What Really Is A Good Content?

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I've been on steemit for a little over two months, and as a minnow, being noticed has been a massive challenge. Just like on other platforms, a blogger's success really depends on the amount of attention he draws to his blog. And it's hard to get noticed around here!
As a newbie, I remember inquiring from the older and more successful guys on the platform on how to get the much needed attention. I got very helpful suggestions from them, but noticed that of all the suggestions I got, one thing really stood out. They all seemed to believe that to be successful, that I needed to post stuffs with good content on my blog. 'Good Content' seemed to be the recurring decimal!

The 'Good Content' thing is such a big deal, I don't think that a day goes by without me seeing something about content quality. There are even people like @yoo1900 who give out huge reward everyday to posts with good contents. This got me thinking... what really is a good content?

I began asking people about what they regarded as good content, and I got very interesting opinions from my interactions. Everyone's opinion was unique in it's own way, and with it came a fair knowledge of what people expects to see in a post.

I've seen so many posts from different people about what they feel a good content is all about, but I've decided to do something a little different. I'll be sharing the opinions of different people about the issue on this post! I think it would be cool if you get to read the short version of different thoughts on this issue in one post.I've decided to share the replies I got from people in this post, with the hope that other people get to benefit from them as well.

Here are a few excerpts from the conversations I had...

"From my point of view, a good content is what the author consider is a good content. That's subjective.
Maybe for me a photo says a thousands of words but for other Steemian that photo says nothing".

"...to me it is: a well thought through content, self written, with own thoughts, opinions and analyses; good formatting, chaptering...to good writing and language.
When a user decides to post many times a day...how can someone write eg 4 posts per day with all post of high quality?! nobody! since any good posts cost at least 1 to 2 hours to write and at least 1 hour to engage on the post, answer questions of users and so on...crap post over and over again, tells me the user is not about quality at all, probably more after the money and will have all sort of execuses why their content shall be rewarded".

"For me, I see good content - or better still, great content - as
that which is informative, interesting, engaging, nicely formatted,
and relevant.
I keep in mind a post that @jrswab wrote describing 'evergreen content', which
means - will what we post be relevant in the future? Many topics
are only timely in the here & now, such as crypto market speculation.
Other topics continue to be relevant no matter when they are read.
I think these are the ones that make 'great content'.
If something isn't original content, it must be referenced appropriately.
Whatever we publish is on the blockchain forever, so taking a little extra
care to have our posts as polished as possible is important - who wants to see
a typo they cannot fix after 7 days? Or a layout that isn't reader-friendly?
I think we all have something unique to share, and publishing the best
pieces we can benefits everyone".

"In steemit posts, I'm always looking for something i can learn. Sci-fi, blog, analysis, development and many more i am interested to read from the steemit users. Not only subjects about cryptocurrencies".

"...when someone is building cool things is what i like most...or talking about people building things".

"For me a good content is that, which can give opportunities to other places to meet you".

"I think good content is original...provides some sort of value to other members of the community!"

"Good content to me... is a well written article with little to no grammatical mistakes. Well organized with paragraphs, idents, headings, titles... and other markdown tools to make it attractive. Good content should be interesting, easy to read and understand... not too full of ambiguous hard to understand vocabularies. Good content should also have nice pictures that depict the content of the article... and also a very catchy title".

" For me, good content is content that someone has put good thought into and have done the best with what knowledge they have. Leave the like for like follow for follow vote begging behind because that doesn't take any thought. The things I look for in a post:

  • Creativity
  • Passion(do you care about what you're posting)
  • Feels(does it draw emotions)
  • Informative/insightful
  • Entertaining
  • Vision(potential to improve)

"Original content that adds value to the world. That often means content you can't find elsewhere easily. For most people that is content from their area of expertise: their local culture/lifestyle/history. There's a place for creativity, news, non-fiction too but the writer's take better be worth reading".

"I think good content is a well written post about what you are passionate about. Do you love life, write about your life. Do you love food? Eating, cooking, or creating it like art, then write about that. Good content is what you think is good in words".

"Best content is content that is 'YOU'.

Just plain old you being an individual, writing about what you want to write about and not falling into the trap of trying to please others.

Just plain old simple from the heart, sincere, up front and without worrying about what others may think or not think about you as an individual.

Remember. Those that tell you "Write about this or that", basically are telling you to write what they want to see and read, they are trying to get you to confirm their insecurities and their "opinions".

Do not do that, people will love you for who and what YOU are, as an individual. Better to be loved for who and what you are than to be living a lie and faking it".

"Good content is something that provides value to others. There are a lot of ways to provide value, a post can be informative, it can be entertaining, it can be inspiring, etc"

"...I don't like posts with only picture or only a video, I think that people didn't make their best to write such post, this why they have at least to write a paragraph".

"I'd say just make sure it's all original content, and it's even better if it's Steemit original too. Putting in a little extra each time to make the post interesting and different".

