How To Manage Disappointment On Steemit

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I never thought I would come up with a headline like that, but here we are. Disappointment is a integral part of Steemit, and I take full responsibility for this statement.

How Come?

Well, Steemit is very, very, very different from any other social media / writing platform. It may look like a vintage clone of reddit, but it isn't. It may look like a wannabee Medium clone, but it's far from that. It may share some similarities with Facebook or Twitter but it's way, way, way different than those.

Truth is, Steemit is revolutionary. And revolution is often uncomfortable. It shakes things around, replaces them with better versions, but in this process it also breaks a lot of stuff. Steemit is like a revolutionary pill, which can make you way healthier - financially, for starters, but also mentally and socially - but, unfortunately, it comes with a few side effects. And one of the most common is disappointment.

Help, I'm Having The Steemit Blues!

Here are a few symptoms of having the "Steemit blues"

  • lack of motivation: "why interacting if I don't get any upvotes"
  • jealousy: "look at this shitty post, and how it made $20/$40/$whatever_huge_amount, and I make nothing"
  • bitterness: "it's all about the whales, they are controlling the game and I'm just a minnow"

I'm sure you felt at least once one of these emotions or been in one of these states. It's ok. Don't blame yourself. It's part of the process.

Overcoming Steemit Blues

Here's what I found to work with my own version of "Steemit blues". It may or may not work for you, but at least I tried:

1. Focus on your own gains not on others

Stop looking at other wallets, stop whale hunting, stop all of this. Check only your own wallet and be happy for it.

2. Be consistent, for the sake of consistency

Joining some writing group - or a 30 days writing challenge - may help a lot. Don't look for gratification, just stay there. Interact, post and be there. For the sake of consistency, not for the sake of rewards. It's consistency that generates rewards, not the other way around.

3. Enlarge your time window

When I started blogging, the shortest time interval after which I could at least hope to make some money (the old school way: by being indexed by Google and hoping to milk some AdSense from that tiny traffic) was 6 months. So, if you just wrote for 2 weeks on Steemit and you're not seeing any rewards, it means it's ok. There's still time. When I started, in October 2016, I wrote for days without earning a penny. Nothing. Nada.

4. Balance gratification with ownership

That's a very complicated way to say that you should consistently power up. Many people have financial constraints and they need the money they make on Steemit to survive, and I totally understand that. But make an effort and power up at least 10% of what you're making. It's like the first advice when you get in any financial education program: "start saving, even if you're in debt, just start saving". When you pair this approach - powering up constantly - with the consistence described at point 2 above, you will get something very rewarding. It may happen way sooner than those 6 months you were expecting in "traditional" blogging.

5. Stay away from flag-wars, they are not your battles

Flag wars are unavoidable. They are in human nature and there's no code that can fix human nature (so far). Those who are engaging in flag wars may have their own reasons and it's not up to you to judge that, if you're not part of one. Just ignore. Stay away. Pick your battles carefully.

There are many other things to be said, like "be positive", "smile and write, man, smile and write", but I think those 5 are enough. For starters.

Steem on!

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

Dragos Roua

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it's seems to me sometimes that Steemit intentionally breeds worst of emotions in its users so that only the worthy and faithful will profit from the bright future.

How worthy and faithful are you - this is the question.

And ofcourse, it different with the other...

Balance gratification with ownership

this. every, time, you type a blog post. .. . ;) great post man.

Something like this should be on the front page of

Many years ago I had an idea to create a website specifically focused on people complaining, since it seems to be people's favorite thing to do on the internet. I'm thinking that would be a good idea for a steem-based website now. Tagline: You already complain on the internet, now you can get paid for it!

There can be a specific section for complaints about how your complaints aren't earning enough!

Ahahhaha i love it a complain condenser that you only see posts made through it and all about complaints, how bid bots are evil, how people are reward raping and how "pro" bloggers should be the only ones here.

You already complain on the internet, now you can get paid for it!

I honestly think this is brilliant! You should really go for something like ' - for those willing to post their complaints for STEEM'


Its amazing what a little bit of anonymity can do. The worst of people is typically shown.

