How Do People Make So Much Money on STEEMIT?

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This is the question that You and I get asked when explaining Steemit to others. The mistake I do, is that when getting people on-board, I tend to show them only the money side of the platform. And to be honest, a lot of people are here to make money from their work; and that's why people join!But is that the right approach?.

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I want to talk about how people make so much money on Steemit! I'm sure there are other similar articles on the site, but I'm here to talk about my experience.

What a minnow (a normal user) needs to do to earn a few dollars or more from every post! Yes, it can happen, and it will. Money is, after all, a good motivation, and it does motivate the newcomers when they see people making tonnes of money.

But that's not all there is to Steemit! And when they join, but don't start making good money in the first few days, they tend to leave, which isn't good for anyone.

Promoting Steemit!

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We don't, or rather, I don't really talk about the other aspects of Steemit, and the great platform we have here. This is still a social network, one that is better than the rest!

And because it's a social network, you get to meet a lot of awesome and talented people, read awesome content, see beautiful pictures, listen to awesome music, look at the creative side of people who show us their art, and a lot more.

I used awesome way too many times didn't I? That's awesome!!!

And on the side, you also make money. That's how you gotta promote Steemit. Although, showing newcomers(Sign Up Page) the thousands of dollars that the whales and dolphins make is not really a very good thing. Yes, it's all cool, but to really make so much money, you have to tell them that it's going to take a while!

So How Do People Make Good Money Here?

I'm going to talk about some things that @firepower, a little bit of research and some brain power, told me.

Be Consistent


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This is very very important! If you want to see the money coming in, you have to be consistent. And that doesn't only apply to posting content, but also to browsing through other people's content, upvoting, leaving good valuable comments, welcoming new users, and following people!

Grind Every Single Day

You have to do the commenting, upvoting, and even post content as much as you can. That's how you will grow your followers and bring something valuable to the community. Doing this every single day will only bring good results that much faster.

There are so many people on the platform who write posts and comment every single day! These are the one's who're going to get the benefits, or have already started to!

Don't Be Lazy or Give Up When You See No Cashflow! Stay

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Don't be like me! I was lazy, and if you check my wallet, I haven't made much money yet, but that's my fault really.

I have been very inactive, even though I joined in August last year. If I had stayed consistent, I'm sure I'd have been making decent or even good money by now.

I had a few reasons though, for example, I hated my previous job, and I was and still going through personal issues. I've since quit the job, and now that I have a lot of free time, i have started being consistent here. I make sure that I post something, even if it's a picture or two, every single day.

Also quality content helps create an image for yourself, but it isn't like you should always post awesome motivating or informative or creative posts. You can just post a picture or two, tell us about your day, write a poem, draw some doodles or anything that you like.

Stay for the long run!

Just like relationships, if you don't put in the effort and give up and take things for granted, it won't work out. Speaking from experience here.

Don't Expect to Make Good Money Overnight

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You're not going to make a lot of money overnight, unless you've written a really good Introduction post and have friends in high places! I have gone through profiles of so many users who've been here since July last year, to find that nobody really made any money in the first few months.

Once you're writing everyday or at least a few times a week and are actively participating in the platform by commenting, following, welcoming new members, then you will start seeing results. It make take a few weeks or it could take months, but it will happen. And that's the only way it'll happen. Unless you're like close buddies with all the whales, then things will be easier.

It's going to take time!

In Conclusion

When you tell your friends about Steemit and they ask you how do people make so much money, tell them it's will take time, tell them to join only if they're willing to put in effort, and stay for a long time! Or you can simply show them this article :P

I have a lot to write about, a lot of interesting stories, travel-logs, tech advice, tech reviews, random stuff, take part in challenges, share photos, and more.

I recently started a new series called A Song A Day to share music with people on the website. Music is in all our lives, for some it can be very important and I want to help them to discover new songs or artists so they can grow their collection.

As @papa-pepper says, " Don't waste your time online, invest it with"

Thanks to @firepower for giving me so many good pointers and helping me reactivate my brain! Thanks to all those who are constantly providing amazing content on the platform, there are so many of you souls. Thanks to @taraamin77 for everything else that's good!

I hope this post can help those who're introducing new people to Steemit and also those who're regular but aren't making any money. Don't worry, you will! Upvote, Resteem and Follow me for more!



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You already told me about this. I'm still gonna take pointers from this post because it's awesome! Thanks for including me in it! :) I hope more people read this make more money! :)


You're always included in everything @taraamin77 :P Yes, I hope more people read it too :) Thanks for the resteem!

LIKE" Oopps that is a different platform.

But seriously, I just realized some of what you wrote in here about "Consistency" and staying with it just yesterday and the rest I can thank you for.
We are here to Invest our Time, Knowledge, Motivation, Insight, Laughter and Tears!
When I have to go and check the "other Social media" to see what most are up to it makes me sad and I truly miss STeemit.
I have been broadcasting to my Friends and Family because I believe in the Community and the Plattform, not just the potential for income.
Although know it will come as a Side effect of me being me and doing my part in contributing.

The money does not have me here.. It is you guys!

Thank you @Droidsid!


Yes, very true! Thank you for the comment! Good to have you on Steemit! Steem on! :)

Good pointers there mate. These are some good tips on how not to make the usual mistakes on the platform. Consistency is the key. I'm still learning more about this platform everyday. Looking forward to some kickass steeming action out here ;)


Thanks Mr. Sanjay! Why don't you start posting as well? You've got your Ninja right, ride around, take pictures and post!! @sanjaykamath

Consistency is key! My followers know that they can find at least something new from me every single day!


