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Things to Avoid Doing on Steemit. Directions for 🐟 Minnows 🐟

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My dear Minnows. I know you are eager to shine and become popular fast. We all aspire to be that next Steemian Whale. Ambition is good, it drives us to excel, but success doesn't happen overnight and requires dedication, persistence, consistence and time to achieve a solid network for yourself, with loyal followers.

Here are a few common mistakes I've seen people do on Steemit, so try to avoid them.

The Follow Me, Follow You mantra is not an effective way of building your network. This is not a high school popularity contest. Does it make sense to blindly follow someone then discover all they talk about is mathematical theories, while you love spending your time in the kitchen? You both end up getting useless feeds that you won't read or upvote, which spam your day and waste your time. Also, please don't hammer your way into a comment thread with a "follow for follow" . It's irritating and irrelevant for the discussion. If people like your comments, don't worry, they will upvote and follow you, no need to beg for it.

Joining Steemit and throwing that big following net at 1000 users since day 1 in the hope that they will all follow you back isn't a good strategy. You think 1000 is a lot? How about 10000? Or 45000? Yes, I've seen it, I won't name those guys, because I don't want to send them a negative vibe, but believe me they're here. No, you will never get 10k or 45k followers when you join, and even if you do, are you prepared to read and upvote that incoming flood of posts?

Rudeness and profanity aren't cool. There's too much vulgarity on the internet, Steemit is the last place we want that. So try to be polite. It's ok to disagree with someone, but cursing won't make you right. Some people might get offended so try to disagree respectfully. If you persist on insulting others, you will get flagged and lose friends faster than making new ones.

We need emotional content, not anger.
-- Bruce Lee, "Enter the Dragon"

Linking a youtube video or a nice picture in an empty post is not blogging. Remember, Steemit is a blogging platform, which means you write your opinion about something, you author a story, you share an experience, you exhibit your art. When I see someone always linking a picture or video without any explanation or thought, I consider it spam and never come back. I don't know what you think about that, but maybe it's just me. A blog's purpose is to encourage thoughts and reactions, so use it for that.

If I want to read the news from CNN, I'll go to their website and read it, I don't need someone copy/pasting it to me on Steemit. Besides, it's plagiarism and the community frowns upon it. Try to create and write original content. If you must copy/paste a paragraph or more, cite the source and/or quote the text by starting it with >. If you don't, you risk getting flagged and lose reputation in the long run. Check this excellent post about fighting plagiarism written by @fortified. Also this useful post about copyrighted pictures by @rhondak. And if you happen to see @cheetah the bot upvoting you, don't feel special, because that's a friendly warning that you copy/pasted some material. If you cited your source, that's fine, if not, you don't want the @steemcleaners visiting...

Here's what a quoted grayed text looks like. At the end of the quote, add an empty new line to exit the quoting markdown. Thank you for your time.

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100% upvote given please like and follow me or I will continue to eat paper.

Self upvoted to the top of your comments list because I can. Really, help me stop eating paper.

Follow for Follow!! YOLO


Keep eating that paper, it's good for you. Want some cookies and milk too?


Indeed. Almond milk

wow, I came here expecting to see a list of all the things I have been doing wrong but I am glad to say I haven't done any of these. Sweet.

What do you think about posting too often? Is there such a thing? I really like sharing content but sometimes I fear people will get sick of my shit haha


I wrote something about that in my tips. Personally, I advise against posting too much in a day. My style is to write good information that can benefit people, and that takes time. When I'm autorhing it can take me a few hours to write a post. Deciding on the topic, putting my thoughts together, choosing the right images, formatting. Other people might have a different approach, you need to find what works for you.


thanks, I just read it and left you a question :)

Thank You for the tips @drakos

Thank you for sharing

Made just about each one of those mistakes when I first joined! lol/cry...


Not me actually. In fact, Steemit is my first ever social media. I know how people behaved on assbook and shitter (no I don't consider those words profanities because that's what they really are lol), and I didn't want to be like them. I just went with my personality and apparently it's working good so far. Making good friends and building relations without pushing it.


I've never behaved on other social media platforms like above, the profit motive really brought the worst out of me.

I've since corrected my behavior. I think you were one of those that helped me see the light.

(and, I'm starting to see profit gains - how cool is that???)

Thank you for such a remarkable post I have learnt one or two things

The F4F is a scourge, nothing makes me want to follow less.

True and nice writeup.

this shit should be in the FAQ!!!!!

All excellent suggestions...thank you for putting that is helpful.

It is good to differentiate between simply posting and blogging.