I try to compare steemit as trading, the more you focus on the gains the more you suffer. It is when you just focus on learning the markets and forget about your gains and loses that you start being able to trade.
Steemit is a great project and you need to forget about the money at the beginning, focus on enjoying, engaging, posting and learning and then you will get results.
In trading, is not a race against the markets. In steemit, it is Is not a race against the others, its your own race.

I pretty much do all of those @dragosroua. Although I haven't powered up for a while as I've been hoping the SBD to Steem ration would improve. I've never taken anything out of the platform though.

The main way I manage my disappointment is through engagement with others. Having some fun conversations or even "poor me" ones, usually does the trick.

As times goes on I would say the Steemit blues are getting less and less frequent even though I think the platform is getting worse and worse in lots of ways. 😁

Now I tend to have more or the attitude - just enjoy it while you can!

even though I think the platform is getting worse and worse in lots of ways.

I think you're dramatizing here. A lot. The platform gets more complex, significantly more crowded, but the more you stay in it, the more your early adopter advantage will weigh.

I'm staying and using Steem to see who else is staying and using.

I like to interact with some oldies and see where they are traveling.

I'm not sure I am @dragosroua. 😁

My experience is probably very different from yours and I'm speaking from that rather than the bigger picture. So I concede, in terms of the bigger picture, maybe things are getting better.

But in terms of the number of spam accounts that constantly follow me, the number of people who are buying their reputation through bid bots and the sheer amount of bid bots the situation has deteriorated a lot since I joined just six months ago.

@paulag wrote a post yesterday where she analysed comments, for example, and found that when she removed comments made by the top 12 bots only 15% were actually left by humans. And the situation, of course, is worse than that because there are way more bots than the 12 she removed from her calculations.

These statistics are the ones that matter most to me because engagement and commenting is the way I earn most of my "money" and form the relationships that make my time here worthwhile.

I find it harder to find quality accounts to converse with than I did six months ago. many of the people I spoke to them are currently dormant and have been for a while.

That is my experience and for new people it's probably worse.

It certainly is for my friend who joined just over a month ago. She's written a quality post every day had not has 157 followers. All but 3 of those are spam accounts.

She posted this morning, for example, and immediately had another 12 spam accounts follow her.

So I may be dramatising as far as the big picture is concerned but I'm not about my day to day experience.

Who is your friend? Ill check out her blog.. and I'm not a bot, just a scary looking dude :)

I too had another 12 crap followers this morning in leau of my post, it sucks and I doubt I will be ever doing a 'celebrating 500 followers' post now, as it will be a farce.

Ha, ha, ha. You are a bit scary looking @slobberchops. 😂

I'll pass on your message to my friend so she can follow you and speak up if she wants to. Thanks for the offer. That's very kind of you.

I haven't posted yet today so will have to wait and see if I get the 12 crap followers. 😂

Its just a front, I'm quite harmless really :)

I can remember a time when nobody visited me, and I almost gave up. I still don't have a huge following but have some. I would hate for Steemit to lose another person for this reason, if they have something to offer.

I don't think she's going anywhere @slobberchops. Her biggest challenge I think is that she works really long hours and doesn't have the time to comment much.

That was the way I built up my following, by engaging with others and also by meeting people in person. The latter was a big help but, of course, that is not available to everyone.

I agree that spam is getting worse, but you have to expect that as the platform grows (unfortunately). I'm a great believer is some sort of automated de-monetisation of spam comments/posts, but that would go against the grain of the whole decentralised, community-driven, censorship free thing we have going on.

What you have to remember is that all these annoying spammers are on every other platform too. Follow-for-follow stopped working a LONG time ago as a good way to build an audience, but still spammers and desperate newbies do it.

We all have to remember that we're early to Steem and (fingers-crossed) when SMTs and Communities hit, and the platform grows further, 1 Steem could be worth a lot - which will make all your efforts and hardship be rewarding in the long-term.

Good luck with the struggle - and remember, that for 99% of us, it is a struggle. But...that's life :)

I don't really feel it's a struggle @m-ssed-t. At least not today! 😁

Overall I'm enjoying myself here. Not much point in staying if I'm not.

