demonstrating once again that the Steem blockchain and remain years ahead of the competition.

We would like to give a special thanks to the developers and users who helped us make Communities on what you see today:

Honorable mentions go to:

The Steemit Team


For all the grumbling, Steemit has seemingly become a very viable Reddit competitor, overnight! Gonna be really interesting seeing how this all plays out.

I just got on Reddit and it seems epic. I'm really interested to see how this plays out for Steemit 🤔

reddit is garbage. Especially with how they go overboard with the censorship, hiding subreddits, and disabling peoples accounts just for upvoting certain posts that they consider 'bad'.

You know what, after many fruitless attempts to contribute to different reddit threads and being blocked by 'anti-spam' filters I give up! 🤦‍♂️

you probably only had to confirm your email

Yes, I agree! I just started on Reddit, I have been on Steemit for a little while and got sick, so I was in the hospital for a while. When I returned to the #Steemit [platform it has completely changed!

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It seems like finally, a revival is coming to Steemit Inc

Very enthused and excited to be playing with communities. I’ve had a blast since last night and my mind races with possibilities!

2 things...
The bug on mobile wherein no distinct link to the “friends” feed exists needs fixed ASAP! I’ve seen this causing confusion for a number of people.

And... does the Steemit team have an eye on the cross posting feature implemented by @steempeak and is there the possibility of it becoming a part of Condenser if it performs well?

we'd love to see condenser support of cross-posts maybe @quochuy has seen the need as I know he does lots of upgrades to condenser

I thought the same when I saw your new feature.

Let me know if you need more details. Maybe we can make this better if we work on it together 😉

Heya Bryan! I made an Ithaqa community, seemed like a good idea? Have you made a comics one already? obviously I'll join

Friends Source: .... left menu "My Friends"

Great to see Communities out there after this long time.

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Justin was 4 minutes inb4 :) Love how he's got hype and marketing down.


You gotta love his moxxy, next he will be the King Of Spain.

you people are funny sometimes , when i signed up steem was over $7 and you were talking about communities ... to me it looks like you just pulled something from the shelf you were keeping in the cooler for a special day but

progress is better than none

so how do i prevent someone from stealing my tag ? where's the howto?

HAHA, like he did anything to get it out now when it has already been beta tested for last three months.
Good marketing though :D

7M of his followers on Twitter now know about steem. Better than me. I don't even have Twitter account.

I really need one of them again

Also has the right hahahha

Lol! Take credit as often as possible.... Maybe if can sell Steemit every week, we would have a crazy good feature schedule!

If you find one, please let me know! That's what I came here to find out!

Congratulations to all steemit users and steemit developers now we have better steemit platform I think everyone should encourage and appreciate steemit developers efforts to create a more efficient website
Its really nice to see new communities feature on and now steemit looks more developed and improved platform after today's updates nice work keep it up

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there's a significant glitch in searching !
nothing comes out to the searched result !

make quick fix plz 💙

I saw the Steem search bar error Thursday. No results on anything. Some hours later. It was working. Oh, now, it is not working again. I wonder if they're still using Google. The search engine thing on has been better, generally, I think, than the one on which appeared to have only allow for searching for usernames and not for posts, comments. You can at least use Google, Duck Duck Go, or other search engines, to search for Steem related articles, etc, at least for now.

yup !
thanks 💙

wish the steemit search sys get well soon :)

It is working now.

곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.025을 보팅해서 $0.017을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 7444번 $96.755을 보팅해서 $100.802을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

We're loving the community features, and ours is flying, thank you team.

Problem. I am not able to post using Steemit. Any suggestions?

OK I think I found your problem...
When you start putting in the tags and you type in hive-100504, when you type in the - this message pops up below the tag line
2020-02-20 15_19_57-Create a post — Steemit.png

This message will not go away until you clear out the whole post and start over.
I copied the post, cleared it, then pasted the post body back in and redid the title and tags without the hive- in it and it will let me post it that way I think....

Ah, go to the communities page and click new post and you will post from the hive, don't use hive- tag you will be on it by default.
2020-02-20 16_01_52-Insect Pub _ trending — Steemit.png
Just did a couple tests posts, it works.

Thanks so much for your help Bud! I will try again for the third time.

Yay! It worked!!! Thanks again! Hugs!

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Is this the real life? Or is it just fantasy?

Right? hehe Steemit 2.0 here we come. No more reddit for me in the near future


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help me share ayudame a compatir

Dear Steemit Team,

I appreciate your hard work for steemit community and blockchain itself.
but it’s very hard agree with your opinion in terms of your idea of what we should focus on and we should have focused on more up to now.