Yes totally! That includes me :) Keep up the awesome work that you do!

Awesome post, this should be a commercial promo for steemit!
I hope your passion connects with my collaborative efforts.
Wishing you a joyful life, thank you for being here (on earth).


Thank you for your comment! :)


This is my 3rd day with steemit, and I am pleased to meet you :)

Great post and good tips for the newbies. Great to see you being a regular here now! :)


Thank you @firepower! :)

Love it! Upvoted and followed. Great tips and advice in here! Steemit is no get rich quick scheme; it's an investment!


Thank you :) Exactly!! Followed back :)

Hey! Thanks for your article. I appreciate that you are "owning" that if you'd been consistent you'd be farther ahead now. I think the positive feedback loop of making money from our efforts can help to motivate consistency... rock on!


Hey, you're welcome! Of course, owning up to one's mistakes is the first step to making things better. And yes, very true, money will also motivate us to be consistent :) Thanks for the comment! Peace!

Ah!! Nice one :)


Thanks bro!

Thanks for this helpful for a newbie...


You're welcome :) Thanks for commenting!

Great stuff..i joined 2 days back and i wondered how people make such money..thanks for motivating..following u..


Thank you :)

@droidsid is this a trap(clickbait ), for people like me ??. lol
Thanks for the tips dude .

@firepower is my role model on steemit !
as i've previously said , just seeing his wallet has inspired me so much .

but getting started is so hard , its been 3 days and i havent even written 3 lines on my intro post , wonder when ill post it .
but im trying to stay Consistent on the commenting and voting part .

Hopefully a year down the line ill have loads of new connections on steemit and made some money too !!!


Haha! This is definitely for you @srinidhi :P Start writing man! Write about that feeling you get when you change gears in your Cooper S ;)

Patience is the key! not just steemit.. but for anything in life!
Nice post btw...

very interresting! I'm a new users, and i would like to invest time and show my work. Thanks lot for the tips.


You're welcome! Thank you for the comment :)

Motivation post for the beginners! Good one.


Yes, will definitely help out the newbies! :) Thank you!

Great encouragement for noobs like myself! Thanks! Awesome lol


Thank you! :D

Great structured post! I couldn't agree more, at the end of the day, success on Steemit is inevitable and the only thing that could happen if you put in the hustle. That's all it comes down too in the long run, the grind. Resteemed because I think many people would benefit from seeing this!


Thank you for reading! :D Yup, the grind will eventually be worth it! Thanks for resteeming!

Very informative and motivational post. Keep 'em coming! :)
You can also do something similar to one song a day with motivational posts.
Motivational posts twice a week or something like that! ;)


Thank you mate! :) Yes, that's a great idea! Will try something soon :)

Great post, keep up the good work!

As a minnow myself, this was a very well written piece of encouragement and helpful information on how to move forward! Thanks! I gave you a follow.


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! :)

This post is awesome! haha.... And actually pretty motivating! I used to be really into Tumblr at one point and would get on there everyday, and there was no financial incentive here, so i figure hopefully it will be easy to have the same kind of consistency on here, with the added fun that you might make a few dollars as well!
Going to Resteem this one now as I think more people should read this :)


Hey, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it and took something from it! :) Also, thanks for the resteem!

one cannot write better than this for a newbie like me :) thank you for your words :) followed.


Thank you! Have a great day! :)

Of course very nice tutorial on how to get success on steemit.


Thank you :)

Nice post. Well worth the read too. I got sold into Steem by the dollars, I'll admit that. I know it's not an overnight thing and it's good to have a social network that nots just centred around cat memes.. :)


Thank you! Yes, usually every one does, but you can't expect to make money instantly. Great to have you here! :)

Upvoted, followed, and resteemed! Great post


Thank you so much for that! :D Followed back!

Great post


Thank you! And thanks for sharing :)


no problem

Nice post!!
upvoted and followed


Thank you :) Have a nice day!

Very interesting and useful article which helped me a lot.


Glad you found it useful! :)

I really like the things you post.
I didn't make mistake by following you.

Keep going and happy wishes.


Thank you very much! Keep Steeming friend! :)

I think as long as people come into the platform with the expectation that you won't get rich overnight, and the only way to be successful here is to contribute to the community, expectations can be leveled :)

Building a following is hard work, but I'm hopeful that being involved in the community and posting useful / entertaining tidbits will eventually get me recognized.

Great post!


Yes, that's right! They shouldn't join just for the money, but to share, contribute and grow! If you're regular and active, then it shouldn't take long to build followers who'll wait to see what you post next!

Thank you :)

Also noticed you're a petrol-head too and own an EVO X! Damnn that's awesome! I'm a car guy as well, but the EVO X is not available here and crazy expensive, so I make do with a FWD Honda :)

upvoted und resteemd :-)


Thank you so much! :)


You are very welcome :-)

This is exactly what I was thinking. I'm a new kid on the playground, and am totally still learning, but it seems to me thats what will get you anywhere- in life, relationships, and this platform. You will get from @steemit exactly what you put into it :) I am looking forward to my new home here, this really is an exceptional place with extraordinary people.


I'm glad you like it here. Thanks for the comment! Keep Steeming :D

Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out

If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary.

Thank you for this article! Very helpful!

What a great post! Couldn't agree more with your excellent advice. Keep it up!

Great post! I can relate to a lot you write here, I also joined in august last year and have been inactive for 7 months to focus on my other work. When I´m back I´m glad to find more post of content for me to engage in, I really like it here at Steemit, and have told more friends about it lately :) Keep up the good work


Hey, thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I too have a lot of content to share now :)