I was just expressing my experience but you make a good point about the newness of the platform. It's easy to forget that. And that the spammers are on other platforms too.

I suppose it's just been more noticeable for me here because it's gotten so much worse recently. I'm focused more on my day to day experience rather than the longer term because day to day is what matters most to me.

I like to enjoy myself now rather than do something today that will hopefully make me happy in the future. And, I'm pleased to say, that, most of the time, I'm enjoying myself on Steemit.

Discussions like this, for example, are what make it all worth while. I like to see alternative ways to look at things! 😁

Change the way you look at things and things will change!

Indeed @chesatochi! 😊

This must be Steemit reflection week, or something (actually, when isn't it?).

We all have our ways of looking at things, as you and I have discussed elsewhere, and I'm feeling the need to point that out. While I do consider myself to be a person who looks at the big picture, I can't escape the day to day experience, either. Most of what we know and do with STEEM revolves around our posting, commenting and curating. Those who build apps, run witness servers, spend time rallying the troops for various causes, are going to be getting a different experience than us because they've chose to do so. Which is fine. That doesn't invalidate our own experiences or our own perspectives.

In other words, I don't feel like you're over dramatizing anything. At the same time, what he said is true, too, with regards to the size and complexity of the platform and maintaining a growing an early adopter position. Will it all be worth it in the end? Who can predict that? No one. So we do what we feel is best for us and time will tell us how things will be.

I think I'm one of those who have frequent Steemit blues, lol 😁

Well I for one am always glad when you're around @irreverent-dan, Steemit blues or not.

We've had some good laughs along the way!

What is it they say - "misery loves company!" 😂

"misery loves company!"

Lol, that's true :) We will surely have more good laughs in the time to come. Have a great weekend, Gillian!

I agree with your five points. I have found, quite accidentally (though I really should have figured this out on my own), that by turning my focus outward as far as what I can do to hopefully add value to other people's posts (comments and curation), while only being concerned with what I can personally control, ie, what I do, how I improve, that it's made the last eight weeks or so a lot better.

And I'm seeing that consistently commenting and posting is bringing about better reward results. Instead of rushing to look at any wallet, I'm really only going to mine to accept whatever payments might be waiting. I've been powering up, though I do have some things sitting liquid until I figure out what I'm doing with it, and I'm watching the main flag war, but that's it.

Very nice post.

I think people get very excited when they start on the platform. There is definitely an exuberance that gets tempered with time. I think there is a false sense that Steemit solves the audience problem. Building and maintaining an audience is difficult, and is not necessary made any easier by Steemit. So, when people eventually learn this, frustration and despair set in.

Its very much like the normal change curve.

You are spot on with this post. Like you said, I think all of us have been in that place a time or two where we just want to give it all up and not keep going on Steemit. The advice you give to move past that is very good as well. I usually find when I have those feelings I give myself a day. Don't do anything yet, but just wait until tomorrow and see how you feel. Obviously I am still here, so it works for me :)

This is best advice. All of us need to follow it. Basic principles of life never changes.

Yes, yes, yes!

This should be required reading for every new user on Steemit.

I've come to the platform with my eyes open. I have a lot of social media experience and know how the game is played. Nothing happens immediately, and patience is key.

But on Steem, even though I know it's the same as other platforms in that you have to put in the hours before you get anywhere, it's somehow harder.

I think it's because the rewards are so visible. It's a double-edged sword - a motivation and demotivating at the same time.

On a successful blog, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube (anywhere else), you can see popular accounts, and you know they're being rewarded. But because you don't see how much, it's not an issue.

I'm comfortable with the long-haul, and have a specific game-plan, which I'll be kicking-up a gear or two shortly, but a lot of people see the big rewards, and want their share NOW.

Money breeds impatience.

Great post. This is different from what people post. Like the topic though.
I have never been disappointed by steemit. I love steemit.