I think that the blockchain technology itself is not the priority that we Steemit team and many talented contributors should have focused.
We Steem are not just blockchain or crypto currency. We are social media blockchain. That means we need members to join in our society and ecology with so much interests and make them contribute this community with excited mind.

So at this moment, please do not spend so much effort to technology itself. Rather that that, focus on the basic functions of social media such as good interactiveness and communication function appearance at least of the level of facebook and at the same time please focus on promoting Steem concept and the advantage of steem to general people, not to professional programming engineer. Maybe you need some specialist for this activities with marketing mind.

if I have some time, I will explain more and describe more detail in my blog as a strategist has had several years business plan and strategy experience and study.

This will remove all the bottlenecks inherent in a wide, yet slim-broaded community

Holy shit this is so exciting!!! I can't wait to explore! 😃😍😃

The search function doesn't work!
Is this going to be fixed?

Excellent! I look forward to this new era of community co-operation/warfare! lol :)

Hi Steemit Team!

I see that there are many duplicate communities, such as; Food.

Will this be fixed or will users soon be able to set a URL name to prevent confusion?

Thank you and amazing work!

Are there any frontends we can use currently to interact with communities? How should I start?

Steempeak and both have Communities on them now.

It’s been interesting to try this feature out, seems like something I may enjoy.

help for my friend ayuda para mi amiga
help me share ayudame a compatir

Love your username. Notice that nobody is gonna call themselves @facebookadventure lol.

In a less technical language can any explain the core different between communities and plain blogging block chain??

This will be deeply appreciated!

I hope I don't sound too naive!

To be honest, as nice as it all seems - and I'm sure it'll only get better - It's nothing so revolutionary on the surface, it just seems to be a re-jiggling of how the front end runs so it's more like reddit, when it used to be more like Wordpress.

The key is all the back-end stuff that they've been working on which, they argue, is far more powerful and forward-thinking than the likes of reddit, because it can handle more users etc etc.

However, the blockchain does only take on text and .json files, whereas reddit can take all manner of media by using the traditional centralised storage methods. So it depends on your priorities which determines how amazing or boring this is

Thanks a lot @mobbs for the detail submission.

Very appreciative!

Moderators can hide unwanted posts from the community feed :)

So basically they've added censorship

I don't know if it is censorship or customization. Is a group or community supposed to be the same as a public town square where nothing should ever be censored, hidden, blocked, deleted, removed, invisible, shadow banned, etc, etc, or should a Steem community be more like a private house where you bring in your friends for a meeting? So, should a group admin be like the house owner with the ability to rule the house and to kick out people or hide things in order to govern the conversation and everything within the given house? If the house is supposed to be public property, then no. If the house is supposed to be the private property of the admin, then maybe yes.

Beats the hell out of me... I can't even figure out how to use the thing since they made the "improvements." I have to write everything on Palnet now

I should probably try Palnet.

You can still view all muted posts. Anyone can create community and moderate it how he/she wants.

Can a community creator make some steem when others post in the community that a person creates?

He can if the post creator makes him beneficiary. But it's not done automatically (yet?).

I don't understand how all this works- I'm an old man- but it sure doesn't look like much of an improvement to me. Markdown doesn't go to Raw HTML anymore so I can't change to italic or bold. Can't use the quote option or headers. The search option doesn't work anymore, I can't even look up my old posts. All I can say is this sucks!!!

The ability to moderate sounds like a good idea in theory to the extent that a group or community might be the private property of a given admin. That is assuming a Steem community were to be private property and not public property or some kind of hybrid. So, it is a debate between censorship and customization. Some people might say it is censorship. And some people might say it is customization. I see both sides of the debate. I like customization to the extent that it your thing you are customizing. A big problem can be found to the extent that a thing might be public and not private.

Thanks for the updates, until someone arrived who put the whole team to work quickly. In less than a week and we already have active communities, keep working.

If you think this development was done in a week, you demonstrate poor critical thinking skills. Communities have been in beta for some time, and were being tested prior to release. While timing is everything, the timing of communities being released does not reflect development effort in the last week.

I have been here for 3 years and since then they were being developed. So I know what I say. Hug

usually one expects money

Hi @valued-customer

To certan degree I'm on the same page with @cristo. Even one of Steemit Inc. employee mentioned that currently things are moving forward faster. Part of me believes that we would wait another weeks before HIVEs would come out from beta phase.

Yours, Piotr

Good to know this is still going, after the "assassination" of STEEM price. I still love the project, very good ideas with potential future.