After reading the different opinions I believe you'll agree with me that there's no particular parameter to ascertain a good content because a post that does not appeal to you may be very intriguing to the next guy. At times, we dismiss a post, claiming that it's content lacks quality simply because its theme doesn't appeal to us. Everybody is not expected to have the same taste, I guess that's why tags were introduced.Personally, posts about cryptocurrency rarely appeals to me, whereas there people that follow them with keen interest. Just because I don't like it doesn't make whack, does it?

People often criticize the so called 'copy and paste' posts. I choose not to. I don't think that steemit was meant for creative writing only (I stand corrected though). I believe that this platform should be used to disseminate information as well. Most times, if you don't share the information as it is, you may mess up the facts. For instance, I see this great article about cancer (I don't know much about the subject but believe that the information may benefit people out there), you don't expect me to write about something that I know little or nothing about, so I'll just go ahead with the good old 'copy and paste', citing my source of information. It would be crazy to disregard the post because I copied it from somewhere!

For me, if a post speaks to at least one person, be it a meme, peom, photo, song, story, essay, or maybe about politics or sports, as far as it appeals to one person, I strongly believe that such a post has a good content.

I really hope that someone gets to learn something from this post, cos that will give me great satisfaction.

Big thanks to all the guys for their contributions. You guys are the real MVPs!

You're welcome to share your opinion also!


Great advice all around!

A great collection of sage advice, and a well put together project. :)

Thanks for contributing

There is no good content, only content exists and the good, bad, useful, informative, or any other adjective is given by the reader.

It takes me a while to realize this here, but I think the best thing that one can do, based on my experiences in Steemit, is to write what you would be able to write for free, because when you are a little kid on the platform, most publications don't It will give a lot, and you will lose motivation, so what I would recommend, and what I have started doing is publishing things that I would write for free, is the way to maintain perseverance.

If you publish only for money then you will hit a wall, and you will realize that it is not easy, and very likely you have to spend a lot of time before seeing substantial gains, so it is best to be predisposed to what you write may won absolutely nothing.

You really raise a good question here: What IS "good content?" I try to answer the same thing, on a regular basis.

Subjective, for sure. Let's start with something being the author's own idea. Simply regurgitating what someone else has already said-- without adding your own angle— is boring. "Naked" (meaning without any story) photos, videos and especially memes are just not quality content in my book.

Of course, then some people get distressed because people buy self-upvotes on lousy content and others "But look, it's working for THEM!" But it really isn't working because the moment those people STOP buying votes, their content is worth zero.

I believe one should write about what they know & enjoy. We all have different styles & interests. There will always be someone who appreciates that & we share things in common with.

I think it's important to regularly check new posts. Whether it's a subject we're normally into or not. Giving each other a boost by resteeming & such.

For me, my main focus is writing books to put up on Kindle & CreateSpace. I learned a long time ago, as an independent contractor/freelancer, it's important to diversify (which is why I'm giving Steemit a try). No one site is going to give you all that you need, earnings wise. Occasionally some are able to make that happen. I wish you success in all of your endeavors.

Thank you for your wonderful comment and goodluck on steemit!

You're welcome. I'm sure it will be quite the adventure.

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Taking a contest challenge.. some just need a photo for the entry or short literature writing and there we saw a simple post made by the steemers who joined the contest or whatever it is..
As for me... I just kinda like to share about my interest about computer tech in gaming, build a custom pc for the DIY project, sharing about crypto mining software and photography using only a low tech device as a challenge for me to produce a good photo shot. It require a lots of research and I have many options to represent the contents and not just stick to one rule of interest for the steemers who may like it or the other way...
There are many types of people existed on this platform and they came from different fields and experty, so just choose which one do you prefer to be with.
Honestly, there is no such thing as specific good quality when it has more subjective points to be evaluated. What I did was to be certain at the right place with my contents or articles..after all we are just a performer on the stage but the real person is watching behind the curtain ready to pick the best talented who matched with their criteria and will be chosen to work with them and ready for being manipulate to post any contents under their need extend and expand their business for a longer period. For me, I just try to play along and join the game follow the flow of the rhythm. I can't fulfill all but just choose one or two of them. Create more interesting articles be creative and improvise.

My point exactly!
The quality of a post is subjective.
Amazing contribution

Appreciation is yours to have..for your effort and deed to help the other to get through and to have the resistant to stay in this platform.

On this platform it is dificult to judge what is really good content because money grapping and bots are involved, which confuses the whole thing about quality.

Cast your fishing rod with a good bait just don't let anyone else to hold the fishing rod for you even you don't catch any fish on that day...there will be the day for you to have a fish to catch the bait and fish on! ... That is my defination of quality on this platform...not rely on the promoting tools to have gain the steemers attention to follow your post they will come to you and addicted to your contents but it aint easy to be a solo steemer find the right community to share ideas and thought.

How do I put this?
The amount of payout on a post those not necessarily convey the quality of the content . Tons of people make fantastic posts everyday with a payout of less than $1.
So I think that bots has more to do with the financial aspect than with quality

Very Helpful post to newcomers as well as for people who are blogging in steemit I resteeming it good post dear keepit up and keep steeming
Thanks @maujmasti

Thank you so much

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