I absolutely agree with you. At first, I find it very complicated. I mean I'm new to steem, sbd, and cryptocurrencies that is why I quit for alnost 3 months. I was really discouraged at first because it is hard for me to catch the attention of fellow bloggers. Well, until now but as I have said to myself, I need to learn more to cope up with other bloggers. I am now starting to regain my courage to do steemit.

lack of motivation: "why interacting if I don't get any upvotes"
jealousy: "look at this shitty post, and how it made $20/$40/$whatever_huge_amount, and I make nothing"
bitterness: "it's all about the whales, they are controlling the game and I'm just a minnow"
I'm sure you felt at least once one of these emotions or been in one of these states. It's ok. Don't blame yourself. It's part of the process.

What? This is how I feel from the second I joined in.

Never involved in flag wars.
Casually powered up, numbers are not reasonable at all.
I'm not an influencer, I don't want to be one. I don't have ideas about everything and I don't care to impose or enlight those thoughts with others. I'd enjoy a small group of people with the common interests which I couldn't able to find in here for 4-5 months.
Focus on own gain, kinda make sense. I mean it makes you happier to not see bad s***. If you turn down the news you won't get upset every day but reality stays right there.

But thanks for sharing your experience, it would really help for those who actually enjoy writing.

Do I have your permission to resteem this post? I mean this particular one that I am commenting on.

You nail it man! If anyone should ever have steemit meetup, this is a perfect topic for discussion.

By all means, if you feel it's useful, go ahead :)

Most welcome sir.
I am resteemit your post sir.
You my most choice man..... best of

Done, thanks.

Agree with all you say. I had Steemit Blues two times, I was two months out and now I regret the loses. No money out, never, only power up ... I do not share the optimism of many about the future of Steemit. I have been in Internet Marketing for many years, I have been in hundreds of programs that no longer exist. I'm glad Steemit is there, and I'm having an anniversary a year since I signed up. I want to enjoy this situation and not to think about the future.

Thanks alot @dragosroua. You really cleared up some point because i have had the blues a couple of times. Infact i still have it now, because you tend to write, pouring your heart into it and it earns little or nothing, thats why i do more commenting and engaging. But would follow the points you outlined above and see how it goes

i was also disappointed by steem when i was not getting any upvote but now i am getting some upvotes
so keep commenting

Consistency is key! Posting regularly, engaging regularly. People have to see your name coming back and think: 'hey I can go and check there!' moment of writing is when the steem price is low. it seems like not so many people are engaging then so bigger chance for your recognition !

And...dont give up... ever!

"Enlarge Your Time Window" is excellent advice. That's something I struggle to explain to musicians sometimes - although I'm getting better at it. People will tell me, "I only got one comment and a few votes all week!" and I'm like "ya but you don't have to host the blog yourself and find your own sponsors and shit!"

just when STEEM seemed like it was bucking the market, now it is the debbie downer stinker on fairly high volume... who is selling out ?? /-:

You said what we were all feeling :-D A lot of times I have felt discouraged or even frustrated with this platform, but at the end of the day I realize that it is something completely new and powerful. A force to be reckoned with.

The consistency part I wholeheartedly agree with too since that is the only way to gain a real following and to be respected here by the regulars. People who post infrequently are just outsiders in the eyes of some and this can create some emotional distance.

Well to be honest that I do have felt those feelings but as soon as I have avoided them and focussed on improving myself it changed ,well the process was slow but it worked. It is way much better than any other social sites and way much more here is to learn than other sites.

Will sure follow the other tips as well.

Keep commenting, keep engaging with others, keep making relation and then if you have done it, post our content, you'll see a huge difference.

I had a rough day the other day. Was feeling blue... Was hit with a $86 vote... Wow. Now I have to go do more! What blue? That clouds went away!

Now for payday tonight $88 it's up to now. Most I've ever made.! Like 2 weeks of hard hustle for so gains...
12 hours until payday....

Now I have to continue to help people in need. And also doing the steemitsmokeout Portland Oregon meetings!

Super busy these days!

Wow. Investing more and more and watching everything get bigger. It's nice!