This is a welcomed development

Notifications not working as intended. Too slow and showing up way to late. Marking them as read takes 20 seconds ...

Try ;)

Try it out and learn about it, hopefully it's fun.

Glad to see communities finally arrive.

Will we be able to assign specific tags to communities?

Will we be able
To assign specific tags
To communities?

                 - enginewitty

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

some very interesting changes!

excelente publicación, de igual manera soy nuevo en esto y quiero aprender mas y mas.

History in the making and I needed to leave a comment.
saying hi to myself in the year 2025! waves
also, join my introduce yourself community!

Thanks for mention! Exciting times ahead, we are also preparing our Communities integration on eSteem soon to be released.

Of course! Thanks for the help

Fantastic job!! Sounds like a great step.

I personally am enjoying the new feel

I started on steemit some years back but moved my focus to a different platform although still frequenting here. The communities already have made it easier for me to find individual interests and people.
The real plus for me though has to be notifications. That is an excellent feature and one i can see getting better as Steemit progresses.

well done core team

Thanks! We're loving the notifications too!

And the search function does not work??


Or are there simply not enough communities atm so it has no change?

The search function for the entirety of steemit has stopped working for me...

Great work! I'm a bit more excited about native notifications; can't have a social network without them, or else user retention suffers. Will we be getting Push notifications soon or do you suggest we build upon the new feature?

Thanks to the team for these new changes. Steem on and carry on. 💕

I can't deny that I have great emotion! Expectations seem to be very good for everyone. Infinite greetings @steemitblog

EXCELLENT, I have always had faith in this community, I am really happy, QUE VIVA STEEMIT !!...BRAVOOO !!

We are very excited about this new development and very appeciative you guys paved the way to integrate the protocol into hivemind!

Looks pretty good, let’s see where it goes 😎

Small bug report:

When I go to "all posts" and then refresh the page, it resets me to a different page.

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Nice! It's good to finally see communities rolled out :)

Let's now see how other UIs (like @esteemapp) shape things into this. It would be nice to see things being developed in a way where all developers would automatically get the "support" of the new features. Basically easing out the speed of change behind the scenes for their apps to support the just newly released features.

Something around the @openseed concept.

In another words, not just a library or group of them. But a framework, where when the app developer uses part of it, it basically using a format of code already implicit in the framework.

Sort of like the model of Apple developing for iOS.

Of course there are goods and bads about that approach. Freedom to improve will be reduced and constrained to the framework format, but speed of development and new apps will appear much faster.

Great thanks for improvements and continuously thinking of ways to improve user experience. We just need to get on-boarding sorted and super easy then we should see people flooding to our platform. Great work

So... Where to find or make these "communities"?

In your steemit frontend profile page, if you are new to communities and have not joined any communities yet, when you click on the "Communities" tab you will be presented with the following screen with the message "Welcome! You don't have any subscriptions yet." and nothing else. It is, of course, confusing. Devs need to put a "Explore Communities" link on this page.

steem community.jpg

But, If you click on the Steemit logo (1), you will be taken to the Community page. When you click on "Explore Communities" tab you will be presented with the following screen where all the communities are listed and you can join/subscribe to any community you like (2) and/or you can create your own community (3). Cost of creating a community is 3 Steems.

steem community1.jpg

Oh, I see. So everything we had (still have) on Discord, is just here directly on Steem. Nothing special in my view.

Good idea. You should tell more people this idea.

Congratulations to the Steemit Team for successfully rolling out an update that transformed the face of With these changes and the secure funding of the Tron blockchain, we will see more updates being rolled out faster and this is just the beginning. Upvoted!

Thanks for the update it's looking good hope we will see some more updates coming soon keep up the good work 👍🏾 !trdo

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Hm. Can I post a bug report? :-) It seems the description and rules fields for a community do not support line breaks. They say you should post one rule per line, but hitting Enter does nothing; even pasting in a multi-line string gets folded to a single line.

I dunno what's up with that.

Well done team, so what's next for SMT now that the communities have been rolled out.

I'm glad Communities have been released finally. Good to see you here. I came as soon as I heard. Lol

Glad to see you mate

I like that communities is live but I feel like now tags aren't nearly as prioritized. I have no problem with the communities but it would be great to allow us to still search things with tags (similar to how the old version was). Seems kinda odd that you would take away that feature, just to push communities.

where can I find a "how to" type guide on how to manage a community as an adminstrator?

I've created one, though am a little stumped on how to proceed at this point.

