STEEMIT App : Full Review of eSTEEM for iOS

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When I started writing on Steemit a few weeks ago, I immediately searched for a Steemit app for iOS. I came across eSteem, but was reluctant to give it a try as it wasn't an official app. However, now I have, and here's my review of eSteem for iOS.

eSteem for iOS Review


STEEMIT is a social media platform, and it needs an official mobile app. Since there isn't one available yet, let's look at the eSTEEM App for iOS.

Shout out to Feruz Muradov ( @good-karma ) for creating this app! Thank you mate. Everybody appreciates your work very much.

eSTEEM is the only iOS app available at the moment. When I searched the App Store for Steemit, there were only about 5-6 apps. After doing some research, I discovered that eSTEEM is the closest you can get to using Steemit on your mobile device.

The interface of the app is simple, there's nothing fancy going on, and it works. As soon as you launch the app, you see a feed of articles.

Swipe left or right to browse through New, Hot, Trending, Promoted, and the Active stories. It's all very similar to the web experience. Everything loads perfectly, although at times the pictures take some time to show up in a post. But, that's alright, as the app is updated very frequently. And it's only going to get better.

You can login using your Steemit credentials and Submit a Story, View your Wallet, Upvotes, Followers, Curation and Author Rewards, and pretty much everything else. The best part is that it's all very easy to use and nicely organized.

If you're worried about your Password being stolen, then you should know that the login details are stored locally on the iPhone. It's all very secure and hush hush. Once you logout, the details are deleted from your phone as well.

Perhaps, in the near future, the login could be integrated with Apple's TouchID for even more security.

Navigation and Features

As I mentioned earlier, the app has a very simple user interface. Navigating around the app, searching, submitting a story, going through your wallet, everything is easily accessible.

On the Home Page, you will see a Hamburger menu on the top left corner and a Dotted menu bar on the top right hand corner.

Clicking on the Hamburger menu will allow you to view your Profile, change App Settings, Check the Market to see how STEEM is doing, and view your Bookmarked posts. You can also transfer STEEM, SBD or Steem Power to another user.

In the Settings option, you can add extra security to the app with a Pin Code, select your Voting Power, and toggle notification alerts for Votes, Comments and Follows.

Selecting the Overflow menu or the dotted action menu, on the top right hand corner, will let you Refresh content, Search, Choose between Compact or Card View, and Submit a Story.


Open the Hamburger menu and tap on your profile name or profile picture to go to your profile. Here, you can view your posts and earnings, your feed, Wallet, and your comments.

Throughout the app, you can upvote, downvote, flag, delete comments, reply to comments, and even edit your posts.

Submitting a Story

Yes, it is possible to Submit a Story within the eSTEEM iOS app. It's also very easy to do this.

From the top right dotted menu, select 'Submit a Story.' You will be taken to an editor similar to the one found on the web version of STEEMIT.

You can add photos, stylize the text, add headings, stylish the text, and add tags. Photos can be added from your iPhone gallery or you could take new ones. You can even set a custom URL for the image.

The editor also previews the post, just as it does on the web platform. If you want to take a break, you can save the post as a draft and finish it later.

Final Thoughts

Being the first STEEMIT app for iOS, eSTEEM is actually very good. Can it be better? Yes, and it will be. As @good-karma told me, a new update will be released in the coming week that will further improve the app.

I haven't used the app to write a post yet, but I'm sure I will do that if I'm out and about, without a laptop.

Overall, I don't really have anything negative to say about the eSTEEM for iOS. It's a very good app for those who want to use STEEMIT on their iOS device.

Check out eSTEEM for iOS on the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 8.0 or later.

Follow @good-karma to learn all about the app and go through the change-log for new updates.

Also, follow me as I will be doing more app reviews for you. Next up, Steemy for iOS.

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Thanks! I want an app I can tell my friends to sign up for!

Thank you for writing up the review! You are right, more improvements are on way as we approach SteemFest, look out for more fest related updates ;)

btw, my username with hyphen (-) not with dot (.) thanks :)

Great post and hope we gonna have more choice soon.

OH found it, it is called esteem mobile on AppStore but had to type steemit to find it. There are 3 steemit related apps altogether

I had no idea this existed! This is very exciting and a great review. I've been using an iPhone forever and this would be super helpful! Thanks for this!

Haha no problem! And indeed, it is super helpful :)

I greatly appreciate this app as I travel and I am looking for refinements going forward. If this can become as quick and smooth as Facebook app, then the tide will quickly change as people use their phones far more than computers.

Same here! And it should soon become as fast as Facebook and the other apps.

I just wish the android app let me sussesfully post images or videos with my posts because I do not have a laptop. Mobile only seems to be limited but I'll manage, I like it simple and hope it never becomes too full of features like twitter or Facebook. I just love it simple pretty much how the iOS version looks. Only I'm sure on iOS its got less issues lol I wish it would allow me to download esteem on my old iPod touch but I'm sure its too new & never has no old os6 version available which sucksss for anyone with older devices like me. We do exist.

Is it on iOS yet?

Great review!

I was on the fence about using this app.
Thank you for writing this review.

Definitely needed this guide/review! Thanks.

You're welcome :)

They take 5% of your Steem rewards. Something to keep in mind. Not using it for that reason. Plus the app isn’t super polished at the moment. At least for an iPhone X. Maybe for other iPhone models it looks and performs better? I’ll be skipping this one for the time being at least.

Thank you so much for this post! New steemit member here and the next thing I did after I register is to look for steemit's iOS app! Gotta try now! Thanks again! :)

Thank you for the info

This is a great post! Steemit users using Apple would find this very useful! :)

Thank you :) I found it very useful as well!

thanks a lot for the review!! was searching about this and came up with you post. found it very helpful for a beginner!

Just curious- so this is NOT an official steemit app?
any news on official app being developed?

This article is two years old. Is it still valid? I really, really need a Steemit iOS app. And a DTube iOS app. Please!