Bookmarking to hand out like candy to the 1000 dms I get per week begging for answers. Good stuff Dragos

@dragosroua I couldn't agree more with this!
I still remember the days, not so long ago, where I did had a streak of 15 post with 0 value at pay day! But I keep on going and since a month or so, things are improving.
I am powering up almost all the SBDs and Steem I am earning. I hope that this will pay off in the end.
For me it is all about interaction! I would always prefer a genuine comment than an upvote on my posts! No doubt about it. But honestly getting a genuine comment and an upvote feel like hitting the jackpot!
While I do keep an eye on other blogs, I will only focus on my own. I will grant great posts with an upvote, regardless how much the value the post already has. I will write a genuine comment on a post, of the comment does add something to the discussion!
I am trying to write a post day, this is easier during the weekdays then in the weekends :)
It the beginning the aim was to pay back the delegation to the system, then it was trying to get 50 SP, now I am at the point that I would like to have 500 own SP. Hope that I can reach this before the end of the year!
We will see how this turns out!
And if I fail to reach this, still I will had a blast, great interactions and maybe some new friends!

And yes we all have to steem blues once in a while. But this is also a good sign, because this means that we care about it!

My weaknesses most times

lack of motivation: "why interacting if I don't get any upvotes"

But most days, too ideas comes in and i feel my head wants to explode.
Those 5 points are really helpful especially from flag wars and being consistent.

In 2016, I got someone to create a blog for me. I kept on writing and didn't make anything from Adsense. I finally got introduced to steemit this year February and observed its way more easier and one doesn't have to make up to $100 or wait a month before cashing out.
Every blogger that have used adsense before will appreciate steemit.

Very good post, I try to let people know, overnight success is not going to happen, and to initially look at the culture as that sort of like highschool. that 17 or 18 year old is not interested in playing with 13 and 14 year olds at all. Get in a group or a community, and grow with them.

It's not hard, play nice, don't beg, and most of all do not steal. If you steal you will be caught. I also try to let the new users know what groups or who to turn to for help if they have a question or do not understand something. There are some really good groups out there. And a lot of them that do not charge a fee like we will help if you resteem, if you vote, if you follow all of our silly rules, no there are actual honest welcome groups of people out there.

well assessment @dragosroua, Steemit is Revolutionary no doubt.

Oh wow, a new word for the feeling 'steemit blues'. You're so correct especially when you don't have any hopes of delegation or stuff.

However, let me add:

  • Be happy for those with high payouts- it frees me of the bitterness and helps you interact well with whales and make good friends.

  • Read stories about great people: i found out that some whales didn't start out as whales and this was such a great motivation.

And finally...celebrate when you break from your usual level of payouts😅😘

Thanks @dragosroua

Be happy for those with high payouts

Do you differentiate between earned high payouts and those that someone simply purchased via bidbot?

you nailed it😶 im quite guilty but im having steemit blues each time i visit other profiles 😑 i decided to stop doing that and engaging on appreciating new posts positively instead of stalking the owners of certain posts. 😏 happy steeming🍻👍

You know, I went through the exact transition you write about myself over the past few months. I have written about it several times. There came a point when I was jealously looking at a whales wallet that I took the time to read their intro post. it was written by @hendrikdegrote and it stated that they had invested a lot of their own money in the platform because they saw it as an unfinished piece of art that the community could continue to change. I really like their post and it helped change my attitude about Steemit. As you suggest, I have joined some communities and groups which has helped a great deal. Not in making money but just in understanding the STEEM Ecosystem and the Steemit community. Having a lot more fun now and I make what I make along the way. Thanks.

Hi @dragosroua your tool is very nice and helpful, but I still seem to be having difficulty understanding the relationship between the rewards payments with the amounts shown on my blog posts. When I add up the numbers on my blog posts and compare with rewards received, a lot of money appears to be missing. Could you please take a look at my post here, where I explain the issue in more detail? I would really appreciate your help.

Hi @supernova55 I agree with you, it just doesn't add up for me either.

Reading this post made me feel like as if I am ill and the doctor correctly identified all the symptoms before I even said anything to him. I feel these steemit blues very regularly. I am often forced to wonder what am I not doing right.