The only options I see available are to edit the community description, roles, and add posts. From what I've seen with other communities, it'd appear that it's possible to have all older posts with a given hashtag show up in the community thread - which would be great to do. Would appreciate a basic rundown on this, as well as get clear on any other functionalities, etc that might not be totally clear on the front end. (i.e. can we post to a community and our own blog simultaneously, or it is either-or? etc)


Thanks for thos brilliant ideas.


Aunque apenas comienzo en SETEEMIT y por tanto estoy en pleno aprendizaje, es un gusto participar en las innovaciones que ofrecen.

Mucho éxito.


Steemit is here to stay!

cool and hooray and whoopee and HELL YEAH! Thats what Im taaaaaaalking about! communities here we come!!!

Justin hyping it now..! :)

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This is really a great news. Time to have some fun!

Congratulations for the release, but even more for Hivemind which makes everything and much more possible @roadscape!

A better platform indeed.

Great start and I'm glad you gave recognition to some testers. There is still a lot of work to do here with the communities and I hope things continue to improve on Steem. Thanks Steemit!

Thanks for being with us always.

I dont get h9wcommunities works, nothing looks any different to me on my Chromebook, is this only for computers!?

I think this is like dividing a community into a certain cluster. I also looked at it like a rubric in a news portal. I think all members of the community need time to get used to it.

Warm regard from Indonesian Steemit Community.

hyy.I need help to use this app

So this will help for authors ?

Amazing update, we love it❣️👌💋

Its a nice first try but something just seems a little off but i can place it but i do like the notifications tab and what happened to the HOT sorting.

Really nice....

amazing I like, support and upvote me. may you be blessed

Moved to the Hive platform.

Wow, thanks! :)

Weldone to all steemit developers and everyone else behind this.
It's really nice to see that there is a community on however, I am yet to key in to this cause I haven't been able to access the bata site. I think I should give it a try once again.✌🙄

Posting bugs galore. Posting in last-viewed community instead of personal blog. Link to switch from community post to personal post does not work. It has been 9 days. This may drive me to another frontend if you don't fix this broken premature feature rollout.

I made a German translation for a better information for the German speaking steemians.

Hello, this is great! How can I create my own community?

Just joined the community, you can say that I’m your every day redditor. I see potential in this social media platform however I’m yet to understand how me and the people who follow me will mutually benefit for my activities in the platform. Looking forward to improve my experience as well as those who would like to hang out on my posts.

Thank You Steemit and to all the people involved. Soon I will make 4 years here and it was and amazing journey here on this beautiful platform and community.

I wonder if Steem or at least an app of Steem should remain as simple in the UI as possible. Some would say so.

Oh that's great but what happened to the Steemit search function? It's not giving me any results today...

How about people who prefer not to use various condensers and just Steemit? Egads too many sites to log into. Come on...

How do you even search for communities? Been trying the search tool...says 'nothing found'
How do you subscribe to a community?

The UI needs to be improved a lot...
I can't filter out resteemed posts anymore (are we going backwards eh?)
I now need one click more to get to my feed (my friends). This is the most clicked button, it should be reachable on your blog.
No easy access to posts by steemitblog anymore.

I must say I am not impressed. The layout is good but not well thought through.

Can we really earn with this platform? is there a guide on this? I am not able to understand how the platform works.

So how do people find post that aren't in a specific community?

I can't believe these things aren't thought of beforehand...


Thanks for this information.

We would like to give a special thanks to ...

... the many small and medium sized Steemians who created and tested their own little communities.
Right? :)

Great work and informative post how do we sign up for communities?

Good to see the communities

Finally, we got it. Fantastic job, team. I hope Steemit will take place in one of the top userbase media sites very soon. Lately, I thought we are losing some valuable users, would like to see them back again. :)

Technical question: Can two communities have the exact same name like on fb for example? (but different hive-ids of course)

Good news... congratulations for the work you are doing. I like Communities.

I am trying to spread the news that STEEMIT is the social network of the future and that by using it you have earnings.

This is a post shared on TWITTER:

This is a post shared on my telegram channel:

keep in touch!

How do you know what communities are allies and which ones are enemies? Need better definition of sides. I want to know who is gonna fight who. You know? So we can validate this blockchain already.

Good idea. I really like

Hey! im new here and i have a question... Can I create my own community? and if the answer is yes... How I create a community??

Steemit is online since 2016. I think that the communities should have been the first thing to introduce on Steemit. Not four years after the introduction of the website. The communities should have been on Steemit since the introduction of Steemit. Or at least since a short time after the introduction of Steemit.

Excelente iniciativa

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