However, your remedy is also very apt. I wish you had written this article earlier so that I could have read it earlier. I have spent the last few weeks finding good content creators so that I see that quality content is on steemit and the right people are making money for their effort. I have started commenting to interact with such people, rather than blogging and will eventually move to blogging as well, once I also have an audience that wants to read what i write. And yeah, powering up. I am not in the boat where I need to pay my bills from steemit income so I power up everything I get. And I aim to grow organically, & patiently without bots - get genuine appreciation for what I write.

Your 5 point strategy is very valuable for newbies like me. Thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom.

And thanks a lot for linking your article (& fundamental questions.. ) here. I just read that and I must repeat that I am getting more clarity day by day. From there I went on to Can you really make money article and these are things that every single person who has just joined steemit or is thinking about joining steemit will have and need answers to. I wish certain posts liek yours were in a section titled - steemit essential reading.

Steemit as a very steep learing curve and knowledge brings along a lot of power. This along with wrong intentions (posting just to make money) to me are the main reasons people get disappointed in steemit early on since they have no clue and see that using it to make some quick money does not work. Great article with a lot of truth in it !

A handful of very good advice here. I didn't have an idea you were scraping by in the beginning. And that should be motivating for some steemians :)

Steemit Blues ..

That's OK

Forget about Steemit

Neither the World nor Life is Fair ;)

That's right, being consistent in any field makes us successful sooner or later.

I've discovered Steemit a half year ago and for the first 2 months I was being consistent and I was getting good results... Because of my school obligations, I had to take a break from Steemit since I was using up most of my free time on it... Now I'm done with school and I have enough free time to get back on writing, commenting etc. It's foolish to get disappointed because you're not earning like some other people as long as you're being consistent with your quality content... The results will follow. I keep telling myself that.

Across professions, consistency is a direct product of work ethic.

These are some great tips @drgosroua, so thank you for sharing it with us, since yes it can get pretty frustrating sometimes, and it makes you wonder what am I doing wrong and you try to find out what others are doing, but like you said, just be yourself and be happy with what you are earning.
Needed to hear that, even though I know this is how it works.

see that others are moving much faster than me and feeling frustrated was happening to me, I decided that I should only focus on my work and my goal

But I am disappointed.

I'm disappointed that work has taken over so much of my life right now that I don't have much time for Steemit.

So much to write about, so many posts to comment on, but not enough time left in the day.

Add to that, the training I need to put in for my upcoming races, and Steemit finds itself in third place at the moment.

That's a disappointment for me because I really enjoy being on here.

But I have bills to pay, and Steemit doesn't give me enough income (yet) to pay them all.

I'm hoping things will calm down at work in a bit, but by the same token, I'm not complaining about having a full workload for a change.

This is good advice ill power up right now

lack of motivation: "why interacting if I don't get any upvotes"
jealousy: "look at this shitty post, and how it made $20/$40/$whatever_huge_amount, and I make nothing"
bitterness: "it's all about the whales, they are controlling the game and I'm just a minnow"

Been there, done that, considered quitting, engaged the community got disappointed with the community, thought of quitting, focused on the good, got inspired to write again, experienced writers block, just read a lot, did not post a lot, eventually got my groove back.

Very sound advice on not focus on what others are earning, their SP and go with the good and your growth.

I havefaced the blues myself and now after 6months I am more composed and consistent than ever:)

I go with your idea "There are many other things to be said, like "be positive", "smile and write, man, smile and write", but I think those 5 are enough. For starters."

Exactly, I enjoy this social media....


It is about perspective and expectations and if we focus on the negatives, then we will end up miserable and highly likeky quit.

Thanks alot. Your post is very motivating and. captivating. If all new steemians will read this, there wouldn't be room for quiting. The truth always hurts but when handled in its fullness of essence you get the best out of it. Thanks @dragosrousa. Your advice worth million dollars on steem. Mansion aren't build in a day. We will stay focus and write in the light of exhibiting what we have and by doing so, we will have what is due us.


Great advice, @dragosroua. Especially #5. 😎

I have to Offer PRAYER
i will look to this lately after offering prayers.
It is clearly shown it is full of knowledge.